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Certified Analytics Professional (CAP ® ) Program 1 Presenter Month, Day Year.

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1 Certified Analytics Professional (CAP ® ) Program 1 Presenter Month, Day Year

2 What is Certification? Credentialing - official recognition of a process of meeting a set of defined standards, generally via education, training, experience, and testing. Licenses - mandatory credentials granted by government to regulate practice of a profession. Certifications - voluntary credentials granted in industry attesting to attainment of knowledge/skills, often required or preferred by employers. Source: Department of Labor / Department of Defense Study on Coordination of Job Training Standards with Certification Standards, September 2005 2

3 Institute for Operations Research and Management Science; founded in 1952 Mission: lead in the development, dissemination and implementation of knowledge, basic and applied research and technologies in operations research, the management sciences, and related methods of improving operational processes, decision-making, and management. 11,000 members (50% academic, 30% practitioner, 20% student) Highly educated (51% earned PhD, 96% earned or pursuing MS or higher) Global (79% North America, 10% Europe, 7% Asia) 3 Who is INFORMS?

4 Definition: Analytics is the scientific process of transforming data into insight for making better decisions. Analytics-Related Initiatives –Analytics Certification –Continuing Education Courses –Analytics Maturity Model –Engagement with Industry, Government, and Academia “Analytics doesn’t take anything away from Operations Research (OR). Outside our community, OR seen as a toolkit but Analytics seen as a process.” -Anne Robinson, Verizon President of INFORMS 4 INFORMS and Analytics

5 Advance the use of analytics by introducing standards of quality Identify individuals with appropriate breadth of knowledge Encourage continued competency Be software and vendor neutral Be available to all who are eligible Be eligible for accreditation (ISO/IEC 17024 & NCCA standard) 5 Certified Analytics Professional (CAP ® ) Program Goals

6 -Scott Nestler, CAP, US Army (Chair) -Polly Mitchell-Guthrie, SAS (Vice Chair) -Tom Davenport, Babson College -Bill Franks, Teradata -Jeanne Harris, Accenture -Terry Harrison, CAP, Penn State University -Lisa Kart, CAP, Gartner -Kathy Kilmer, Disney -Don Kleinmuntz, Kleinmuntz Associates -Jack Levis, UPS -Paul Messinger, CAP, University of Alberta -Jonathan Owen, General Motors -Melissa Moore, INFORMS Exec. Director Analytics Certification Board Semi-independent governing body; assumed responsibility for development of the certification program in July 2013. Members include: 6

7 The idea of “T-shaped skills” has been promoted since at least the early 1990s. The “T” represents breadth of skills, across the top, with depth in one area represented by the vertical bar. T-shaped professionals can more easily work in interdisciplinary teams than those with less breadth and can be more effective than those without depth. - Analyzing the Analyzers, an O’Reilly Strata publication, 2013 7 The “Shape” of Analytics Certification

8 Domain Task Knowledge Job Task Analysis Developed by people who are: Highly regarded in their field Diverse in geography, sector, organization type, and application area Representative of descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive segments

9 5 E’s: Components of CAP ® Certification Education: Experience: Exam: Tests skills and knowledge in the 7 domains of the Job Task Analysis Effectiveness: Soft skills confirmed by employer or client Ethics: Must agree to a Code of Ethics See: 9 Degree LevelDegree AreaExperience MS/MA or higher Related Area3 years BS/BARelated Area5 years BS/BANon-Related Area7 years

10 Exam Format 100 multiple choice test questions –Sample questions on website in Candidate Handbook & CAP Study Guide Only 1 correct response 3 Hours to complete Paper and pencil format at specific sites Computer-Based Testing began May 2014 –Tests administered globally at 700+ sites 4 function calculator provided Delivered in proctored environment 10

11 Maintaining the CAP ® Designation Certification requires that knowledge be kept current Recertification every 3 years Based on earning at least 30 PDUs 1 Professional Development Unit (PDU) = 1 hour of activity PDUs can be maintained online at INFORMS PDU CategoryPDUs Allowed Education/Training programs 1 PDU/hour of activity: must earn 8 Self-directed learning 1 PDU/hour of activity: maximum of 10 Creating new analytics knowledge 1 PDU/hour of activity: maximum of 10 Volunteer service1 PDU/hour of activity: maximum of 10 Analytics professional work experience 5 PDUs/year of employment 11

12 Contact Info Web: Email: Phone: 443-757-3500 Certification Manager: Louise Wehrle 12

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