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LLWR CUSTOMER FORUM VLLW & LA-LLW SERVICE 25 th MAY 2012 The Gateway to Augean & Provider of Tailored Services.

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1 LLWR CUSTOMER FORUM VLLW & LA-LLW SERVICE 25 th MAY 2012 The Gateway to Augean & Provider of Tailored Services

2 The Service - 29 th March 2012

3 Augean is the VLLW and LA-LLW landfill provider DEXRS is the gateway to Augean (Ancillary Services provider)

4 Service Team Service Director Neil Canwell Compliance James Wathen Technical sales Richard Gane Site Manager Simon Moyle Consents Gene Wilson Ancillary Services Hugh Abbott Miles Warren



7 Other services Hazardous waste management Contaminated soil treatment & recycling Indirect thermal desorption High Temperature Incineration Stabilisation

8 Business standards and values ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Achilles UDVB British Safety Council CSR Community Liaison Groups Community newsletter Open door policy

9 East Northants Resource Management Facility (ENRMF)

10 Service development process (4yrs) Environmental Permit Article 37 approval Planning permission Application Inquiry Legal challenge Nuclear liability insurance ENRMF

11 Site resources 400,000m 3 hazardous and LLW landfill void (further 1.2Mm3 in planning) Initial radiological capacity 17TBq (to be extended) High standard of engineering: –Multilayer system –Effectively 18 times the level of protection of LFD requirement for domestic sites Robust established waste acceptance and consignment system On site highly equipped laboratory Experienced site management and operating team used to handling our more difficult wastes Comprehensive chemical and radiological monitoring

12 Disposal service provided for: Exempt waste VLLW waste Low Level waste < 200 Bq/g Wide range of isotopes Nuclear Non-nuclear NORM

13 Landfill Same day disposal Acceptance checks (10 micro Sv/hr at 1m) Waste placement Immediate cover down

14 Waste we accept: Solid inert, non-hazardous and hazardous Soils Sludges Rubble Metals Asbestos Chemicals PPE Others by agreement Banned from landfill: Liquids Explosive Flammables Oxidisers Corrosives Infectious waste

15 User-friendly generic CFA Tailored to individual customers Flexible handling capability IP-I & IP-II containers can be accepted Type A packages can be accepted Project-specific handling requirements accommodated Project-specific container requirements accommodated Large components Wide scope and flexibility – talk to us!


17 DEXRS will validate the initial enquiry to establish:- The services required. The source of the material A brief material description The mass of the material The density of material The specific activity of material (Photographic evidence desirable)

18 DEXRS will validate the enquiry radiologically to confirm:- Compatibility of the customer permit vs. Augean Permit. Sufficient Augean capacity to accept the material. The isotopes present. The specific activity. The total activity.

19 DEXRS will validate the enquiry non radiologically to confirm:- Compliance with CFA physical properties Compliance with CFA chemical properties Compliance with CFA hazardous properties Compliance with CFA biological properties

20 DEXRS will arrange if requested Characterisation Leaching tests WAC advice Compliance testing

21 Waste Project Management

22 DEXRS can provide specialist disposal advice and provision for. Dials Sources Smoke detectors Activated components NORM

23 Container supply:- We can supply SacksISO’sDrums

24 DEXRS will arrange the acceptance of: Steel drums (loose or palletised) 1 to 3 tonne fabric waste sacks Other bespoke containers can be provided on request Half height ISOs for disposal (special arrangement) FHI and HHI ISOs for return (special arrangement) Other arrangements or loose items by agreement.

25 Logistics Transport Specialist handling equipment and loading Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser The Gateway to Augean & Provider of Tailored Services

26 Loading plans We can provide drawings showing strapping details as well as calculations to prove the loading configuration. Loading plan calculations We can provide loading calculations to verify the chosen configuration.

27 DEXRS will carry out if required: A Documentation and QA check for new consignors or non radiological sites.

28 Flexible packaging for rubble and soil

29 Placement of 1 st load of nuclear decommissioning waste at ENRMF







36 Contacts: Richard Gane, Augean plc (Commercial) Hugh Abbott, DEXRS Limited (Radiological & Logistics) Miles Warren, DEXRS Limited (Radiological & Logistics)

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