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The Lakeland Rotary Club How Our Club Works. Structure, Roles, and Ratification Structure, roles, and selection process –President President-Elect-Elect.

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1 The Lakeland Rotary Club How Our Club Works

2 Structure, Roles, and Ratification Structure, roles, and selection process –President President-Elect-Elect –Nominated by a nominating committee of past presidents as appointed by the president; –Board of Directors elect (ratify) nomination at meeting in December. –Term of all officers and other job positions begin July 1 and run for one calendar year. –Will be announced early 2011.

3 Presidential Duties –Preside at club and board meetings. –Perform such other duties as ordinarily pertain to his/her office. –Appoint, subject to the approval of the board, a club sergeant-at-arms who shall become a member of the board of directors at the time he/she takes office. –Assign at least one elected director to each club committee to serve as liaison between the committee and the club’s board of directors. –Attend Rotary International Convention –Is Lori Martini for this year.

4 Vice President Is the immediate past President. Presides at club and board meetings in the absence of the President. Perform such other duties are ordinarily pertain to his office. Heads Grant Committee. Is Mark Fore for this year.

5 President Elect Serve as a member of the board of directors of the club and to perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the president or the board. Is Bryce Philpot for this year.

6 Secretary and Treasurer In April, the board elects a secretary-elect, a treasurer-elect, and, if desired, an assistant secretary-elect and an assistant treasurer-elect. Standard duties. Serve on the Board. Secretary is Frank Lansford and Treasurer is David Edgar.

7 Sergeant-at-arms Nominated by President, ratified by Board. Standard duties. Is Fred Oeters for this year.

8 Board of Directors Eight total Board Members with four elected each year. Serve staggered two year terms. Eligible if in club for one year, up to date on dues, and have 60% attendance. Nomination process –Each club member votes for six members in good standing with the six members with the highest votes being put on the ballot. –Nominating committee consisting of the President and four immediate past-Presidents nominate two more to the ballot. –Club re-votes and chooses four of the eight on the ballot. Standard duties plus act as liaison to committees. Current Board Members- 2010-2011: Xuchitl Coso, Becky Joyce, Carol Wallace, Michael Folsom; 2011-2012 Ken Farris, Tom Conger, Michelle Ledford, Larry Becker

9 Administrative Assistant Chosen by the Board. Paid position. Duties as indicated by President. Position has only existed periodically. Is Beth Hesseltine.

10 Committees Please see the “2011-2012 Club Committee Structure” posted in Club Documents. This was handed out and discussed in class.


12 Title Here Bullet Point Here Overall Concept Resurrect the “Child of the Sun” Jazz Festival (acquired from FSC) Add an urban triathlon to diversify risk and increase net proceeds, expecting 400 athletes Free event on Lake Mirror attracting 6000+ attendees Proceeds derived from food & beverage sales and athlete race fee Goal is $80K+ in net proceeds in year one and $100k+ thereafter

13 Title Here Bullet Point Here Overall Schedule Friday Evening – “Cotton Club” style reception at the Magnolia Building for musicians and sponsors  Autograph session with the musicians with sponsors receiving autographed posters and tee shirts Saturday  7am to Noon Triathlon / Kids races / Awards ceremonies  Noon to 11pm Local student bands / local bands / regional bands / headliners  6pm to close Magnolia VIP Room

14 Title Here Bullet Point Here Triathlon Create the premier urban triathlon in central Florida Race course through downtown and FSC campus – Swim 650m Lake Mirror – Bike 20k through FSC Campus – Run 5k through downtown Race categories – Elite – Age group including kids – Corporate Relays – First timers – Colleges

15 Title Here Bullet Point Here Headliners Jimmy Cobb: Last remaining member from Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue.” Worked with the “who's who” of Jazz, including Dizzy Gillespie, Sarah Vaughan, Billie Holiday, and Nat Adderley. Larry Willis: New York-born Willis has played everything from free jazz to fusion to rock while performing as a valued sideman with such jazz titans as Dizzy Gillespie, Lee Morgan, Cannonball Adderley, Art Blakey and Woody Shaw. Belinda Womack: Jazz / soul singer and evangelist. Nashville based in the 1970's, touring with BodyHeat. Settled in Tampa in 1982 and worked for years in Jazz nightclubs. Today is the worship pastor at Wellspring Methodist Church in Tampa.



18 Attendance & LOA Requirements & Make ups Leave of Absence Rule of 85 Honorary members

19 Miscellaneous Every Rotarian Every Year No self promotion If Rotary asks, only answer is yes

20 Meeting procedure –Pick up your badge –Greeters – Usually two “volunteers” –Record your attendance with the Secretary –Notify them of any make ups you have –Pay for your lunch $11 for a full lunch, $5 for a salad and a drink, $3 for drink. $3 regardless to pay for the room –Pre paid plan –Not allowed to “bring your lunch” –Buy your 50/50 tickets. 1 for $1 or 3 for $2 –Various other sign ups and information at the back table (Bell ringing, highway clean up, get well cards)

21 Meeting procedure –Get your lunch (drop ticket in the basket) –Sit where you like, recommend you initially sit with different people. –Bell rings and everyone stands for the invocation and the singing of “America”. –Invocation can be volunteered for… –President’s welcome and announcements –SINGING – 1 song from the “blue book” –Introduction of Guests (volunteered)

22 Meeting procedure For guests of members (spouses, co workers, etc) clap For visiting Rotarians we greet them “Hi ---“ Happy Dollars – What are you happy about???? Money goes to Rotary international Introduction of the program, program, Q & A 50/50 drawing Adjournment

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