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2012 ELCA Youth Gathering July 18 – 22, 2012 New Orleans, Lousiana.

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1 2012 ELCA Youth Gathering July 18 – 22, 2012 New Orleans, Lousiana

2 Spring 2012 Training Preparing for the Gathering – Pre-trip Meetings & Preparations Getting Ready Materials Group Building – Gathering Information 3 Days emphasis… – Practice Justice – Practice Peacemaking – Practice Discipleship Evening Dome Events Community Life – Adult Leaders & Youth Trip Planning helps Preparing our Mindset

3 Preparing for the Gathering Pre-trip meetings Getting Ready Materials Group Building On-Line Giving Partnering with Parents Partnering with the congregations Mission is faith formation

4 Benevolence 100 wells projects cost of $2500 each In kind giving of books from a book list Online giving can chose what you can afford Sunday Morning offering between 3 projects

5 Pre-trip group building…… Empowers youth and adults to look beyond themselves Creates confidence for encountering others Builds healthy relationships between youth and adults May 20th

6 Dayle July 16-18 Hyatt regency Keynote Speaker Emily Rapp

7 Myle July 16-18 Hyatt Regency We All Dat twitter@myle 2012 Hashtag #wealldat Facebook ElcaMyle2012

8 Gathering Information 3 Days Emphasis Practice Peacemaking Practice Discipleship Practice Justice Community Life Evening Dome Events

9 Three Days……at the Gathering Practice Peacemaking Practice Discipleship Practice Justice

10 Practice Peacemaking Learning A flow of experiences that will engage youth and adults intentionally Interaction Center Thursday for us

11 Interactive Center Opens after 1 for everyone Activities include: yoga, ropes course,Habitat, prayer stations, Habitat, music stages,

12 Practice Discipleship Saturday How do we live out our lives in response to Christ and God’s work within us? How do we engage youth and adults to share their faith? How do we go home and keep living, sharing, doing, being, growing…..and so much more? Need small group leaders

13 Practice Justice City Day Friday

14 Evening Dome Events Preparing for Evening Dome events Schedule – Prepare Group for “waiting” and lines – Champion Square & Food Vendor – When do doors open? Leaving the Dome

15 Community Life…… Locations Opportunities Safety & Security Curfew Dress Code Adult Responsibility Final 15 Group Time

16 Adult leaders Love God. Love youth. Be patient. Positive. Helpful. Help create culture of healthy adult leadership Set an example of both strong leader & team player qualities Value every person in the group

17 Trip Preparation info…..  Trip Planning Helps  Preparing our Mindset  Extra Tips  Transportation Helps

18 Trip Planning Helps  Final Trip details  Packing List  Final group meeting  Covenant  Send-off plans  Gathering Information  Guide for groups in hotels  What about group time at the Gathering?  How do we bring the experience home?

19 Preparing our Mindset Consumer (what’s in it for me?)  What can I offer Expectation  Opportunity finds you Boredom  Embracing the experience Resistance  Open to new experiences Fear/Anxiety  Look to the “next turn” Cup is half full  Cup is overflowing Known Schedule  Go with the flow

20 Extra “Mindset” Tips Live in the Moment Be a non-anxious presence Exhibit an attitude of gratitude Act with respect Be open to others Help and support each other to be the best. Be willing to live outside comfort zone.

21 Other Tips Grocery Store Rouses Market at 701 Baronne Street open 6-12 Plan meals ahead of time Will get bibles 6x9 Will be live streaming from Dome Don’t forget tipping in you budget Plan a place in case someone gets lost Flip Flops

22 After the Gathering…… Celebrating/honoring the experience What did we learn? How did we grow? In Faith? Spiritually? Personally? How do we keep living, sharing & growing? Are working on 6 month of study materials for when we come home

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