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WELCOME! 2015 ELCA Youth Gathering Rise Up Together.

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1 WELCOME! 2015 ELCA Youth Gathering Rise Up Together

2 Your New Friends Mrs. Deb Ford Pr. Mark Anderson

3 Why a “Gathering” “The Mission of the Gathering is adolescent faith formation” “The Mission of the Gathering is adolescent faith formation” This happens in Getting Ready This happens in Getting Ready During Gathering Program During Gathering Program In Congregational groups In Congregational groups After the Gathering After the Gathering

4 Why Detroit? The Methodists had already reserved Disney land

5 Why Detroit? It is not the best city for the Gathering It is the best mission for the Gathering 1.86 million to 700,000 80,000 empty buildings Manufacturing 200,000 to 20,000 7% of 8 th graders can read

6 What should we be doing now? Getting Ready Bible Study Covenant gNews Communication with Congregation Follow @elcagathering or Facebook/youthgathering @synodmark Check website

7 Practice Discipleship Other Upcoming Webinars We're excited about our upcoming webinars! All are 1pm Central. 1."Story of Place and Displacement" with Carol Jacobson - April 7th 2."Story of Adolescence" with Dawn Rundman - May 5th 3."Story of Self and Other" with Mindy Makant - Sept. 1st 4."Story of Service" with Mark Jackson - Oct. 6th 5."Story of Faith Community" with John Cummings, Meghan Sobocienski & Elizabeth Flores - Nov. 3rd. Interested in learning more about the Practice Discipleship Initiative? Our website contains lots of FREE resources for the journey. Practice Discipleship Initiative

8 Video

9 What to Bring 6 outfits teddy bear Swim stuff Gloves Back Pack H2o Bottle Money Adults Boo-boo kit Kid contact Information Best Attitude Group Diapers Tool First Aid Duct Tape Forms S.A.F.E. All

10 Travel Day The Next Exit is your last chance 10 Miles From Detroit I-94 Fairlane Green/Allen Park, MI Last Chance for “Big Box” stores, etc.

11 Arrival Day 1 Go directly to your hotel T-Shirts were already mailed to you Register for the Gathering at the Hotel All payment due May 15 no $ at the Gathering Register for the hotel at the Hotel Un Pack Go to Ford Field NEW!!!

12 Transportation City of Detroit transportation Your own Transportation You have heard it said there is a “people mover” but I say unto you it is but a toy train

13 Ford Field “soft opening” at 5:30 There is no reason to show up early Concession close at 7:30 (even if you are in line) Backpacks will be inspected No Pushing!!!! 7,500 seats on the floor

14 Ford Field


16 “Dome” Rachel Kurtz AGAPE Bobby Siegrried Lost and Found Christopher Clay TED Talk Formats

17 “Dome” Themes Wednesday= Rise up –Resurrection Thursday =Bear Burdens -Man on the mat Friday =Build Bridges – Walking on water Saturday =break chains – Crucifixion Sunday =Bring Hope – Feeding 5,000

18 Back to the Hotel Routes will be published (games at the baseball park) Get to your Shuttle Turns Dark at 10:00pm EDT Hotels have Code Numbers

19 Daily Schedule Day 2Day 3Day 4 Breakfast Downtown/Cobo Downtown Cobo Program day 1Program day 2Program day 3 Community Life Supper Dome Hotel Final 15

20 Proclaim Community Day 2

21 Cobo Center 11 Football Fields Cross in the Center all paths lead to the cross Shoes, water bottle, Bible Zip line, bumper cars, creative expression, build a house, food court, resting place, bands Donate Hair, blood, money Colleges

22 Proclaim Community Day 2 The Trick will be to prepare and Prioritize Food in and around Cobo Anyone can go Anytime

23 Proclaim Justice Day 3 Detroit is 140 Sq. miles Anticipate 10-25 ride to site Nowhere we have not been invited Nowhere that is not safe 6 interest areas You learn assignment on the bus Bring: gloves, shoes, shirt Provided: Story teller, college student

24 Launch at 9:00 and 10:30am

25 Examples:

26 Proclaim Story Day 4 Mrs. Deb Ford

27 Schedule Day 4 12:30 doors open 1:00pm Kick off, God’s story, My story, Your Story 3:00pm Holy Communion (Bishop Preaches) 4:00pm Sent

28 Closing Worship Day 5

29 Community Life “Radically Different” In the early morning or late afternoon Downtown Programmatic Less like a High School Dance More like a town fair Scattered Locations

30 Safety & Security What is the most dangerous? Most issues occur in the hotel room Flip Flops Room = barefoot Out of room = flip flops Out of hotel = shoes

31 Cell Phones Find my phone!!!!!! Find My Friends Phone number of kids Circle of 6 Number on Wristband @elcagathering Mark 319-415-1923

32 Your Questions…

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