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10 Life Skills.

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1 10 Life Skills

2 Assessing Your Health This will help you evaluate your actions and behaviors that affect your health Evaluating your health can help you determine what you need to do to be healthy.

3 Communicating Effectively
This will teach you good communication skills like listening and speaking effectively. This will help improve your relationships with your family, friends, teachers and other adults.

4 Practicing Wellness This will show you how practicing healthy behaviors daily can help you have good life-long health. Examples of healthy behaviors are getting enough sleep, choosing nutritious foods and avoiding risky behaviors.

5 Coping Dealing with problems or trouble in an effective way.
This life skill can help you deal with difficult times and situations with emotions such as anger, depression and the loss of a loved one.

6 Being a Wise Consumer Anyone who buys products or services is a consumer. Making good decisions when buying health products and services will help improve your health now and in the future.

7 Evaluating Media Messages
Public forms of communication such as TV, radio, internet, newspaper are referred to as media. The media have a big impact on what we learn about the world. Knowing how to analyze media information can help you make better decisions about your health.

8 Community Resources A resource is something you can use to help you achieve a goal. Health clinics, libraries and government agencies are examples of Community Resources. Knowing where to find health information in the community is beneficial.

9 Making GREAT Decisions
Learning the GREAT decision making steps will help you make the right decisions for yourself. These steps should be used when making life-changing decisions.

10 Decision Making Steps GIVE thought to the problem REVIEW your choices
EVALUATE the consequences of each choice ASSESS and choose the best choice THINK it over afterward

11 Using Refusal Skills This life skill will provide you with different ways you can say “no” to something you do not want to do.

12 Setting Goals Goals are directions for your life.
Setting goals can help you stay focused on what you want to achieve. Short term goals can be achieved quickly and can lead to accomplishing long term goals.

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