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Tourism English UNIT2 Part I Lecture Time Assigned PARTMODULESCONTENTS STUDIEDPERIODS I Text A Prerequisites for Becoming a Tour Guide 1 II Text B Career.

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2 Tourism English UNIT2

3 Part I Lecture Time Assigned PARTMODULESCONTENTS STUDIEDPERIODS I Text A Prerequisites for Becoming a Tour Guide 1 II Text B Career Paths in Tourism0.5 III ListeningA Telephone Enquiry0.5 IV Practical WritingTour Itinerary 0.5 V Consolidation Role play 1 Reading Make an Itinerary VICase Problems0.5 Total Six Parts Listening speaking Reading Writing 4

4 Learning Objectives Get to know the basic qualities for a good tour guide Understand how to become a good tour guide Get to know the job opportunities in tourism. Learn to make an itinerary et to know how to work in tourism information center

5 Part I. Career Opportunities Teaching Objectives 1. Understand how to become a good tour guide 2.Get to know the job opportunities in tourism.

6 Text A. Prerequisites for Becoming a Tour Guide a good tour guide is crucial to any successful tour. what makes a good tour guide Questions for discussion Word bank

7 How can someone develop himself/herself into a good guide ? Patriotism, willingness to learn, hospitality, responsibility, reliability, sociability, sensitivity, determination, punctuality, teamwork, initiative

8 A good tour guide Patriotism: Be patriotic. Take pride in sharing the rich history and culture of his/her homeland with tourists. Observance and Integrity: meet the legal requirements abide by professional ethics. Always present a good image so as to win tourists’ trust and confidence. Service: Having a good understanding of human nature, such as needs, emotions, etc. Be respectful and thoughtful.

9 A good tour guide English fluency: a powerful tool. Be skillful in providing tour narrations and commentaries for the full enjoyment of guests. Convey the accurate translation in a casual way. Be confident. Detail-oriented planning: take over the logistics show the group around. Communication Style: Address tourists precisely and choose appropriate words, advices and cautionary instructions. Deliver a message. Be an active listener.

10 A Good Tour Guide Interpersonal skills: Poise outgoing personality. Possess outstanding interpersonal skills and active listening skills. Communicate with people politely. Develop trust and rapport effectively. Cultivate productive relationships. Be diplomatic. Get along with people with pleasant personality.

11 A Good Tour Guide Work Independently: Work without supervision. Be able to manage several tasks at the same time. Organize and manage tour activities and events effectively. Be adaptable to the alteration of the itinerary. Good guiding techniques and coordination ability. Be time conscious and business like. Be a good organizer. Budget proper time to a particular activity. And good rule of thumb to keep the group well-organized. Complete required tour paperwork, including expenses and tour reports. Think logically and quickly. Tackle with uncertain situation tactfully.

12 A Good Tour Guide Leadership: take quick action on problem facing the tour. Understandable, assertive, take charge, and set the tone to influence others. Identify group’s goals and focus on tasks. Keep things moving forward competently. He/She must possess indubitable ability to lead and control. Making sound and timely decisions Security Precautions: Security is always the first priority. possess high awareness of potential danger be capable of taking measure to avoid it.

13 A Good Tour Guide Cooperation and Collaboration : Work with others harmoniously and efficiently. Be willing to make compromise. Build collaboration and get things done though team work. Be a good team player. Respect all related staff.

14 A Good Tour Guide Problem-solver: Have the ability to handle crises and complexity. Always resort to a tenacious approach to overcoming obstacles. Handle complaints in appropriate ways at appropriate time. Use creative and effective approaches to solve problems and get work done. Be capable of handling multiple demands Address potential challenges. Listen attentively and offer constructive feedback. Find win-win situations. Filter the problem out, and move on to the next challenge.

15 A Good Tour Guide Flexibility: Be Adaptable, capable of and receptive to change. Be able to quickly make decisions; Proven decision making ability. Respond quickly to uncertainties or emergencies. Be Healthy: work long hours Demanding job. a lot of talking, walking and other physical things.

16 A Good Tour Guide Be Positive: failure as an opportunity to learn. Look at the good side in all circumstances. Avoid wasting energy by moaning and groaning about a problem. Good Sense of Humor: help to set the keynote of the group. Know well when and how to use humor. Good ability to laugh things off. energize and motivate guests to have more relaxing experience. a powerful strategy for diffusing tense situations. be sure to use it selectively.

17 A Good Tour Guide Good Entertainer: the keynote is animation. entertainment : a vital part of tour activities and a bit part of the tour. keep the group happy :keep the day varied. the ability to make a lot of noise or some singing to take the pressure off. Singing and playing games. let them stop and rest. Excellent navigator pinpoint the sites such as tourist attractions, hotels, and restaurants on the way locate nearby tourist attractions in case guests need to break up the monotony of the routine trip.

