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SensorRail™ III High-performance video rail system.

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1 SensorRail™ III High-performance video rail system

2 High ceiling, low shelves There’s security… Blind spot Low ceiling, high shelves Blind spot

3 …and then there’s SensorRail security. SensorRail allows full viewing of every aisle

4 What is SensorRail? A SpeedDome® Ultra…  22x optical zoom with 11x digital magnifier (242x total zoom)  Advanced DSP ExView HAD CCD camera  Freeze frame on presets (user-selectable on/off) …on a trolley  Discreet, black trolley  Low noise movement  Highly reliable surveillance

5 16 presets let you better position SpeedDome Ultra programmable domes to suit your specific application needs Monitor shift changes at warehouses to thwart internal theft Position dome at store entrance at 9:00 a.m. to ensure safe opening Ensure safe traffic flow during busy train departure times.

6 Highly reliable design greatly reduces maintenance calls to provide a lower total cost of ownership Rolling tracks Mechanical stop Attachment notches Adjustment notches

7 Easy to use SoftRail application gives you full control Monitor the usage of the trolley Check the software version Control the dome directly from the application… …or from any American Dynamics matrix keyboard

8 The perfect solution for challenging security environments Warehouses Large areas Low light High shelves Hypermarkets Low ceilings High shelves Heavy traffic Transportation Large areas Partially obstructed areas Heavy traffic

9 Compatible with an entire suite of American Dynamics products for a complete security solution MegaPower™ 48 Plus and MegaPower LT matrix switchers Controllers TouchTracker ® and matrix keyboards Intellex ® Digital Video Management Systems Network Client™ Remote Management Software

10 From a Total Cost of Ownership perspective, SensorRail III is the best value in the industry  Cost: SensorRail III does the job of dozens of cameras. It significantly helps to reduce loss and increase safety by providing a more effective surveillance system.  Serviceability: Industry-leading service tools offer ease of serviceability and repair.  Performance: Equipped with the powerful SpeedDome Ultra programmable dome camera, the SensorRail III system provides unsurpassed performance and security.  Reliability: A highly reliable, one-piece motor drive wheel and an error-proof drive adjustment system provide speed consistency and greatly reduce service calls.

11 From I to III: the continuous improvements of the SensorRail system SensorRail ISensorRail IISensorRail III Structure 5m (16.4ft) 8kg/m (17.64lbs/m) 5m (16.4ft) 8kg/m (17.64lbs/m) 2.5m (8.2ft) 6.7kg/m (14.77lbs/m) Rail length 10m to 100m (33ft to 328ft) 10m to 100m (33ft to 328ft) 10m to 100m (33ft to 328ft) CameraUltra IV Col x16Ultra V col x22ULTRA VII D/N x23 Speed Normal: 1.5m/s (4.92ft/s) Preset: 4m/s (13.12ft/s) Normal: 2m/s ( 6.56ft/s) Preset: 4m/s (13.12ft/s) Normal: 3m/s ( 9.84ft/s) Preset: 6m/s (19.69ft/s) Accuracy5 cm2 mm RF Link2.4 GHz /4 Ch 2.4 GHz/5 Ch or 5,8GHz (optional) CommandsRS-422 UpgradabilityFixed length Yes Dead zone5m 3 m (1.5 on each side )

12 SensorRail™ III video rail system

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