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1 Presented by Gary Karp Presented by Gary Karp Adjusting to Paralysis

2 With Gary

3 With Gary

4 With Gary Understand process of adjustment What we believe Coping styles Role of others / rehab Normalization Why This Session?

5 With Gary you get to better understand it. Speaking to Those Dealing with Recent Disability

6 With Gary Recovery Adjust to your present reality. Being at your best possible.

7 With Gary Not Adjustment Does Not Mean Giving Up

8 With Gary at least really slows the process. Believing You Can’t Guarantees You Won’t

9 With Gary Beginner’s Mind

10 With Gary Not Easy

11 With Gary Social Messages Stereotypes do not fit reality.

12 With Gary Stereotypes Pity.Dependent.Tragic / Heroic.

13 With Gary You don’t need to be super!

14 With Gary Language Confined.Bound.Overcome.

15 With Gary Can’t Know Transition from void to vision.

16 With Gary New Vision May or may not involve previous vision.

17 With Gary There is no pre-defined pace. You Will Do It In Your Own Time

18 With Gary There is a variety of coping styles. You Will Do It In Your Own Way

19 With Gary We are built to handle trauma. Coping Styles

20 With Gary Purpose No matter how unpleasant, your coping style is protecting you. Coping Styles

21 With Gary Anger Depression Denial Suicidality Humor Hard Work Sadness Confusion Resistance Hopelessnes s Coping Styles

22 With Gary You move along it. A Spectrum

23 With Gary The Dark Side Coping Styles Widely assumed to be mandatory. A reasonable response.

24 With Gary The Bright Side Denial wards off emotion. Coping Styles Fake it ‘til you make it.

25 With Gary Letting Go They are for the initial stage only.They can cause serious problems. Coping Styles

26 With Gary Doesn’t overrun Healthy Allow others to Not in our culture Grieving

27 With Gary Spiritual Belief...should support and empower you.

28 With Gary Stage of Life Not necessarily better or worse.

29 With Gary Something to Gain Adapting to disability deepens you.

30 With Gary Normalize At first, your pre-disability self prevails.

31 With Gary Integration Your disability becomes a part of you.

32 With Gary Showing Up Your disability disappears.

33 With Gary Relationships They might change, they might end.There will be new ones.

34 With Gary Adjustment is a Shared Process Family.Friends.Partners. They need to grieve, too.

35 With Gary Family Finding the boundary.Parents resume protective role.Who’s in control?Collaboration / Communication Shared Process

36 With Gary Spouse/Partner Shifts the relationship dynamic.Can interfere with intimacy.Committed partners work it out. Shared Process

37 With Gary Friends You find out who’s really your friend. Shared Process May exaggerate their fear of impact.May just not know what to do.

38 With Gary Who Is In Control? Communication.Respect.

39 With Gary Rehab Crucial to the process of adjustment.

40 With Gary Rehab Unveiling your possibilities Optimizing your health Achieving independence Gaining mastery

41 With Gary Rehab The process needs to continue Not at your optimal yet Advocate for yourself Length Of Stay

42 With Gary Stay With the Process …and be willing to be surprised.

43 Presented by Gary Karp, Presented by Gary Karp, Your Questions Adjusting to Paralysis

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