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Question! 01000001 1 Byte = 8 bits ASCII Code American Standard Code for Information Interchange.

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2 Question! 01000001 1 Byte = 8 bits ASCII Code American Standard Code for Information Interchange

3 Apple II -> Year 1977 My First personal Computer, year 1985!!! 1 Byte = 8 bits X 2 ^10 1024 Byte = 1KB 48KB Question! How many times bigger? USD 1 = KRW 1150 USD 214= KRW 247,000

4 Electric Power & Tariff How much of electric power to be consumed if this computer is ‘power on’ for one whole month? 500W x 24Hour x 30Days = 360,000Wh = 360kWh

5 Korea Nuclear Power Plants (Kori) One Nuclear Power Plant Capacity 1GW = 1,000MW = 1,000,000kW

6 Photovoltaic 6 East Sun Power Gen. Co. - 24MW, 0.7Mil m 2, US 200Mil. 1 Nuclear Power Plant => 1GW = 1000MW 24MW x 40 approx. 1000MW Capacity : to be equivalent to 1 Nuclear Power Plant (x 40 times) -> 28 Mil m 2, US 8,000 Mil. (US 8 Bil.) Power Generation: to be equivalent to 1 Nuclear Power Plant (x 5 times) (with capacity factor of 20%, tracking device) -> 140 Mil. m 2, US 40 Bil. ** Still we don’t get power during the night, rainy days,…

7 Technical Advancements (ex: Wind) Source: SRREN, IPCC, 2011

8 Wind Project - SaemanKeum  Source: Prefeasibility test of Saemankeum Proj., KDI, 2009

9 Wind Power Wind Power Generation Calculation Power Prod. Wind Speed Probability Power Curve Wind Distribution Power Curve Wind Probability Distribution and Power Curve of Wind Mill

10 Feasibility Test Programs Applica- tion Dev. PurposeWhere?Characteristics RETScreen Renewables Renewable Energy Technology Screen NRCan For each RNE, technology, Cost information required NPV, IRR Homer Hybrid Optimization Model for Electric Renewables DOE NREL (Hybrid2 : With Massachusetts Uinv.) Technology, Cost information, for each RNE is required Cost Minimization Results are obtained for complex choice of system NPC, other sensitivity analysis Link with VIPOR, NPV Vipor Village Power Optimization Model for Renewables Using the results from Homer, local grid optimization Useful for regional Energy Plan Hybrid2 study a wide variety of hybrid power systems Results from Homer can be utilized Technology information required for each RNE LEAP Energy in General Long-range Energy Alternatives Planning system Stockholm Environmental Institute Macroeconomic impact of energy utilization can be evaluated: eg) CO2 emission reduction NEMS National Energy Modeling System DOE EIA National Energy Model for each energy source (Supply) and sectoral (Demand) impact analysis Technology information, Cost, other future scenarios can be input for further impact analysis

11 Wind (REVAP v0.9) & PV

12 Solar - REVAP v0.9


14 DHP(District Heat & Power) Prj. With GS Power

15 Load Forecast Window 15 Base load Intermediate load Peak load

16 Financial Statement 16

17 17 KNOC(Korea National Oil Comapany) Prj.

18 KEPCO (Korea Electricity Power Co.) Prj. -18-

19 KEPCO Power Demand Analysis Model

20 Energy Balance (TOE) Primary Energy Conversion Sector Final Energy Petroleum Products (Energy) Petroleum Products (Non-Energy) Coal Elect. City-Gas


22 GCAM 모형의 장점 IPCC (2000)에 의하면 18개 국가의 50명이 넘는 저자들로 구성된 팀으로 작성한 SRES (Special Report: Emission Scenarios)를 2000년 3월 WGIII회의에서 채택하였다고 보고 AIM (NIES)m GRAPE (IAE), IGSM (MIT), IMAGE (MNP), IPAC (ERI), MESSAGE (IIASA), MiniCAM (PNNL)의 후보모형 선택 이들 후보군에서  일관성있는 자료를 제공하고,  연구결과가 심사과정을 거쳐 게재되어야 하고,  관련 연구에 참여할 의사가 있어야 하며  모형이 데이터요구를 충족할 수 있고,  모형팀이 충분한 경험이 있어야 하는 등 의 조건을 충족하는 다음의 모형들과 RCP가 선정 22 RCPPublicationIAM RCP8.5 RCP6 RCP4.5 RCP3-PD Riahi et al. (2007) Fujino et al. (2006) Clarke et al. (2007) van Vuuren et al. (2006, 200 7) MESSAGE AIM MiniCAM IMAGE 4가지 SRES의 특징과 관련 시나리오들 출처: IPCC (2000) RCP와 관련 모형

23 Introduction GCAM is a global integrated assessment model of interactions among the global economic, energy, agricultural and land use, climate, and technology systems. IA models are not predictive - but should be used as research and analysis tools to aid understanding of the complexities and interactions. GCAM was one of four models chosen to create the representative concentration pathways for the IPCC’s AR5 South Korea is already a separate region Long-term model (runs through 2095) Dynamic and recursive model Technologically detailed 23

24 GCAM(PNNL) 에너지 시스템, 농업&토지이용, 기후, 경제 부문이 연결되어 있음 에너지와 농업&토지이용의 공급측면에 있어 여러 기술의 적용이 가능 전력 부문에 있어 화석연료 이외에 원자력, 수력, 태양에너지, 풍력, 지 열을 포함하고 각각의 원별 시장에서 건물, 산업, 수송 부문으로의 투입 구조 Energy Demand is determined by the GDP and the energy demand technologies Energy Supply is determined by the Resource Bases and Energy Conversion Technologies The flow of energy from supply side (primary and secondary fuels) and end- use sectors (buildings, industrial, transportation) 24 자료 : Calvin K., 2010

25 25 End-Use Technology 감안, 기존모형개 선 Economy (경제) 부문의 모형을 일반균형모형 (CGE) 와 연계하는 로직개발

26 Integration Discussed by IPCC 26 International governance Individual and firm perspective National and local governance Regional governance Sustainable development & equity Economic & ethical concepts and methods Issues of risk & uncertainty Integrated view: Chapters 5 & 6 Chapters 13 - 16 Chapters 2 - 4 출처 : LAM3, IPCC, Nov. 2012

27 Energy System Analysis vs. Integrated Assessment Model 출처 : LAM3, IPCC, Nov. 2012 27

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