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Your tool to help you build a list of Subscribers.

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1 Your tool to help you build a list of Subscribers.

2 What is Buyers Match? A tool to create Subscribers

3 Easily Generate Emails Send an email to your Subscribers when 1.You add new properties 2.Update existing properties

4 Your Email Includes  A Subject line you can personalize  Body of email  Invites Subscriber to click a link to check out the property online, on your website  You can personalize the body of the email.

5 Adding Buyers Match

6 1.My Websites & Content 2.Real Estate Tools 3.Buyers Match Access your secure admin area.

7 Set Your Display Options  What will display in the emails sent to Subscribers  What will be presented on the website to the visitor to encourage their subscription.

8 Display Options 1.Click on the tab Display Options 2.Click on the button BUYER MATCH OPTIONS.

9 Option # 1 Attach Subscribers to your Auto Responder and/or Mailing List (Your campaign(s) need to be created before you can attach them!)

10 Option # 2 Using the drop down, set the difficulty of the Captcha** that your new Subscriber will encounter when submitting their information to you. **Captcha is the weird text that appears in a colored box that you must type to verify the form. Captcha is incorporated into the site to keep software bots from completing the form to submit spam to you. The bots are not able to read the captcha and therefore, can not submit the form.

11 Option #3 Choose a catchy Subject Line that will capture the interest of your Subscriber. Create A Subject Line

12 Personalize the Content

13  Use the Show/Hide Editor to access the Page Editor to make updates to the default text.  Be wary of updating certain text which help to individualize the email. For example: %firstname% = First Name of Subscriber %contactphone% = Contact Phone # for Property %listingurl% = The link to the specific property on your website

14 Personalize Your Website Greeting Personalize the greeting on your website to invite visitors to become Subscribers! Click the Show/Hide Editor to access the Page Editor.

15 Text Add Footer Content You can add text to the footer of the public Buyers Match page. Remember, your visitor may not see the text in this area if they input their information above and click to submit it, but for those visitors who are undecided, encouragement might be helpful.

16 Text Finalize the Settings Click to Save Your Updates

17 Text Adding Your Menu Link Under the heading of My Websites & Content, click on the link Manage My Websites to access the area to create the menu link to Buyers Match.

18 Text Click the Design Settings button to the right of your website image. Your Domain Here

19 Text Click on the tab MENUS. If you do not see the tabs that are shown here, click on the Easy Settings/Advanced Settings upper, right. Click the link to access the correct menu area to add your link.

20 Text Add New Menu Link Click Add New Menu Link.

21 Text Create The Link Type Menu Text (Examples)  Notify Me!  Property Alerts!  Sign Me Up! Click Select Link Page to connect the button to Buyers Match.

22 Text Click on the folder Purchased Modules on the bottom left On the top left side of the window, click Buyers Match – Buyers List to be connected to your menu link. Follow the steps to complete the menu link set up.

23 Text How To Send A Buyers Match Email To Your Subcriber List

24 Text Visit My Websites & Content Real Estate Tools Click on Manage Property Listings Access Your Property Listings Area

25 Click the Property Title Text Click the Property Title Click on the Actions tab for that property.

26 Text Buyers Match Available Actions

27 Text

28 Send This List To My Buyers Match This action will send an email notification containing photos and details about this property listing to your buyers list.

29 Preview The Buyers List This option will display the list of buyers that will receive the Buyer Match email without actually sending the email.

30 Send Sample Buyer Match Email This option will send a sample buyer match email to you using the property listing email contact (your email here). This email can be changed on the contact tab.

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