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La Francophonie dans le monde

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1 La Francophonie dans le monde

2 le Français au Canada French is an official language in Québec, Canada. French dialects in Québec e.g. Québec French, Acadian French, Chiac , Métis, Newfoundland French, Magoua and Chaouin

3 L’histoire et la culture des Canadiens Français
The founder of New France and Québec city, Samuel de Champlain Holidays - Fête de la Reine (Victoria Day) - Fête Nationale du Québec (St. Jean Baptiste Day) Carnaval de Québec (Québec winter carnival)

4 Le Français en Afrique 90 million people
African French million people francophone countries e.g. Congo, Tunisia, Ghana Pourquoi? Colonisation! -with 90 mil ppl, the continent with the most french speaking people -The differences from European French are due to influence from the mother tongues and the complexity of French grammatical rules, which inhibit its learning by most non-native speakers. -115 million (2007) people in Africa spread across 31 francophone countries. -not include the non francophone countries -regional variation=->different from french in europe In some countries it is a first language among some classes of the population, such as in Tunisia and Morocco where French is a first language among the upper classes

5 African French vs Standard French
Differences in pronunciation, e.g. “r” Trilled R vs Guttural R Same intonation Local and African Vocabularies “Merci Mingi” vs “Merci beaucoup” Same word with different meanings “Présentement”: as it were vs at the moment merci mingi means "thank you very much". It comes from standard French merci ("thank you") and Lingala mingi ("a lot").

6 Vocabulaire Francophone – person who speaks french or as adjective “pays francophone”. La langue maternelle – Native language /mother tongue. L’Afrique – Africa Pourquoi – why Présentement – at the moment Merci beaucoup – Thank you very much Differences in pronunciation between varieties of African French can be quite important (e.g. pronunciation of French in Morocco is quite different from the pronunciation of French in Senegal). Despite these significant regional variations, there exist some trends among African French speakers such as the pronunciation of the letter R, which tends to be pronounced like a trilled R instead of a guttural R, but some speakers can also pronounce it as a guttural (a voiced uvular fricative like ‹غ› in the Arabic word مغرب Maghrib). Pronunciation of [d], [t], [l] and [n], as well as other sounds may be also different. Standard French intonation can be also either maintained or not.

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