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Training Guide Step 6 A Platform for Success.

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1 Training Guide Step 6 A Platform for Success

2 You cannot register on our Website.
Alert: In order to get paid commissions, you can only register via the mobile app. You cannot register on our Website. Register your clients and prospects for NetLaw. By registering and purchasing a NetLaw account, your clients can immediately begin working on Step 6! No license is required to sell NetLaw. This means everyone can get started today! NetLaw is not an “Outside Business Activity”. NetLaw has been approved to be on WFG’s product platform and all payments from NetLaw are remitted directly to WFG. WFG then handles payments to Sales Reps.

3 Plan Details Commission : ** $250.00(per plan) **
Retail Price: $1,000.00 WFG Discount: <$500.00> Selling price: $500.00 × 50% Commission : ** $250.00(per plan) ** Note: Commission is paid by WFG as part of Sales Rep’s “grid”. NetLaw remits commission to WFG weekly with WFG paying commission as part of their regular pay-out.

4 1st time, register by creating an account
WFG Agent Registration Login Or Register Home Once registered, this will be the Home Screen when logged in. You do not have to log out. 1st time, register by creating an account This is how you get paid. When we send commissions to WFG they use this # to apply the commission to your grid.

5 One-time payment of $500 or
Client Registration Plan Details Payment Terms One-time payment of $500 or 12-monthly payments of $50 ** ** Note: Commissions are paid as payments are received by NetLaw. For customers on a one-time pay plan, $250 will be remitted to WFG as commission earned. For customers on a monthly payment plan, $25/month will be remitted to WFG as commission earned.

6 Click “Done” to return to home screen
Product Information Page Last Will & Testament (can include Trust for Children/Grandchildren) This document allows you to name the Executor of your estate and the Guardian of your minor children. It directs how you want your assets or property distributed. For those with minor children, it is crucial to direct how property or money will be used to provide for these children Revocable Living Trust (can include Trust for Children/Grandchildren) Living Will Declaration/Advanced Directive Click “Done” to return to home screen Done Financial Durable Power of Attorney Medical Power of Attorney/Healthcare Surrogate

7 Client Billing Success!
Client will receive an with a link to allow for the start of the document preparation. This link is the only way for the client to use NetLaw that insures you get paid and that the marketing questions are tied back to you. NOTE: Even if client is not ready to purchase plan, go ahead and register the client and then on this screen just click on “Pay Later”. Registered clients have access to free help on estate planning topics. Plus, NetLaw (via and/or call center) will continue to try to close the sale so that you still earn a commission.

8 10 Ways NetLaw Will Super–charge
The 6th Step

9 #1 Commission (Non-Licensed Product)
** “ I earned a commission my first day on the job!” ** Commissions are paid by WFG as part of Sales Rep’s “grid”. NetLaw remits commission to WFG weekly with WFG paying commission as part of their regular pay-out.

10 #2 Basic Sales Skill Training for New Recruits
Netlaw helps recruits to set appointments and the art of the follow–up. Since NetLaw is an unlicensed product, new un-licensed recruits can now set appointments to talk about NetLaw with prospects. If the new recruit sees an insurance or investment opportunity he or she can set a follow-up meeting and include a licensed WFG/Transamerica representative for a “product-focused” meeting.

11 #3 Auto–Oversight Training
SMD, Trainer and Recruiter received real-time s when: Each client registers When each client pays Every time you register a NetLaw client and/or sell a NetLaw plan, we notify your SMD, Recruiter, and Trainer. This provides great opportunity for the SMD, etc., to provide valuable feedback and encouragement.

12 #4 Conversion of Contacts to Warm Leads Online Marketing Questions
Call Center Support (Marketing Questions) Follow–up Marketing Questions Whether you complete a sale of NetLaw or just register the client or prospect with NetLaw, we will market you to the client/prospect via our online marketing questions and/or via our call center. Whenever we receive a positive response to the marketing questions, NetLaw will notify you and your SMD, Recruiter and Trainer.

13 Example #1 of our WFG Marketing Questions
(These are used when your client prepares documents, with follow-up s and via our call center) When it comes to life insurance, we find most people are paying too much for too little and often do not understand what they have been sold. Do you have any life insurance policies? Would you like an analysis of your life insurance to help you understand what you bought and see if you are paying too much.

14 Example #2 of our WFG Marketing Questions
(These are used when your client prepares documents, with follow-up s and via our call center)

15 #5 Limit the Risk That a Client’s Attorney Kills Your Product Sale
With NetLaw there is no attorney required. If attorney is desired, client can select an attorney from the NetLaw network, who will remain loyal to WFG/Transamerica. An attorney is not required with NetLaw. However, if a client wants to connect with a NetLaw network attorney, the attorneys will support your planning. Otherwise, the client can keep it simple with NetLaw’s self-help process.

16 #6 Create Generational Relationships
NetLaw offers a simple, easy (and profitable) way for you to build relationships with your client’s family (parents, children and grandchildren). NetLaw gives an easy and natural way for you to begin working with other family members of your current clients. Your clients will appreciate your taking interest in their immediate and extended family members.

17 #7 Build Loyal Network of Attorneys
Use NetLaw’s Attorney Network or create your own attorney network. You send them more business and they send more business back to you! We want to expand our NetLaw attorney network to include your current attorney relationships. Attorneys will love the NetLaw Pro product (the advanced version of our product). Simply nominate an attorney and we’ll do the rest. Make your nominations by sending the attorney contact info to

18 #8 Acess Client’s LifeVault
With Client’s consent, gain access to client’s life insurance policies, deeds, tax returns, etc. You can offer to scan and save to the Client’s NetLaw LifeVault account. Some have said that our LifeVault system may be the greatest opportunity to bring in new business! Use LifeVault (effectively a cloud-based Lock Box) to help close the sale of a NetLaw plan. You can then offer your assistance to help the client scan and upload all of their other important documents into the client’s LifeVault. Having access to tax returns, insurance policies, etc. will not only create stickiness with the client but give you information that will help you with the sale of products that fit the clients specific situation. LifeVault helps you gain access to information sooner than often is the case with traditional planning relationships.

19 #9 New Referrals with NetLaw SmartMarketing
We encourage NetLaw customers to send NetLaw invites (with the 50% WFG discount) to everyone named in the customers Estate Planning documents (Successor Executor, Power of Attorney, Guardians, Successors, etc.) When the marketing questions (online or service center) get a positive response, you get notified. Without your lifting a finger, NetLaw will begin prospecting new referrals for you. NetLaw customers are encouraged to invite all of the key people named in their documents. Then we repeat that for each of those individuals. Imagine, if each person names 7 individuals and then each of them name 7 and so on and so on, the numbers of potential new leads is crazy! Each person gets the WFG/Transamerica discount and you get the new lead plus the commission.

20 #10 Create New Referral Opportunities
Introduce NetLaw to companies, charities & healthcare organizations. Be the Key Contact to respond to all of the financial marketing questions. If you want a way to find lots of new prospects, start selling a NetLaw employee benefit program or one of our philanthropy or healthcare programs to contacts you have in your community. Then you can become the person to respond to our financial marketing questions. Call our support center for more details.

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