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2015 A SSOCIATI ON E XECUTIVE T RAINING. NRDS and one as a member (1234#####) More than likely…… you, as an AE, have you, as an AE, have TWO (2) NRDS.

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3 and one as a member (1234#####) More than likely…… you, as an AE, have you, as an AE, have TWO (2) NRDS numbers. One for you as a POE (70001234) NRDS Your Board #

4 NRDS A NEW Mem ber come s into the office …… …. NOW WHA T?

5 NRDS A NEW Mem ber come s into the office …… …. NOW WHA T? √ Check on AREC website to make sure the new company/new agent has been approved and get the list of agents licensed with that firm (if new company). √ Have the Broker fill out a New Member Application for the Firm and him/herself (all pages) if they have never been a REALTOR® before, or the new agent with page 1-2 completed. ara/why-become-a-realtor® √ If a new office….Is this a BRANCH office or a MAIN office?? Branch offices must have their own NRDS #. √ Check on NRDS for the Broker/Agent and any agents to see if they have been a REALTOR® before. If they have been, DON’T create a new member, just change the old information in NRDS. √ Get a New Member Application for each NON- REALTOR Agent licensed with the Firm. become-a-realtor®

6 NRDS A NEW Mem ber come s into the office …… …. NOW WHA T?

7 NRDS A NEW Mem ber come s into the office …… …. NOW WHA T?

8 NRDS A NEW Mem ber come s into the office …… …. NOW WHA T?

9 ADD a NEW Member to NRDS….. No one needs two NRDS #s What YOU enter into NRDS then filters into Form Simplicity - NEW Companies have to purchase Form Simplicity from the ARA Website, new agents will have access after registering with Form Simplicity, just call Shannon at ARA and tell her you entered a new agent and to please run an update to Form Simplicity. ???? Are you sure they have never been a REALTOR® anywhere ????

10 NRDS A Mem ber come s into the office …… …. NOW WHA T?

11 NRDS A Mem ber come s into the office …… …. NOW WHA T? Enter your Association ID in the new PRIMARY Association box, you will want to ask them if they wish to maintain a secondary with the other Board, if not call the other Board and get them to deactivate the secondary, because when you change a Primary it puts the OLD Primary as a secondary.

12 NRDS A Mem ber come s into the office …… …. NOW WHA T? PRIMARY SECONDA RY

13 NRDS A Mem ber come s into the office …… …. NOW WHA T?

14 NRDS A Mem ber come s into the office …… …. NOW WHA T? This will prove that they have paid all dues Do you have a Letter of Good Standing template on file at your office?

15 NRDS A Mem ber come s into the office …… …. NOW WHA T?

16 NRDS A Mem ber come s into the office …… …. NOW WHAT ? Click on SEARCH OFFICES, enter the company name…….. And save……… Checkwith them to make sure the email address has not changed either, so go with a corporate email address if a franchise company.

17 NRDS On- goin g NRD S entri es COD E OF ETHI CS

18 NRDS On- goin g NRD S entri es Paid Dues Reco rded In NRD S

19 What can I see in NRDS now that I have entered all of this informa tion??


21 Have YOU ever logged in to Form Simplicity just to see what your members are using? F ORM S IMPLICITY WHY should I ??? You don’t have to do it, but if you wish to log in and see a Member Benefit that is available to your members, then we have a few Student Accounts that you can log in to.

22 Have YOU ever logged in to Form Simplicity just to see what your members are using? F ORM S IMPLICITY LoginPasswordBoard 24661RZISF61NW Arkansas 24662RZISF62Little Rock 24663RZISF63Hot Springs 24664RZISF64Pine Bluff & SE AR 24665RZISF65Batesville 24666RZISF66Russellville 24667RZISF67North Central 24668RZISF68 Crittenden County/Blytheville 24669RZISF69unassigned 24670RZISF70unassigned 24671RZISF71unassigned 24672RZISF72unassigned 24673RZISF73unassigned 24674RZISF74unassigned 24675RZISF75unassigned 24676RZISF76unassigned 24677RZISF77unassigned 24678RZISF78unassigned 24679RZISF79unassigned 24680RZISF80unassigned

23 F ORM S IMPLICITY To help a new or transfer member get on for this first time……

24 F ORM S IMPLICITY To help a new or transfer member get on for this first time…… Once the new or transferring member clicks on “CONTINUE” they will receive an email with a username and password link. (if the email address they entered above does NOT match what you entered into NRDS for them, they will NOT get an email, rather an error message!!)