18 A Good Tour Guide Responsibility: Accept responsibility. Take challenges. Have a positive attitude towards difficult tasks. Be willing to admit mistakes initiatively. Be diligent and don’t complain.

19 A Good Tour Guide Knowledgeable and Professional: Fine professional knowledge familiarity with a particular region. Have a solid familiarity with working procedures. Provide guests with impressive insights. Self-study and Advancement: Be highly motivated with a well defined goal. Be receptive to new information. Be genuinely humble be committed to mutual and continuous learning. Take the time to learn as much about the skill of being a good guide as possible. The more one continually improves his skills. The more he will be able to keep up with changing times and the better qualified he will become.

20 A Good Tour Guide Cross-cultural Awareness: Appreciate different religious beliefs and individual differences. Voluntarily bridge the gap between people with cultural differences. Apply appropriate etiquette. Use adequate words and body language to help get their messages across. Respect his/her privacy. Use the cultural variance to his/her best advantage.

21 In conclusion requires various competences for many obstacles and stress. different people require different styles of tour guiding, the job :very complicated and challenging. Every good tour guide must have a basic set of certain traits. the key attributes of a good tour guide involve a combination of elements, something in common.

22 Questions for Discussion  Why is a good tour guide crucial to any successful tour?  What are the basic qualities one should have to become a good tour guide?  Why is the job of tour guiding challenging and complicated?  What is the most important issue for the tour guide?  Why is good heath so important for tour guiding?

23 Teaching Objectives 1.Get to know a broad range of job opportunities in tourism 2.Understand some basic qualities for special positions 3.Get to know the importance of training and experience Text B Career Paths in Tourism

24 Main Content how to apply for certain types of positions Career path model Questions for discussion Word bank

25 how to apply for certain types of positions Consider the forgoing kinds of position Examine the various career paths Tourism: large, a broad range of challenging positions Unique opportunities and demands Experience from working strengthen the understanding, valuable Positions: destination management organization /national or provincial state tourism offices

26 Career path model opportunities for growth and development: a variety of alternative routes Achieve various position :Through education and the industry (training and experience) Not necessary to pass through all the levels Specific position requires different education background and occupational skills front-line staff—interest in providing service manager, supervisor—additional values and interest to face the challenges A lot of career opportunities available in this field Be worthy of further study Get more information when looking for a job

27 Questions for discussion Why does tourism offer a broad range of job opportunities? What is the fundamental premise of this general model ? What are the qualities for the front-line staff/manager? In considering career opportunities, what is important to do when looking for a job? What criteria would you use to choose a company for an interview?

28 Word bank Recruit 征募, 复原 license 执照, 许可 Indispensable 不可缺少的 trademark registration 商标注册 Abide 遵守 classification 等级标准 Genuine 诚恳的 business tax 营业税 Commentary 解说词 the board of directors 董事会 Rapport 和谐,亲善 bilateral tourism agreement 双边旅 游协议 Indubitable 不容置疑的 life insurance 人身保险 Initiative 主动 validation 使生效 Competent 有能力的,胜任的 market trend 市场变化趋势 Composure 镇静 international tourism marketing 国际旅 游市场营销

29 Word bank be crucial to 对 … 很重要 punctuality 准时 hospitality 热情款待 teamwork 团队 reliability 信任 sociability 社交 Sensitivity 敏感 patriotism 爱国主义 Observance 遵纪守法 integrity 诚实守信 Detail-oriented planning 计划严谨 logistics 后勤 English fluency 英语流利 cautionary instruction 注意事项 deliver a message 发布信息 Interpersonal skills 社交技能 outgoing 外向的 positive 积极的 time conscious 守时 indubitable 毋庸置疑的 precaution 小心 first priority 最重要 keeping composure 泰然自若 persistent 坚毅 keynote 主旨 要义 entertainer 娱乐人 animation 生机活力 monotony 单调 initiatively 主动地 rigid 固执的 competence 能力 trait 个性

30 Recording Text A Prerequisites for Becoming a Tour Guide Text B Tourism

31 It goes without saying that a good tour guide is ___ to any successful tour. But what makes a good tour guide or how can someone ___ himself/herself into a good tour guide? Looking at those employers’______ and before long the following ____ are spelled out clearly:____, ______,_____, ____,______,___,____,____,____ and ____ and so on. There are many factors ____ to a good tour guide. Fill in the blanks after listening Text A KEYS

