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Choose Your Own Adventure: The Lost Dog By: Shani Hull.

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1 Choose Your Own Adventure: The Lost Dog By: Shani Hull

2 Page 1 It’s a Friday evening and you are leaving work to go home. But, you run into the grocery store for a few things. You park your car and start to walk to the entrance when you pass by a lamp post with a poster stapled to it. You stop and notice the picture of a dog and a happy little girl. You then feel bad for the little girl since she lost her best friend. But, you ignore it and walk inside the store. You quickly pay for your things and walk outside to your car when you run into a dog. You take a closer look, to see there’s a little piece of frayed rope on his collar. Then you look even closer, you then realize it’s the dog on the poster. You pick up the dog and walk to the lamp post with the poster. You take the poster and walk to your car and put the dog in the backseat. You decide to… Take dog home Take dog to owners

3 Page 2 You decide to take the dog to the rightful owners. You put the address on the poster into your GPS and start the car. You start to drive across town and decide to call the owners to see if they are home. You call the owners to find that they were at their home and that they were overjoyed that someone had finally found their dog. After a short drive, you pull up into the owners’ driveway just when the sun was setting. Before you could even get out of the car, you see the little girl running to your car crying with joy. You pick her up and open the backseat door to let the dog out. He runs out to the little girl licking her face. The father picked up the little girl and handed out thirty dollars as a reward. You decide to… Take the reward Decline the reward

4 Page 3 You take the money anyways and leave the home. You pull up into your driveway feeling exhausted from the turn of events. You unlock your front door and put the groceries away. You decide to relax and watch some television before bed. After a few hours of watching television, you get ready for bed. Several hours passed, and you have yet to fall asleep. You feel guilty for taking the money even though you know you don’t need it to begin with. You take a couple of sleeping pills to get it off your mind, and quickly fall asleep. Play Again?

5 Page 4 You decline their generous reward and tell your good-byes. You get into your car, start the engine, and drive away back home. You feel satisfied driving and rather happy with yourself for returning the dog back to it’s home. You immediately go to bed when you return home, quickly falling asleep. Play Again?

6 Page 5 You decide to take the dog home before giving him back to the rightful owners. You start your car and drive back home with the dog. You pull up into your driveway as the sun starts setting on the horizon. The dog whines so you take him out of the car and put him into the fenced backyard. After he’s done doing his business, you take him inside to feed him dinner. You give him his meal while you prepare a bath for him. You draw him a warm bath with bubbles. You pick up the dog and put him into the warm tub. You scrub him and rinse him off before grabbing some warm towels from the dryer. You wrap him up into the warm towels to dry off with. After he was dry, you put his collar back on and brush his golden fur. He licks your face and dashes out of the bathroom door to your bed. You decide to… Let dog sleep there Move dog off

7 Page 6 You decide to snuggle up with him in your bed for the night. But unfortunately, you figured out that the dog snores in his sleep. Yet, you don’t really care, to you it seems peaceful. You wake up in the morning to find the dog is still sleeping. After some stretching, you get up and make breakfast. That’s when you decide to… Take dog to the pound Take dog to its owners

8 Page 7 You move the dog off of your bed to his own bed. He whines and curls up on his makeshift bed. You feel slightly guilty but just ignore him and go to bed. You turn out the lights to go to bed. Just before going to sleep, you decide to… Take dog to the pound Take dog to his owners

9 Page 8 You’ve decided to take the dog to the pound. You put the dog into your car and drive to the pound. Once you arrive, you carry the dog inside where a lady takes him. You fill out the paperwork as he gets taken away. You leave the pound feeling guilty and sad. Play Again?

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