25 Form Simplicity FAQs

26 Getting Started Q: Where do I go to access Form Simplicity? A: Q: Do I download or install anything for Form Simplicity? A: Form Simplicity requires the most up to date version of Adobe Reader. It may be downloaded for free at When on the Form Simplicity login page there will be a system checklist displayed below the login button. If all criteria has green checkmarks then your system can properly use the electronic forms. If you are using Google Chrome or Foxfire for your browser you may have to adjust your browser settings.

27 Q: What is the cost for Form Simplicity? A: Form Simplicity access has an annual cost that coincides with each calendar year. There is a standard fee for the office, which includes the brokers use and an additional fee for each agent. Regardless of whether an agent will be using the software (or how frequently it will be used) the agent fee is required for each licensed agent at the time of purchase. The annual cost for Form Simplicity access is never prorated. Check the purchase agreement for current pricing. Q: Where can I purchase Form Simplicity? A: The purchase agreement and order form can be found at Information is available on the member side of the website which requires an active NRDS# to log in and view. Publications Tab then 2015 Forms Order

28 Q: Who can purchase Form Simplicity? A: Access is sold to an office and is to be purchased by the broker of that office. Form Simplicity is only available to members/offices that have an active status membership with an Arkansas local board or ARA directly. Q: Does my Form Simplicity automatically renew for the next year or will I be sent a bill? A: Form Simplicity access ends on the final day of the calendar year. You are not automatically renewed or billed. If you would like to continue use of the software and have access to the new forms that will be released for the upcoming year then a new purchase agreement and payment must be submitted. Sales for the upcoming year usually begin a month or two before the end of the current year so that orders can be placed and service is not interrupted.

29 Q: My office or I have purchased Form Simplicity for the current year, how do I get a login/password to use it? A: Go to Click the Forgot/Register Password? link above the Login button. Enter your First and Last Name. Select Arkansas as the state if it is not already selected and hit the search button. If your name appears on the list after the search select it to continue. Then, enter your email address and a registration link will be sent to that email account in order to set up your password. The email address entered must match what your local board currently has on file for you. These steps can also be followed if a user needs to change their password or cannot remember it in order to login.

30 Q: I recently changed offices and when I log in to Form Simplicity it still shows my old office logo/information, how do I get that updated? A: When changing offices or opening your own there are a few steps that need to be taken in order to update your information. Contacting the Arkansas Real Estate Commission would be your first step for transferring your license or setting up your new office. Once all paperwork has been filed and processed with the AREC, the next step would be to contact your local board to update your membership information. If you are a member of any secondary boards, please contact them and make them aware of your changes as well. Once your local board has updated your membership records, please allow up to 48 hours for the change to be reflected on your electronic forms. Since Form Simplicity is sold to an office, your Form Simplicity access will not continue if moving to an office that has not purchased the electronic forms for the year.

31 Need Form Simplicity Training for your entire office or Board? Email your request to Ladonna Ignatiuk, ARA Risk Reduction & Membership Director Please include in your request the date, time, location & number of


33 About AREC 501-683-8010 612 South Summit Street, Little Rock, AR 72201-4740 Office Hours: Monday - Friday | 8:00a - 4:30p Arkansas law charges the Commission with the responsibility of administering the Real Estate License Law, the Real Estate Recovery Fund, the Continuing Education Program, and the Time-Share Law. The Commission's functions and duties include Licensing, investigating complaints received from members of the public; administering the Continuing Education program; administering the Time-Share Law which includes reviewing and accepting registrations received from developers and other entities, and reviewing certain kinds of advertising; administering the Recovery Fund which was established to pay damage claims to members of the public who have suffered monetary loss specifically attributable to real estate brokers and/or salespersons who have been found, in disciplinary hearings before the Commission, to have violated the Real Estate License Law or Regulations.






