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1 Gas Consumer Forum Project Nexus xoserve update 27th July 2009.

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1 1 Gas Consumer Forum Project Nexus xoserve update 27th July 2009

2 2 Project Nexus  Project Nexus is the replacement of a number of the UK Link system in 2012/13  Sites & Meters and Invoicing  In 2008/09 we carried out an industry consultation on Project Nexus  Consultation conclusions are on  Information gained from the consultation laid the foundation for the current Requirements Definition phase  All the topics identified in the Consultation phase are within the scope of Project Nexus at the outset of the Requirements Definition phase  It was appropriate to categorise the topics between those that fall within and those that fall outside of the prevailing scope of agency services

3 3 Project Nexus – Overview  Supply point data management arrangements  Scope and nature of xoserve’s services  Approach to Requirements Definition

4 4 Topics fall into two categories CategoryTopicIndustry Framework Within prevailing scope of agency services  Supplier Switching  Market Differentiation  New Connections Process  Increased Reads  Reconciliation  AQ Management  Volume Capture  Invoicing Rules  Retrospective Updates  Non-functional Uniform Network Code Outside prevailing scope of agency services  iGT Services iGT Uniform Network Code and iGT / GT licence  Data Management (including central store for smart metering data) No formal framework at present

5 5 Consultation conclusions provide a sound basis for moving forward  Requirements Definition phase has a clear purpose  Defines future scope and nature of agency services  Develops requirements to enable robust investment decisions  Scope of topics at start of phase is clearly defined  Two stage approach – Preparation, then Development  Approach adapted for different topic categories  Requirements Capture completion by autumn 2010 challenging but achievable

6 6 Project Nexus Requirements Definition  This phase will run through to autumn 2010  The purpose is to arrive at industry agreed definitions of the future scope and nature of agency services and to develop associated business requirements  The deliverables should be those outputs that are necessary to achieve clarity in the areas that require industry agreed definitions, with the inclusion of cost and benefit assessments that will require input from a range of industry participants  Industry commitment to the Requirements Definition phase will be critical to its success  Industry groups and work streams established and moving forward

7 7 Requirements Definition Phase - Approach Project Nexus Advisory Group UNC Workstream Data Management Workshops

8 8 Topic Grouping and Priorities  1 Market Differentiation Workgroup  2. Market Differentiation  2 New Connections Process Workgroup  3. Connection & Registration  3 SPA Workgroup  1. Supplier Switching (Dual Fuel & Switching Timescales)  10.1 Governance Of Industry SPA process  10.2 Identification of Fuel Poor  10.5 Register of Emergency Contact Details  10.6 Multiple Suppliers/Shippers per legal entity  10.9 Single database for all supply points (E.G. Unique Sites)

9 9 Topic Grouping and Priorities cont.  4 Volume Workgroup  7. Volume Capture  5 Meter Reading Workgroup  4. Increased Reads for Energy  6 Retrospective Update Workgroup  9. Treatment of Retrospective  7 AQ & Allocation Energy Workgroup  6. AQ Management  10.7 I&C status / profile in SSP market sector  10.8 Demand Allocation data split by SSP and LSP market  Review Winter Annual Ratio calculation and allocation of EUC  Review treatment of SOQs in DM and NDM arenas

10 10 Topic Grouping and Priorities cont.  8 Invoicing Workgroup  8. Invoicing Rules  10.3 Review of Incentives & Liabilities  9 Reconciliation Workgroup  Reconciliation  10 Non-Functional Workgroup  This workgroup would discuss all non-functional areas, e.g. file formats and interfaces. The workgroup may require a representative from each of the other workgroups as the method and process for delivery of each topic will have to be considered

11 11 Project Nexus – Progress To Date  PNAG (Project Nexus Advisory Group)  4 meetings to date  ToR Agreed  Dashboard Agreed  Risks Matrix Agreed  Stakeholder Map Agreed  PNUNCW (Project Nexus UNC Workstream)  4 meetings to date  Workgroup approach and plan agreed  Each topic work group categorised as Small, Medium or Large  Approx 110 workgroup meetings  First meetings of Market Differentiation Workgroup taken place  First meeting of Volume Workgroup taken place  Funding Debated. Way forward agreed

12 12 Project Nexus – Where to find out more Project Nexus Advisory Group Organised and chaired by xoserve * »Project Nexus » » Project Nexus Advisory Group Project Nexus Workstream Organised and chaired by Joint Office * » Network Code » » Workstreams » » » Project Nexus W/s Data Management Workshops Organised and chaired by xoserve * » Project Nexus » » Data Management Workshops NB. All Project Nexus industry meeting dates are on the Joint Office website under the Events Calendar

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