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Unit 3 An Enquiry 精品课程《外贸函电英语》 Text A 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

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2 Unit 3 An Enquiry 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

3 Text A 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

4 Dear Sirs, We learn from the British Embassy that you are producing for export hand-made shoes and gloves in pure hide and other natural materials.

5 There is a steady demand here for high- class goods of this type, especially in the brighter colors. Sales are not high, but a good price can be obtained for fashionable designs. 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

6 Will you please send us your catalog and full details of your export prices and terms of payment, together with any samples you can let us have? We look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours faithfully, 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

7 (Replay) Dear Sirs, Your enquiry of October 10 is receiving our attention, and we thank you for your interest in our products.

8 A copy of our illustrated export catalog will be sent to you today, together with a range of samples of the various skins used in the manufacture of our gloves and shoes. We think the colors will be just what you want for the fashionable trade, and the beauty and elegance of our designs, coupled with the superb workmanship, should appeal to the discriminating buyers. 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

9 Our representative, Mr. J. Needham, will be in Paris next week and will be pleased to call on you with a full range of samples of our hand-made lines. He is authorized to discuss the terms of an order with you or to negotiate a contract. We look forward to receiving an order from you. Faithfully yours, 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

10 Text B 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

11 Dear Sirs, We have received your letter of March 11 inquiring about the possibility of selling your Men ’ s Shirts, Gold-deer Brand in our market. 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

12 In reply, we wish to inform you that we are well connected with major dealers in the line of textiles. There is always a ready market here for Men’s Shirts, provided they are of good quality and competitive in price. 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

13 Therefore, we’ll appreciate it if you will let us have your best firm offer and rush us samples by airmail. If your shirts agree with the taste of our market, we feel confident of placing a trial order with you. Please give this enquiry your prompt attention. Yours sincerely, 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

14 Skill drilling You are asked to write a letter or an email to enquire for large quantities of Iron Nails (铁钉) of all sized. In your enquiry the following points should be covered: 精品课程《外贸函电英语》

15 1. Asking for a quotation per ton CIF Alexandria, Egypt; 2. What else do you need? 3. Why do you prefer Chinese products?

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