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SPA Enquiry Process - Additional Requirements for AMR sites ICoSS Presentation.

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1 SPA Enquiry Process - Additional Requirements for AMR sites ICoSS Presentation

2 I&C Shippers and Suppliers Group (ICoSS) formed to provide Shippers and Suppliers who exclusively supply Industrial and Commercial customers a forum for discussing regulatory and legislative changes in the gas and electricity retail markets. Members I&C Shippers and Suppliers (ICoSS)  Corona Energy  ENI UK Ltd  Gazprom Marketing and Trading – Retail  GDF Suez Energy UK  Opus Energy  Shell Gas Direct  Statoil (UK)  Total Gas and Power Ltd

3 Introduction Presentation is to explore possible enhancements to the current SPA Enquiry process to take advantage of the rollout of next generation metering. Any enhancement must fulfil the following:  Retain consumer confidence that information is handled appropriately.  Ensure a level playing field between Suppliers.  Improve the efficiency of the current market. This presentation only looks at the Enquiry Stage of any potential customer transfer.

4 Current Supply Point Enquiry  Supplier may obtain from xoserve the following information when submitting a Supply Point Enquiry  Load details (in KWh) – AQ SOQ and SHQ  Meter Points details within the Supply Point  EUC  Exit Zone  Asset Details  Provided to allow all Suppliers access to same information for quoting customers, promoting competition.  Appropriate level of information for dumb meter sites.

5 Future Market - AMR  AMR sites will have increased levels of information provided to Suppliers & xoserve regarding consumption.  Incumbent Supplier will have access to daily consumption data and so will have good idea of site behaviour.  Customer may not, and other Suppliers definitely do not have, access to this behaviour information.  Potentially creates situation where incumbent Supplier has an advantage over the customer and rest of the market.

6 Possible Solutions Profile Information  Assume that customer profiles will be maintained for estimation purposes.  Prospective Supplier may ask for consumers deviation from applicable profile. Consumption history  Provision of Energy information for Supply Point,  Going back for as long as required (two years?) Consumer maintains control over information by granting Supplier access

7 Solution Comparison AreaProfile InformationConsumption History Read frequency Profiling should be able to cope with differing read frequencies. If site NDM then incumbent Supplier may have significantly more reads which have not been submitted. Customer Control Profiling will not provide read data to Supplier, so consumer can warrant data release without providing detailed energy consumption (subject to other information provided) Customer would warrant access to read history, which could potentially cause them concern. Capacity Issues Minimal, as information provided is small in size Potentially large, in particular for multiple site provision CostPotentially significant to develop and maintain profiling information Not anticipated to be significant (subject to capacity issues above)

8 Common Issues IssueMitigation Customer Confidentiality Supplier can only access data with customer permission. Explicit provisions within the UNC regarding the warranting of access to this information should provide sufficient protection. Depending on solution system safeguards may also be needed. Data Protection Information should be accessible for I&C Sites, but easily managed using sector flag). Turn-around of information Enhancing mechanisms on how information is provided may benefit the operation of the market. For example real-time access via web portal or similar will speed up turn around. Current SPA Enquiry Service Needs to be maintained for dumb population. For AMR site some information may not be needed (for example Asset details) or be appropriate if Profiling information provided.

9 Benefits  Maintain current equitable access to Supply Point information.  Promotes competition by providing equal access to market data.  Stronger customer control over their own consumption history compared to current SPA Enquiry process

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