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2 MAKING ENQUIRIES The contents of enquiry will depend on three things:
How well you know the supplier? Whether the supplier is based in your country or abroad? The type of goods or services you are enquiring about?

3 Opening Tell your supplier what sort of organization you are
We are one of the main producers of industrial chemicals in Germany, and we are interested in… We are a leading importer/distributor of …and are actively engaged in importing…. - Our company is a subsidiary of Universal Business Machines and we specialize in… How did you hear about the company you are contacting? - We were given your name by the Hoteliers’ Association in Paris. The British Consulate in Madrid has told us that you are looking for an agent in Spain to represent you. By the introduction of……, We are pleased to learn of your name and address/That you are a sole exporter /supplier of….. We were very impressed by your products displayed at …fair /Exhibition. We have seen your advertisement in the latest /June issue/edition/publication/ on your website.

4 Asking for catalogues, price list, sample
It is not necessary to give a lot of information about yourself when asking for catalogues, price list, etc… but remember to give your postal address. - Please would you send me an up-to-date price list for your building materials. We would be grateful if you could send us/ let us have your current price list/latest catalogue. It would be helpful for us if you could send us your sample of the range you are manufacturing/supplying now.

5 Suggesting terms, methods of payment, and discounts
We would expect payment by…. The price is prefered/required to be CIF As we intend to place a substantial order, we would like to know what quantity discounts you allow. As we are a regular customer of this range, Would you offer us trade discount of 10%. As this line is new to us, would it be possible for us to have about 100 units on approval/sales or return/to test the market demand. We usually deal on 30% discount on orders of more than units.

6 Closing - We hope to hear from you in a near future.
- We would be grateful for an early reply. Finally, we would like to point out that delivery before Christmas is essential, and hope that you can offer us that guarantee. We look forward to receiving your early reply.

7 108 K30 Pho Quang St., Tan Binh District Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
P.L TRADING CORPORATION 13333 Wetland East Blvd, Houston, Texas 77041, USA Tel: Fax: Sender’s address Receiver’s address H.V FOOD COMPANY LTD. 108 K30 Pho Quang St., Tan Binh District Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Dear Sir or Madam, We have learned your company’s name from the trade magazine “The Business World”. We would like to have a long-standing relationship with your company. We would be grateful if you could send us some samples of the Vietnamese White Rice Long Grain. We would also appreciate your letting us have full information regarding FOB Ho Chi Minh city port price, terms of payment and earliest delivery date. If the price offered are competitive and the quality is of the standard we required, we shall place large orders with you in future. We look forward to receiving samples and quotation from you soon Yours faithfully William.J.Scheela (Mr.) Purchasing Manager Your ref: Our ref: Inq R255 28 January,2000

8 DISC SA 251 rue des Raimonnieres F Poitiers Cedex Tel: (+33) The Sales Department R.G. Electronics AG Havmart 601 Dear Sir/ Madam We are a large music store in the centre of Poiters and would like to know more about the re-writable and recordable CDs you advertise in this month’s edition of “Lectron”. Could you tell us if the CDs are leading brand names, or made by small independent companies, and whether they would be suitable for domestic recording? We would appreciate it if you could send us some samples. If they are of the standard we require, we will place a substantial order. We would also like to know if you offer any trade discounts. Yours faithfully, P. Gerard Manager

9 Nesson House, Newell street, Birmingham Tel: (+44) 021 236 6571
Make an enquiry letter Your company: F. Lynch & Co.Ltd Nesson House, Newell street, Birmingham Tel: (+44) You are looking for a supplier of sweaters for the men’s leisurewear market. Your conditions for 500 garments: 20% trade discount off net list prices Payment: 30 days bill of exchange, D/A Chiết khấu thương mại là khoản chiết khấu mà doanh nghiệp bán giảm giá niêm yết cho khách hàng mua hàng với khối lượng lớn.

10 Dear Sir/ Madam We are a chain of retailers based in Birmingham and are looking for a manufacturer who can supply us with a wide range of sweaters for the men’s leisurewear market. We were impressed by the new designs displayed on your stand at the Hamburg Menswear Exhibition last month. As we usually place large orders, we would expect a 20% trade discount off net list prices. Our terms of payment are normally 30-day bill of exchange, D/A. If these conditions interest you, and you can meet orders of over 500 garments at one time, please send us your current catalogue and price list. We hope to hear from you soon. Faithfully,

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