32 1. In addition to considering one of the foregoing kinds of positions within a particular segment of the tourism sector, it is also useful to examine the various ______that might be ____. 2. To offer employees opportunities for ____ and ____, educators and personnel managers attempt continually to develop the concept of career paths in tourism. 3. It also indicates what combination of _____ and _____ is normally required to achieve various positions. 4. The chosen career path will also reflect a person’s ____ and ___. 5.Supervisors, managers, and entrepreneurs must possess additional values and interests which enable them to face the ____ of change as they attempt to meet the needs of a ____ and ______ marketplace. KEYS Fill in the blanks after listening Text B

33 Part III. Listening A Telephone Enquiry 1.Study the Words And Proper Names. 2.Study the Language Tips Shown in This Dialogue. 3.Listen To Dialogue And Answer The Questions Listed After The Dialogue 4.Make Pair Task by Talking on Arriving The Dialogue and Its Recording Next Slide

34 A Telephone Enquiry

35 Listen to the dialogue and answer these questions. How did she get her present job? What does she do when she works upstairs? Who does she deal with when she works downstairs? What kind of questions do people ask her? What questions does she ask her customers? What questions do people ask her at parties? Which countries has she been to this year? Listening comprehension KEYS

36 Listen and Check the order 1.A travel agent deals with a telephone enquiry about Florida. In What Order do you think the following will be mentioned? Total price of the holiday Dates of the flights Names of the people travelling Types of accommodation Method of payment Destination

37 Listen again and answer these questions. What three things are included in a fly-drive holiday? What types of accommodation are available? When does the guest want to travel? What do the numbers 14 and 543 refer to? How often are the flights to Florida? Which airport do the flights to Florida go from?

38 KEYS Part I Listening Activities Listening 1 1. 1.crucial 2. develop 3. recruiting literature 4.qualities 5. Patriotism, 6.willingness to learn, 7.hospitality,8. responsibility,9. reliability, 2.10. sociability, 11.sensitivity, 12.determination, 13.punctuality,14. teamwork, 15.initiative 16.contributing 3.. Listening 2 1.Career paths pursue 2.growth development 3. training experience 2.4.value interest 5.challenges demanding ever-shifting 1. BACK

39 Part IV. Writing: Tour Itinerary Itinerary Elements of itinerary Sample :an itinerary

40 Itinerary An itinerary is the description of a travel route and the plan of a journey. It is to the perspective tourists who may buy your product. Brief,interesting, informative, essential

41 Elements Title of the tour: be relevant to the essence of the trip, interesting, attractive and short, easy to remember. Tour Code : number of this tour route in your travel agency. Day-to-Day events: includes the place, duration and descriptive account of the tour. It may answer the possible questions such as: What will be happening on that day? What can I expect on that day? When shall we arrive at or depart from that day? Usually, each day is listed conspicuously at the head of each paragraph followed by the name of destination Then a brief paragraph is followed giving the most concise information concerning what kind of a place the destination is, the major events that will be happening and arrival/departure information, specific events. Other information: class of accommodation, the means and class of transportation, and sometimes the total price of the tour.

42 Sample :an itinerary Itinerary of China Trip March 1-5 Beijing-New Century Hotel March5-7 Xian-Dynasty Hotel March 7-10 Shanghai-Zhongshan Hotel March 12-13 Guangzhou-Sanyu Hotel March 13-16 HongKong-Furama Internatonal Hotel

43 Sample :an itinerary Tuesday, Feb.29, 2008,1st Day-Depart for Beijing Cross the International Date Line En route, losing one day. China Wed. March 1, 2008, 2nd Day—Beijing Arrive in Beijing, the capital of China. After customs and immigration formalities, continue to the hotel.------- New Century Hotel ( Beijing) Thursday, March 2, 2008, 3rd Day--- Beijing Explorations today may include the Imperial Palace, graced by emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The palace was once called “ the Forbidden City’, because only emperors were permitted to live there.

44 V. CONSOLIDATION : Role play: on the way to the hotel Reading : Text B Writing: Make an itinerary Case problems

45 Role play Tourism Information Center Work in pairs. Student A is a travel agent. Student B saw an advertisement for the fly-drive deals to Hongkong. Phone the travel agent and ask about dates, accommodation and price.

46 Part VI: Case problems 1.Your first assignment after joining a tour company staff was to design a tour that would appeal to young singles. Obviously, you must create a tour that would probably motivate a market sufficiently large for your company to make a profit on it. Identify the motivation selected, then describe briefly your tour concept and the specific marketing elements you would feature in its promotion to reach this very promising market. 2.What would the guide do if invited by the tourists to have the local and specialties?

47 Have a nice class! Thank You !

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