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2007 Challenge Final Information Pack Brown Dog Registered Charity 1111550.

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1 2007 Challenge Final Information Pack Brown Dog Registered Charity 1111550

2 brown dog 2007 MOUNTAIN MARATHON FRIDAY 15 TH & SATURDAY 16 TH JUNE Start and finish in Keswick – The Lake District CLIMB 13 MOUNTAINS NAVIGATE 3 LAKES WALK 26 MILES IN 20 HOURS

3 Dear Challenger, Before you read this pack please note that YOU HAVE SOME ACTIONS BEFORE 2nd JUNE  Pay your balance immediately if you have not already done so  Please contact Anil Patel immediately and confirm :  what size team shirt you require (S, M, L, XL)  if you require a vegetarian meal on the Dogs Dinner  if you have a medical condition that we need to know about  Ground Support individuals contact Pete Fowler immediately to confirm:  the car you will be driving during the challenge (and type)  if challengers have a people carrier that we can use – let Pete know now  Everyone please join the teleconference on 5 th June for a final briefing Thank you The ‘Brown Dog’ Trustees

4 Dear Challenger, 7 th Annual Brown Dog Challenge – The 2007 Mountain Marathon Challenge Hopefully you have now paid your final challenge joining fee and you are already heading towards that target of £250. Once again Brown Dog would like to thank you for supporting us - we are extremely grateful that you are prepared to raise money for us. We will ensure every pound raised is given directly to men, women or children who have cancer across the UK today. The purpose of this pack is to provide you with all the information you need for this years challenge It is essential (from a team perspective and for your own safety) that you find time to read the document to ensure you are in the right place at the right time. We truly hope that you will really enjoy the experience so much that you will return again to do more challenges in the future Good luck with the fund-raising and the challenge!

5 CONTENT Key eventsIncludes 1. General Information (Telecom, Challenger List, Training, Equipment, Outline of Challenge) 2. Pre-Challenge(Arrive Keswick, B&B Details, Route to start, de-brief) 3.The Challenge (Map of Day 1 & 2) 4.Ground Support(GS team, GS Role) 5.The Brown ‘Dogs Dinner’(Venue, Our Room, Menu, Agenda) 6.Costs & Sponsorship(Costs to pay, Sponsorship) 7. Good Luck

6 Please read carefully General Information

7 Pre-brief Tele-conference – PLEASE CALL We have organised a teleconference to brief challengers WE REALLY NEED YOU TO JOIN THIS PLEASE Teleconference Pre-briefing Tuesday 5 TH June 2007 8-9pm Number 0800 328 3371 then when asked key in 85509258# Please have a copy of this pack with you if we need to refer to it. Our main objective is to focus on safety and to ensure you fully understand how to help to create a successful challenge. It will enable you to ask any questions.

8 Challenge Team Ian Alexander Tony Bates Laurence Crack Sheridan Dawes Maria Dodson Frank Eustace Michelle Lewis Richard Little Adam Matthews Richard Parkes Anil Patel Anita Redwood Alistair Roden Bernie Smith Helen Storer Mark Storer Nicky Watkins 17 3 ChallengersGround Support Catherine Crack Isobel Eustace Pete Fowler

9 TRAINING As ever, Brown Dog challenges are never easy which is why you really need to prepare. Stamina and lower body fitness will be key - so walking, running, biking, swimming, aerobics will all help. I would also suggest that you work on core strength and back exercises as you will be carrying your rucksack for 15 hours – Core strength = Plank, Back = Lat Pull Down or Seated Row – Plank is holding yourself in the press up position using your fore arms instead of your hands. Lat Pull Down & seated row are Gym machines. One uses wide grip and the other uses narrow grip to pull weights into your body. They both work the back area. Seated row is probably the best option as it strengthens the narrow muscles in your back. Between now and June we recommend that you find some large hills or mountains to test and fine tune your fitness At the end of the day training is a personal thing and you will decide how best to prepare. Please do not underestimate the challenge ………… ever it will not be a walk in park!

10  Walking Boots not Trainers  Socks – one thick and one thin if wearing boots  Vaseline – for edges/underneath feet and in between toes  Wicking Tops (ideal) –to draw moisture from body (Millets/Blacks £10-£15)  Other Tops – have a few layers to adjust to weather and temperature  Shorts or Trousers - not jeans  Ruck-sack to include :  Waterproof Trousers - optional  Waterproof Jacket- this could be essential if it’s a rainy day  Extra T-Shirt  Sweatshirt – may get cold at any time, but especially during the night  Fleece or suitable equivalent jacket  Hat - protects from rain and sun  Gloves - optional (weather is changeable )  Sunglasses  Camera- optional  Sun cream  Carrier Bag/s - for putting wet t-shirt in ruck-sack after changing  Make sure you bring sufficient water, food & medicines Make sure you prepare for all conditions THINK WARM - THINK DRY - THINK SAFE EQUIPMENT