39 National Association Website: State Association Website: NRDS Login: ARA Member Information Center: EO-talk: Your group for communication and documents Acronyms: What the heck do all these acronyms stand for??? NAR-National Association of REALTORS  GRI-Graduate, REALTOR  Institute CRS-Certified Residential Specialist ARPAC-Arkansas REALTORS  Political Action Committee DVP- District Vice President RIO- REALTOR  Institute Opportunity (When a local board purchases a GRI class from ARA it is called a RIO) NRDS- National REALTOR  Database System POE-Point of Entry ROY-REALTOR  of the Year RDR- REALTORS  Don ’ t Read


41 ARA B OARD R EPRESENTATION April 30 th of each year…. membership counts are downloaded from NRDS to determine state representation on the ARA Board of Directors. Be sure to enter any new members and/or offices before this date. You will also need to DE- ACTIVATE any offices that dues are not paid as well.

42 ARA B OARD R EPRESENTATION ARTICLE V, Section 2. Board of Directors The Board of Directors shall consist of the following; President; President Elect; Secretary/Treasurer; the Immediate Past President, each serving a one year calendar term in those positions ; Four District Vice Presidents each serving a two calendar year term electing two each year as described in Article II above; Six Directors at Large, two to be elected each year to serve a term of three calendar years, Eleven Zone Directors, four being elected in two three year cycles, and three being elected in one three year cycle; and an additional Zone Director from each Zone with members in increments of 500, (i.e.: 501 -1000, 1001 -1500, 1501 – 2000, 2001 – 2500, etc) members as of as of April 30th of the current year according to paid members, to be elected to a three calendar year term; Three Past Presidents of this Association, each serving a three year calendar term; ascending, present, or past NAR President from Arkansas; and each Director of the National Association of REALTORS® shall serve during their term on the National Association of REALTORS® Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall also include the current year’s Chairpersons of the Business Planning Committee, the Professional Development Committee, the Legislative Committee, the Equal Opportunity Committee, the Professional Standards Committee, the Public Relations Committee, the Risk Reduction Committee, the ARPAC Trustees, the Convention Committee, the Finance Committee, the Communications Committee, and the Association Executives Committee, and shall also be full voting members of the Board of Directors for the current year each is Chairman defined above. Should one of the Committee Chairpersons also be a member of the Board of Directors by election, that Chairperson shall only have one vote as a member of The Board of Directors. Each year when the NAR Region IX Vice President-Elect and each year when the NAR Region IX Vice President is from Arkansas he or she will serve on this Association’s Board of Directors.

43 ARA B OARD R EPRESENTATION ZONE 1 DIRECTOR Felicia Johnson ZONE 1 DIRECTOR Sandra Kelly ZONE 2 DIRECTOR Michael Stout ZONE 2 DIRECTOR Kelli Small ZONE 3 DIRECTOR Denise Cunningham ZONE 3 DIRECTOR Keith Montgomery ZONE 4 DIRECTOR Jackie Keene ZONE 4 DIRECTOR Sandy Ebel ZONE 4 DIRECTOR Dawn Yates ZONE 4 DIRECTOR Jennifer Welch ZONE 6 DIRECTOR Randy Moore ZONE 7 DIRECTOR Wes Freeman ZONE 8 DIRECTOR Glee Cosner ZONE 9 DIRECTOR Nancy Wright ZONE 10 DIRECTOR Bennie Estelle ZONE 11 DIRECTOR Tom Wingard ZONE 12 DIRECTOR Paulette Richie ZONE 12 DIRECTOR Carolyn Cobb ZONE 12 DIRECTOR Edward Loveless DIRECTOR-AT-LARGE Bob Dodson DIRECTOR-AT-LARGE Laurie Rushing DIRECTOR-AT-LARGE Amber Gill DIRECTOR-AT-LARGE Bobbie Dumas DIRECTOR-AT-LARGE Jason Edington DIRECTOR-AT-LARGE Larry Rhodes Do you know what Zone and District you are in??? PRESIDENT: Jonathan Moore IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT: Bill Ladd PRESIDENT-ELECT Ronald B Stinchcomb SECRETARY-TREASURER Maurice Taylor DISTRICT 1 VICE PRESIDENT Velda Lueders DISTRICT 2 VICE PRESIDENT Deanna Dial DISTRICT 3 VICE PRESIDENT Nanette Wemhaner DISTRICT 4 VICE PRESIDENT Angie Johnson Have you ever looked at the ARA Website’s Interactive Map of Local Boards, Zones, Districts and Counties?????


45 This is the 2014 Application for 2015 Positions



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