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French Language.  French Alphabet  L'ALPHABET 

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1 French Language

2  French Alphabet  L'ALPHABET 

3 H e.g :- Hibou "owl"

4  I e.g :- Igloo "igloo"

5  J e.g :- Jupe "skirt"

6  K e.g :- Kangourou "kangaroo"

7  Q e.g :- Quatre "four"

8  R e.g :- Riviѐ re "river"

9  U e.g :- Usine "factory"

10  W e.g :- Wagon "carriage"

11  Y e.g :- Yaourt "yoghurt"

12 Done By :- Roaa AlNahedh.

13  French Words

14  le dessert :dessert  le fromage : cheese  jus de citron :lemon juice  le thé :tea  le café:coffee

15  Done by: shayma aljafar

16 Idioms Idioms are the common sayings. 1-Se creuser la tete. »To think really hard. " To dig into your head “ 2-.Rester bouch bee »to be speechless.

17  3-Couper la poire en deax »too meet someone halfway.  4-Menger sur le pounce »to grab a bite to eat.  5.Etre au bout de la langues »to have a word on the tip of your tongue.

18 Done by: sara alsbhan

19  bonjour I know everyone is interested about French witch is the largest country in Western Europe and the third-largest in Europe as a whole  The official languages is French The oldest traces of human life in what is now France date from approximately 1,800,000 years ago.  France was one of the first countries to create a Ministry of the Environment, in 1971  The main religion of France is Roman Catholic


21 French What you don’t know about The Eiffel tower was originally intended to be dismantled and sold as crap after its construction Charles VIII had six toes on one foot and hid this fact by wearing and promoting square toe shoes France produces over 400 types of Cheese

22 What you don’t know about France French men have the lowest level of obesity in the EU and woman are second after Denmark The most visited attraction in Paris isn’t the Eiffel tower “5.5 million “ but It is Disneyland 13 million

23 Done by: hanan

24 Sources 1-LE COURS DE FRANCAIS booklet: Donnes par: Alanoud ALDubikhi 2- My Friend Shayma,who study in french language section. 3- sources : Wikipedia, confessed travelholic.

25 THANK YOU  Merci

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