11 OUTLINE OF CHALLENGE Pre- Challenge The Challenge - Day 1 Post Challenge Drive to Keswick Park Car Near B&B 11.40 Walk to Start at church on St Johns street Prepare to start 11.45 StartCHALLENGE 1200 Transported Back to B&B 18.30 The Challenge - Day 2 Meet at church St Johns street Transported To start 0730 StartCHALLENGE 08.00 Meet in Skiddaw Hotel Drinks 1900 Dogs Dinner Walk back to B&B 16.30

12 Please read carefully Pre-Challenge

13 DRIVE TO KESWICK Make sure you leave home in good time to arrive at the start by 11.45 am For your information here are some travelling times and distances to Keswick: FromDistance (miles)Time (hours) Preston751¾ Birmingham1793¼ Leicester1964¼ Malvern2094 Bristol260 4½ London2905¼ Bournemouth3446¾ Brighton3506¼ Please remember you will be travelling on a normal busy Friday morning and on the M6 so please allow extra time for traffic bottlenecks. - check travel information 11.45 latest

14 B&B DETAILS B&B 1 Lyndhurst 22 Southey St Keswick CA12 4EF Tel: 017687 72303 B&B 3 Pitcairn House 7 Blencathra Street Keswick CA12 4HW Tel: 017687 72453 1. Mark & Helen Storer - Double 2. Maria Dobson & Anita Redwood - Twin 3. Laurence & Catherine Crack - Double 4. Frank & Isobel Eustace - Double 5. Sheridan Dawes & Alastair Roden - Double B&B 2 Cherry Trees 16 Eskin Street Keswick CA12 4DQ Tel: 017687 71048 1. Richard Little & Ian Alexander - Twin 2. Richard Parkes & Adam Matthews - Twin 3. Anil Patel - Single 1. Nicky Watkins & Michelle Lewis - Twin 2. Tony Bates - Single B&B 3 Lynwood House 12 Ambleside Road Keswick Tel: 017687 72081 1. Bernie Smith & Pete Fowler - Twin

15 DIRECTIONS TO B&B;s B&B's  Cherry Trees  Lyndhurst  Pitcairn  Lynwood Directions From Junction 40 follow A66 for Keswick At the T-junction (flowerbed in front of you) take the right, down the hill. Follow the road to the town centre (Penrith Road) Turn left into Greta Street (the Keswick Conservative Club is on the left immediately before the turning) Follow Greta Street into Eskin Street and the B&B’s are towards the bottom of Eskin Street on the left.

16 FRIDAY 15TH JUNE : START POINT – THE CHURCH ON ST JOHNS STREET MEETING PLACE  Leave your car near to your B&b and walk to the start DE-BRIEF  We do need your attention for 10 mins to ensure you are fully briefed and to clarify safety issues CHALLENGE START 11.45 DE-BRIEF 12PM START Map or Picture

17 PRE-BRIEF  Welcome to the challenge – just a quick briefing on a few key things;  Safety – please tell me or one of the other organisors if you have a problem – we will try to help you - also if you think any of your colleagues has a problem – tell me - please be honest with yourself – don’t put yourself or others at risk  Follow the Leader - Members of the organising team will lead each stretch of the challenge – please don’t go ahead on your own – it’s important for us to get the pace right  Please listen out for any instructions – your co-operation will be much appreciated All challengers note that the organising team have the right to ask any challenger to withdraw from the challenge if they think they are at risk or are putting others at risk due to their physical condition.

18 Please read carefully The Challenge

19 DAY 1 : Keswick to Thirlmere Bleaberry Fell 590 metres High Seat 608 metres High Tove 515 metres Time at top 14.30 Time at top 15.30 Time at top 16.15 START 12.00 FINISH 18.30

20 Day 1: MAP OF ROUTE start finish

21 DAY 2 : Thirlmere to Keswick Dolly Wagon Pike 858 metres Nethermost Pike 891 metres Helvellyn 950 metres Lower Man 925 metres Whiteside Bank 863 metres Time at top 10.20 Time at top 10.40 Time at top 11.00 Time at top 11.10 Time at top 11.40 START 0800 FINISH 16.30

22 DAY 2 : Thirlmere to Keswick Raise 883 metres Stybarrow Dodd 843 metres Watsons Dodd 789 metres Great Dodd 857 metres Clough Head 726 metres Time at top 12.00 Time at top 12.40 Time at top 13.00 Time at top 13.30 Time at top 14.00 START 08.00 FINISH 16.30

23 Day 2: MAP OF ROUTE start finish

24 Safety is our number one priority. Everyone must individually take responsibility for their own safety by looking after themselves, looking out for others and responding to instructions. Having the right equipment and plenty of food and drink will also make a big difference. If you are not feeling well, or if you pick up an injury it is important to talk to one of the Brown Dog organisers who will try and help you. The Ground Support team will be in constant touch and will be available at various points to provide additional first aid etc. should you need it. We also have qualified nurses on both the ground support team and the challenge team should we need to call on their additional knowledge. SAFETY

