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IBE Barter 101 Webinar Welcome to IBE Barter Exchange.

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1 IBE Barter 101 Webinar Welcome to IBE Barter Exchange

2  What is Barter? Barter is the Direct Exchange of Products, Goods and Services with and without the use of U.S. Currency.  The Barter Industry… Barter is an 800 BILLION Dollar Industry, with over 1100 Barter Exchanges throughout the U.S.

3 IBE Barter Exchange was founded in 1991 by Mary & Ron Unger IBE has generated over 60 MILLION Dollars of NEW BUSINESS in our local community.

4  In 1982 the Barter Industry was regulated by the IRS due to the TEFRA Act, which stands for Tax Equity Fiscal Responsibility Act.  The IRS views all Barter Exchanges as 3 rd party record keeping companies.  IBE is responsible for electronically tracking ALL transactions for each IBE Member.  IBE is required to report ALL Sales generated through IBE/per member.  All Members are required to fill out a W-9  Each member will receive a 1099B at the end of the year, which will state all of their IBE sales for the year.  All IBE trade dollars are taxed in the year they are earned. Business related purchases are tax deductible in the year they are earned.

5  Are they looking for NEW Customers or Additional Business?  Do they have excess inventory?  Do they have any unbilled hours?  Would they like to make an alternative INCOME and SAVE Valuable Cash Reserves? If a Business Owner answers YES to ANY of those questions, then they should be interested in exploring WHY Barter may be a good business decision for them.

6  Barter gives Businesses opportunities to gain NEW Customers. IBE has a Network of over 700 local businesses that are part of the IBE Barter Community. The IBE Members look forward to doing business with you because they share in common, the IBE Modern Alternative Currency. *In 21 years of Business we have learned that for every IBE Member relationship you build and create commerce with potentially brings 3 Cash Referrals.  Plus Business Members are more likely to spend more money when spending trade. *Example: Advertising–they will buy a full page ad when paying Trade, opposed to ½ page ad when spending Cash. *Current Cash Customers – IBE Members are not expected to convert current Cash Jobs to Trade, but can UP SELL and take the difference in Trade.

7  Excess Inventory IBE helps turn Inventory into receivables. *Excess Inventory can be sold for Barter, which then can help pay for current cash expenses. *Inventory is sold at the Retail Value.  Unbilled Hours/ Vanishing Assets Service oriented businesses such as Restaurants, Hotel, Theatres, ; EVERY HOUR or NIGHT that passes that they do NOT have a customer, they are losing income. That income will NEVER be able to be recovered. *IBE helps fill those unbilled hours/ empty hotel rooms.

8  Alternative Income *IBE Barter is a Modern Alternative Currency. IBE Barter Dollars are REAL dollars, every ‘Barter dollar earned and spent is looked at just as a CASH dollar as viewed by the IRS. *IBE Members are able to earn an alternative income, instead of earning nothing. After reviewing current cash expenses IBE members with the help of their IBE Trade Broker, can start to spend their IBE Trade Dollars, where they are now spending cash.  Price Inflation *IBE Clients may ask for full retail value on products/ services. IBE Clients MAY NOT inflate their prices when dealing with an IBE client. *IBE is only as strong as our members. Therefore IBE will NOT Tolerate members trying to take advantage of other members. This is something that IBE feels very strongly about and has a NO TOLERANCE policy for this type of behavior. In 21 years we have discharged members due to price inflation.

9  Barter Helps Reduce Receivables…  Trade Dollars immediately available to spend *Once a job is complete, the Seller will obtain an authorization number. This number is a confirmation that the transaction has been complete. *NO WAITING FOR PAYMENT  3 ways to obtain authorizations 1. Call IBE office @ 955-6100 2. Call IBE auto Broker @ 365-AUTO 3. Log In Online @

10  Client Controls their own product or service commitment levels.  This is called their EXPOSURE LEVEL. Each IBE member will choose an exposure level. This level is the amount of trade that they are willing to perform at 100% Full Trade on a SINGLE Transaction.  Members can raise or lower their exposure level at anytime.  Members can put their account on HOLD at anytime. If they have a higher trade balance that they would like to spend down before taking on any new IBE business, we will simply place their account on HOLD and then help them spend down.

11  Trading at 100% Full Trade *All members that offer a service and/or have inventory are bound by the IBE Trading/ByLaws Rules and Regulations and are required to trade at 100% full trade.  Members that have to special order materials that are NOT IN INVENTORY are allowed trading flexibility. * They trade at 100% Full Trade up to their exposure level; then after they reach the exposure level on that single transaction, they may ask for a 50/50 Trade/ Cash blend to help recover the material CASH COST.


13  Earn Trade Dollars and Convert Cash expenses into Trade and Conserve valuable CASH RESERVES.  Use working capital more productively by taking advantage of every trading opportunity. (Again, Replace Cash purchases with Barter Purchases.)  Improve profit margins by trading at one’s marginal cost of doing business. *One’s Barter or Marginal cost of doing business does not include their fixed cost, as they are stable and covered by one’s on-going cash business.  IBE Recommends that one’s Trade volume should not exceed more than 10% of their annual sales.

14  IBE promotes our Members to over 700 local Business OWNERS locally to the IBE Barter Community.  IBE Provides you a membership in a large network of businesses that want to do business with one another.  IBE Provides each member with their own Trade Broker, who will identify their wants and needs.  IBE sends out an ENEWS: Our E-NEWS focuses on NEW IBE members & Current IBE Members who are looking for more IBE business.  IBE actively promotes our members on Facebook and Twitter and all Social Networking platforms.

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