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IPWEA Meeting 3, 8 15 May 2012 Heath Curnow CEO: STABIL-LIME GROUP Vice President: AustStab.

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1 IPWEA Meeting 3, 8 15 May 2012 Heath Curnow CEO: STABIL-LIME GROUP Vice President: AustStab

2 Topics covered over the next 10 min Road Recycling for Sustainability Advantages & Application of In-Situ Stabilisation to Improve Engineering Properties. Consider Whole of Life Costs to Determine whether or not to Stabilise The role of the association and what we can do to help you day to day

3 Pavement Recycling by In Situ Stabilisation Process of improving pavement material properties by in situ mixing in accordance with a mix design. According to Sustainability Victoria & the Institute of Engineers, Sustainability refers to:  Economic  Environmental  Social

4 Sustainable Advantages of Pavement Recycling Economic Sustainability: Cost effective to treat saturated/soft materials rather than the cost to excavate and replace. Design & Construct efficiency by increasing the strength of the lower pavement layers and saving on the thickness of more expensive upper pavement layers.

5 Environmental Sustainability: Recycling reduces dependence on limited quarry resources by reusing worn out pavement materials or improving subgrade properties. Stabilising unsealed roads increases durability and reduces re-grading & re-sheeting frequency.

6 Social Sustainability: Construction expediency & reducing traffic movements significantly reduces disruption to local traffic during construction.

7 Tailor mix design to improve specific material properties: Plasticity (PI) & Permeability Strength & Moisture Content. Improve material grading by pulverising during mixing of Binders.. Correct shape & moisture condition to ensure OMC at compaction.

8 Stabilisation can be used on new works, rehabilitation works and on unsealed pavements

9 Savings can be made in the sub grade, sub base or base material using materials already on site DOTARS study on unsealed roads, completed in 2010 showed: Stabilised BaseGranular overlay Initial cost/km$17000$13000 Life before replacement12 years8 years Resultant cost pa$1,400$1,600 Minor maintenance schedule Once per year2 – 3 times per year Cost per maintenance/km$1,000 Cost per annum$1,000$2,500 Total Cost$2,400$4,100

10 Whole of Life Costs 1.Asphalt patch work quilt is an expensive surface band aid typically with a max. 2 year life. 2.Pavement continues to exponentially deteriorate as do costs to rehabilitate. 3.Consider sooner option to join patches & recycle with 30 year design life & minimal maintenance.

11 AustStab is able to provide you with information and tools Members register Publications - The guide - Work Tips - Published articles Information on design and specifications Training -Upcoming Training CPEE and AustStab Course Melbourne October 2012 Frequently asked Questions Contractor Register

12 AustStab in Victoria is wanting to engage with local government, state government, contractors and consultants – You! Stabilisation and recycling increases Attend CPEE course Engage clients

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