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Driving New Opportunities for Credit Suisse Bank

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1 Driving New Opportunities for Credit Suisse Bank
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2 Agenda Meet SafetyPay SafetyPay’s Unique Offering
Value proposition to the banks Next Steps 2

3 The change in the payment industry
The world’s economy is undergoing a great restructuring and the payments business is at the helm Customer centric changes have led to recent regulatory adjustments and market shifts in the payments space Traditional modes of payment – credit cards, debit cards, checking – are feeling the heat Non-traditional payment methods and disruptive innovation are leading to a rise in mobile and contactless payments More regulations in the card industries are in place 3

4 SafetyPay positioning
Bank Positioning Video 4

5 Key facts A global solution with a presence in the U.S., Latin America and Europe…and growing Fraud-less payments, no charge-backs for merchants A new source of revenue for banks Attraction of information-security conscious consumers to merchant sites Connecting over 250 million potential consumers (and growing) 5

6 SafetyPay core elements
It is an innovative payment solution that connects banks, merchants and international consumers through creative innovation and technology It is not just another alternative payment system, it is a premium product that helps merchants boost their international sales based on three core elements: Safe and Secure Payment method (no need for financial information disclosure) Extraordinary Customer Service (we handle all customer claims, chargeback, etc.) Marketing platform (access to create promotional campaigns in need markets towards the bank customers at very low cost) 6

7 SafetyPay target audience
SafetyPay addresses a very well defined and differentiated target audience that merchants are not being able to target nowadays: International customers whose cards are rejected Customers afraid to use credit cards for fear of fraud and identity theft Customers without credit cards - Geographical distribution of afraid customers - - Penetration rate of Credit Cards - Up to 60% of Internet Users do not purchase online for lack of Payment product to overcome one or more of these issues (In millions) 7

8 Our global presence 8

9 SafetyPay Compliance Contributions - US
SafetyPay is registered as a Money Services Business (MSB) with the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Registered with Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) Licensed Authorized Funds Transmitter and Foreign Currency Exchanger – State of Florida and Delaware – In Process Licenses in California, Texas and New York Developed an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy and compliance program Enforce required rules and laws of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and the USA Patriot Act 9

10 SafetyPay Compliance Contributions - Europe
Awarded Payment Service Directive License which allows SafetyPay to do business in the European Union 27 country area The PSD License is a European wide requirement to promote transparent cross-border payments as simple, efficient and secure. The process is lengthy, approximately 9-12 months. SafetyPay is the first company to obtain the license in Spain and the company had adhere to a vast array of compliance regulations set forth by the PSD in order to ensure secure transactions. SafetyPay is now a regulated company under the European Union rules and to open branches has first to notify the financial authority. It has now open branches in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Austria. New branches will be open in other EU countries. 10

11 How it works “Buying Process” Demo 11

12 Some of our bank partners
We are currently working with some of the most prestigious banks Our merchants have access to over 250 million customers 12

13 Some of our merchant partners
Some of the most recognized brands have already joint the SafetyPay family 13

14 Incremental customers and revenue Quick customer adoption
Why merchants like SafetyPay Over 250 million customers from international banks that have no other way of shopping from you because their card is not accepted overseas or they do not have one Bank customers not shopping online for fear of fraud and identity theft or do not want to use credit cards Each added bank immediately adds millions of new customers Incremental customers and revenue An innovative, risk-free online payment solution (no fraud provisions, no chargeback’s) Immediate global exposure and presence through marketing at no cost facilitated by SafetyPay Low cost promotions communicated to millions of banking customers through partnered bank channels Lower cost and reserve Customer confidence to shop from their trusted bank environment No hassle or internet uncertainty No customer enrollment or registration required for customers’ privacy No customer fees Easy use as customers are familiar with their online bank Quick customer adoption 14

15 Additional merchant benefits
SafetyPay facilitates a substantial reduction in operating costs** * Lower Operating Costs Savings through SafetyPay Billing Level Card (4.26) (2.2) Savings Alone $25 Million $50 Million $100 Million 1,065,000 2,130,000 4,260,000 $515, $1,030, ,060,000 US Dollars 550,000 1,100,000 2, 4.26% .9% .3% 2.2% .8% .06% **Depending on size and industry, there might be other charges (transaction fees, processing fees, chargeback fees, etc.). SafetyPay does not charge any of these fees. * Based on a real example developed jointly with an airline company 15

16 We drive marketing programs
11/16/10 We drive marketing programs VIDEOS FLYERS COUNTRY SITES WEB PRESENCE 16 16

17 Our “X-clusive promos” program
11/16/10 Our “X-clusive promos” program Our X-clusive Promos on-line portal connects bank customers with SafetyPay‘s merchants exclusive promotions to generate additional transactions Current on-line bank customers: Increase transactions (more revenue for the bank) Current non-on-line bank customers: Move to online world Current non-bank customers: Win them through the access to exclusive promotions Dynamic Banner With the bank’s logo to generate attraction also among non-clients Merchant Promotions Exclusive promotions for the bank on-line customers to increase transaction rate List Bank clients subscribe and receive updates and special merchant offers directly in her without the need to connect to the X-clusive Promos webpage (increase of transaction rate) 17 17

18 Our product range We have created a broad range adapted to the different markets we are in

19 Our product range – Mobile
No separate integration required SafetyPay Express pages (for bank and currency selection) are specifically rendered for Smartphone screens Supporting all major Smartphone operating systems Merchants Banks Online & Mobile Shop S a f e t y P Direct Mobile Payment Retail Shop (Shopper request) Default Mobile Payment Retail Shop (Merchant request) Contactless Mobile Payment

20 Partner integration SafetyPay Integration with Partners uses standard communication technologies such as TCP/IP, SSL, VPN and SFTP. REAL TIME (using Web Services) Sales Process, where merchants request payment information from SafetyPay and show it to shoppers to checkout. Payment Process, where banks notify SafetyPay and then SafetyPay notifies merchants when a payment has been completed and funds are secured. BATCH (using Secure FTP) Settlement Processes, where we transfer money to merchants and commissions to banks. Refunds/Claims/Adjustments Processes, where merchants or shoppers request to return money through SafetyPay. Reconciliation Process, where SafetyPay and Partners reconcile all operations.

21 Banking value proposition
Generate new revenues with existing resources or minimum incremental cost Provide innovative online solution for specific segments of bank customers Expand relationship of existing customers, thereby increasing loyalty Ensure confidentiality of customer’s financial and private data 21

22 Banking value proposition

23 Benefits for the banks Incremental fee based revenue stream, without investments in technology or network Innovative service for bank customers Opportunity to differentiate (bank account opens the “world”) Convert clients to the online banking platform Merchants – domestic and international (SafetyPay’s) Compete directly with alternative payments (such as PayPal) who are taking business away from banks Increase customer loyalty 23

24 New revenue stream for the bank
P&L Simulation Assumptions: 200,000 online clients, increasing at a rate of 10% per year Initially 20% of the online clients will use SafetyPay, increasing 5% yearly Average ticket value is $200, increasing by roughly 10% every year (in Peru it was $150 in the first year) Average number of purchases per year is initially set at 4, increasing to 5 on the second year (in Peru it was 6/year, in Mexico it was 5/year) 24

25 SafetyPay Value Added to All Participants

26 Next steps NDA agreement Contract signing Integration
Initial Meeting with Marketing Project Team Launch Marketing Campaign 26

27 Thank you 27

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