25 Please read carefully Ground Support

26 THE TEAM Pete Fowler Isobel Eustace Catherine Crack OUR AIM To provide back-up support to the challenge team To utilise the cars we have at our disposal To be available at numerous points on the journey HOW WE CAN HELP YOU By providing support & assistance in the event of minor injuries By providing basic first aid should your own supplies run out By carrying additional supplies, i.e. spare water By carrying some of your supplies so you can walk as lightly as possible (please bear in mind that access to the cars is limited by the terrain & route) By taking you back to the B&Bs at the end of Day 1, and back to the start of Day 2 By taking group pictures at the start and finish By organising the beers / wine at the finish (but only if you’ve been good!) GROUND SUPPORT

27 Please read carefully The Dogs Dinner

28 DOGS DINNER – TABLE PLAN Mark Storer Helen Storer Richard Parkes Adam Mathews Richard Little Anil Patel Frank Eustace Isobel Eustace Nicky Watkins Michelle Lewis Alistair Roden Sheridan Dawes Pete Fowler Laurence Crack Catherine Crack Maria Dobson Anita Redwood Ian Alexander Bernie Smith

29 Saturday Night Celebration – the Brown ‘DOGS DINNER’ As is now tradition, we have organised special dinner to celebrate our success. Just like last year we have arranged a private room to hopefully resurrect the same atmosphere, where after dinner prizes will be presented and speeches made by those brave enough (or drunk enough) 7.30Drinks in the Bar 8.00Brown Dog Annual General Meeting 8.15Dinner Speeches & Fun Prize-giving 2007 Achievement Announced Dress code is Smart Casual

30 The Annual General Meeting (15 minutes only) As a registered charity there is a legal requirement to hold an AGM for our members. Given that our annual challenge event is the only time most of our members are together we use this as an opportunity to run an AGM. The AGM only takes 15 minutes and will involve:  An update on current membership  Financial update  Nomination of Trustees (proposal made for members to approve)  Questions from members and close Brown Dog Trustee Board would like to thank everyone for their support through this more formal part of the Dogs Dinner Your hosts for the Dogs Dinner (and AGM) will be Mark Storer & Ian Alexander

31 Saturday Night Dogs Dinner MENU Baked Flat Cap Mushroom filled with Red Onion Chutney topped with Chicken Liver Pate served with a Balsamic Dressing Crown of Galia Melon filled with a Compote of Strawberries and Vanilla Syrup (V) Deep Fried Breaded Thai Fishcakes on a House Salad served with a Sweet Chilli Dressing Brochette of Mozzarella and Beef Tomato served with an Avocado and Garlic Oil (V) ******** Steamed Fillet of Scottish Salmon resting on Mediterranean Vegetables drizzled with a Lemon Butter Sauce Supreme of Chicken filed with Pate on Bubble and Squeak with a Tarragon and Port Jus Mediterranean Vegetable Wellington (V) ******** All the above are served with a selection of Seasonal Vegetables and Potatoes ******** Pecan Pie served with a Strawberry Ice Cream Sticky Toffee Pudding with Custard Fresh Fruit Platter laced with Crème De Cassis Selection of Local & International Cheeses served with Biscuits ******** Coffee and Mints (V) = Vegetarian Option

32 Please read carefully Costs & Sponsorship

33 COSTS The total cost of the 2006 challenge is £140 per person * This costs includes; Hotel Accommodation 3 Course Meal Transport to/from B&B Prizes for Awards and Fun events at the Dogs Dinner Ground Support petrol costs Essential Support Materials for challenge e.g. Water/First Aid T-Shirts Please ensure you pay this immediately You can do this yourself by paying into your nearest Lloyds-TSB branch or via internet/phone banking Cheques made out to ‘Brown Dog Charity Group’ using the Account number 02904759 and sort code 30-00-01 When you have done this please tell your contact on the Brown Dog Trustee Board who will then inform Ian Alexander (Finance Director)

34 SPONSORSHIP Please remember you have agreed to raise at least £250 Given that minimum sponsorship is normally £500, we would urge you to set this as your goal and hopefully you will end up somewhere in between - or perhaps even higher! Clearly the more we raise – the more people we can help. On the week before the challenge you will be contacted by a member of the Brown Dog organising team asking you to confirm what money you think you will have raised (not necessarily collected) by the time we do the challenge. As is tradition now, the organisers will feed their totals to Mark Storer who will secretly add up the grand total and announce the figure at the Dogs Dinner. This is one of the highlights of the evening where the full impact of the whole Teams effort over many months is fully realised and celebrated. Please push the sponsorship and help make this one of the best fund raising challenges yet

35 Please read carefully Contacts

36 CONTACT If you have any questions please contact any of the Organisers/Brown Dog Trustee Board NameMobile2007 Responsibility IAN ALEXANDER07801910829Financials PETER FOWLER07736359982Ground Support ANIL PATEL07801471723Accommodation/Transport RICHARD LITTLE07710170642Challenge Lead MARK STORER07918070710Pack/Dogs Dinner NICKY WATKINS07739817143Logistics/Planning

37 Good Luck with the Challenge Mountain Marathon 07 sponsored by OEE

38 Thank you so much for supporting Brown Dog brown dog helping people with cancer

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