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NH Section 7 th Annual Awards Banquet Nov. 5, 2009 Executive Court Conference and Banquet Center Manchester NH ___________________ Celebrating 125 Years.

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1 NH Section 7 th Annual Awards Banquet Nov. 5, 2009 Executive Court Conference and Banquet Center Manchester NH ___________________ Celebrating 125 Years Of Engineering the Future


3 2009 ExCom Committee 2 Table of Contents 3 Event Schedule 4 Alex Greunwald PACE Award 5 Keynote Speaker 6 - 7 Honorary, Fellow & Life 8- 10 Member Recognition IEEE Origins 11 Upcoming Events Back Cover TABLE OF CONTENTS 3

4 Banquet Schedule 4 6:00 pm: Reception 6:45 pm: Buffet Dinner 7:45 pm: Presentation of Awards Master of Ceremonies: Stoney Worster Student Branch Recognition NCC, NHTI Executive Committee Recognition Chairs, Officers Alex Gruenwald PACE Award Madeleine Lowe 8:30 pm: Keynote Speaker Randy Forgaard Music Piper Runnion-Bareford Manchester Community Music School

5 Madeleine Lowe Wins Alex Greunwald PACE Award Congratulations Madeleine! 5 Alex Greunwald PACE Award was Announced at IEEE Region 1 Board of Governors (BoG) Meeting, Springfield, MA, August 8, 2009. The purpose of the Region 1 Alex Gruenwald Section Professional Activities Committee for Engineers (PACE) Award for Excellence is to reward the Section within Region 1 judged to have achieved the highest excellence in advancing professionalism in the Region during the past year. With a potential competition from 21 Sections, this award is typically pursued and won by large sections in the southern part of Region 1 such as Long Island and North Jersey. Therefore it is with great pride and honor that we announce that the New Hampshire Section won this prestigious prize earlier this year. As NH Section PACE Chairperson, Madeleine Lowe has taken an aggressive lead in making things happen. The number of PACE activities and section involvement has increased dramatically over the past year in New Hampshire. This includes PACE events (networking and training), and a presentation skills series given across our state that reflects the geographic challenges in engaging our members. Five new EXCOM members were recruited in less than a year. Networking activities and PACE correspondence with member rose significantly. Meetings have been held outside the geographic location of our major population concentration (The Nashua- Manchester corridor.) in more rural and less populated localities such as Concord and Plymouth to engage a wider membership. Approximately 60 members who have not attended Section meetings previously have participated in these activities in the past year. This award includes $1,000.00 for the Section and a plaque, signed by R1 Director Howard Michel, presented to Madeleine.

6 6 Randy Forgaard Co-founder of the Company that Created FrontPage Abstract Randy will share with us the heady story of how he and Charles H. Ferguson founded Vermeer Technologies, Inc. in mid 1994. The Internet was starting to be adopted by businesses, and a new infrastructure called the World Wide Web was being formed. The big missing piece was a powerful, visual authoring tool for creating, maintaining, and administering whole web sites, and their individual pages. By just about any measure - communications traffic, new web sites going up, downloads of web browsers and servers, new Internet subscriptions - the web was growing at 20% per month, the fastest growing phenomenon in economic history. Vermeer shipped version 1.0 of FrontPage in October 1995. It was a great success, winning many industry awards, and praises from customers. Two weeks before product release, and just 18 months since founding, Vermeer was approached separately on the same

7 7 day by Netscape and Microsoft, both of whom wished to acquire the company. It was an agonizing decision. The start-up veterans at Vermeer had longed to go it alone with an IPO, but the two largest software companies in the Internet were intent on entering the same product space by acquiring FrontPage or creating similar products themselves. Vermeer agreed to be purchased by Microsoft, and it was unquestionably the right call. The $130 million deal closed in January 1996, and the newly re-christened Microsoft FrontPage version 1.1 was released in April of that year. This was the first big Internet acquisition, and the story made the cover of the Wall Street Journal and the other major newsweeklies, with about 50 million people seeing the story on network TV news. It was an exhilarating and intimidating high- speed roller coaster ride. The early history of the company was instructional and exciting. Biographical Information: Randy Forgaard was the co-founder and chief technology officer of Vermeer Technologies, Inc., original makers of the market-leading FrontPage web authoring software. Microsoft acquired Vermeer in January 1996, at which point Randy joined Microsoft as senior program manager and head of product planning for the product, renamed Microsoft FrontPage. Randy retired from Microsoft in March 1997. He is enjoying spending time with his family, and has a one-person firm called Illusionator that makes special effects for the haunted attraction industry. Prior to Vermeer, Randy was one of the earliest employees and a key developer of the award-winning BeyondMail electronic mail system from Beyond Inc., and remained with the company until it was acquired by Banyan Systems, Inc. in February 1994. Before that, Randy held principal positions in three small software companies in the areas of securities trading systems, spreadsheet add-ins, and airline personnel scheduling. Randy received his bachelors and masters degrees in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1981 and 1984, respectively.

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11 11 IEEE Origins 1884: American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE). Major interest were wire communications (telegraph and telephony) and light and power systems 1912: Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE). The IRE concerned mostly radio engineering, and was formed from two smaller organizations, the Society of Wireless and Telegraph Engineers and the Wireless Institute. 1963: AIEE & IRE Merge to form IEEE The IEEE "kite" was created in 1963 with the merger of its two predecessor societies, the AIEE and the IRE. The kite borrowed elements of both organization's logos

12 2010 Section & Chapter Voting Electronic Balloting: Mid November to Mid December Upcoming Activities in 2009 For all the details see the November Newsletter at Nov. 11 – Joint Reliability Chapter - A New Approach to System-Availability Analysis: An Integrated Hardware, Software, and Procedures Mode Nov. 12 – PACE Committee – Consultants Network Formation Meeting Nov. 17 – Computer Chapter – Internet Protocol VI Nov. 19 – Power and Energy Chapter – PSNH Solar Power Project Dec. 3 – PACE Committee – Wine Tasting and Networking in North Conway Dec. 9 - Joint Reliability Chapter - 100X Token Reliability Improvement Dec. 10 – PACE – Jobs Workshop in Manchester Jan. 10 – Joint Com-Sig Chapter - Local Initiatives in Wireless Technology and Software Radio Ex Com Meetings – Second Thursday of Every Month 12

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