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H x Outdoor Speed Dome IP Camera

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1 H.264 12x Outdoor Speed Dome IP Camera

2 Presentation Outline Product Overview Product Features Application
Management Comparison

3 Product Overview Substances of ICA-H612 Compact Pendent Mount
Outdoor Mount Dome Cover

4 Product Features H.264 / M-JPEG video compression
D1 / CIF Real-time resolutions (30fps) 360 degree continuous PAN, Tilt (0 ~ 180 degree) and 12x12 zooming (12X optical, 12X digital) adjustment 3GPP for 3G mobile remote applications* Day and Night supported with ICR function 3D de-interlaced video image Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) 2D/3D Noise Reduction Provides 10 specific area for Motion Detection* 2-Way Audio function with external microphone and speaker External I/O trigger for various surveillance applications IP-66 outdoor classification with heater and fan for rigorous environment Cam Viewer 3 - Central management software supported * Support in the future

5 Management View Video & Administration Advanced Management View Screen
Video Format Zoom / Focus Tuning Video Information View Size Talk Button Snapshot

6 Product Features Multi-Profile & 3GPP
User A can get H.264, D1 resolution from ICA-H612. Yet, at the same time, another user, say User B can have M-JPEG, CIF resolution simultaneously. One network camera can fit to various remote network environment at the same time. For mobile user, 3GPP provides the most convenient way of monitoring their offices and houses. 3GPP Streaming (CIF) (D1)

7 Product Features Support 2-way Audio
With 2-Way audio function, IP camera becomes a bridge that helps users to talk to other people. Via two IP cameras, users can easily communicate to each other no mater for a international meeting or a personal chat.

8 Product Features 12x Optical Zoom 10x 1x 5x
Built-in highly reliable 12x optical zoom lens also features Auto Focus, Auto iris and Zoom tracking function. Equipped with a high resolution Sony CCD capture image sensor provided to 540 TVL. 10x 1x 5x

9 Product Features Removable IR-Cut Filter (ICR)
With ICR features, ICA-H612 can better video quality in the low light environments. Color image in day time, black & white image in dark place. Night mode with External infrared illuminator Day mode Night mode

10 Product Features Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
With WDR features, ICA-H612 is intended to provide clear images even under back light circumstances where intensity of illumination can vary excessively, namely when there are both very bright and very dark areas simultaneously in the field of view of the camera. 寬動態 =提供超闊動態影像範圍,能處理光源複雜的環境,並能同時捕捉高反差的拍攝對象,將訊號處理並重現最接近肉眼所見的畫面,特別適合於大堂入口、停車場、 ATM 、馬路、工地等環境使用 WDR ON

11 Product Features 3D de-interlaced
ICA-H612 can better video quality through 3D de-interlaced function 3D雜訊消除迴路將畫面中雜訊除掉,影像銳利鮮明 Before 3D de-interlaced after 3D de-interlaced

12 Supports Dual Streams Simultaneously
Management Provide various surveillance applications Cam Viewer 3 Central Management 2-way audio Supports Dual Streams Simultaneously Hear and talk to people in cameras viewing area through your computer Allow users to handle the entire camera in one console H.264 compression provides savings in network bandwidth and storage cost

13 Product Comparison Model Features Planet ICA-H612 Planet ICA-H610
ACTi ACM-8511 Image sensor / size 1/4" Sony Ex-view HAD CCD Horizontal Resolution 540 TVL 500 TVL 480 TVL Sensibility (Lux) 0.1 Lux (color) 0.01 Lux (B/W) 0.7 Lux (color) 0.02 Lux (B/W) 2.5 Lux (color) 0.009 Lux (B/W) Lens F1.6/3.8 ~ F3.8/45.6 mm F1.8/3.8 ~ F2.9/38 mm F1.8/2.9 ~ F4.2/42 mm Pan / Tilt Range 360 (Endless) / 120 355 / 120 354 / 115 Optical / Digital Zoom 12x / 12x 10x / 10x 10x /10x ICR V WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) - Image Compression H.264 / M-JPEG H.264 / MPEG-4 / M-JPEG M-JPEG / MPEG-4 Max resolution 704x480/704x576 Max frame 30/25 3GPP V* Save-to-NAS (SAMBA) DI / DO 4 / 1 1 / 1 2-Way Audio Built-in Microphone Video Out Fan / Heater V / V - / - IP rating IP-66 - ( Indoor)

14 Appendix Sales Target Target Markets Target Customers
Enterprise / SMB Office IP Surveillance System Integrator Reseller Target Customers Who buy our Analog Speed Doom Camera CAM-ISD48 CAM-ISD52 Who buy our IP Speed Doom Camera ICA-601/ICA-651 ICA-H651 ICA-H652


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