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F uture B usiness L eaders of A merica Mount Dora High School Chapter.

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1 F uture B usiness L eaders of A merica Mount Dora High School Chapter

2 What is FBLA? Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is a non-profit educational association preparing teens for careers in business and business related fields. MDHS FBLA students will attend and participate in skill competitions related to business subjects, field trips and conferences. Students will attend functions during the school year which will require them to miss 3-4 days of school. This is an excellent business student organization and will enhance the professional growth of each student.

3 Requirements FBLA Membership Students may be required to be currently enrolled in or previously taken a business course, CCC or Intro to Technology to qualify for membership. Must Maintain a 2.0 grade point average Prompt payment of dues and submission of application Adhering to posted due dates

4 FBLA Membership focus for today..

5 Membership focus continued…. Meetings are scheduled monthly or as needed. Most meetings will only require the picking up and dropping off of forms and information, SO YOU MUST ATTEND. Points are awarded for attendance at meetings. If you are unable to attend a meeting, please see Mrs. Kozlowski the next day for missed information. Field trip forms will be handed out for the rally and will have the DEADLINE POSTED AT THE TOP OF THE FORM. DEADLINES WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.

6 Membership Dues Membership dues are $25 and must be submitted with the FBLA membership application. Membership Applications are due Friday, September 5. You may drop this off before or after school. There will be a mailbox on my door for you to drop it off, with your check attached. Please note that the absolute deadline for membership and attendance at the rally is OCTOBER 1ST!!!

7 Dress Code Members of FBLA will be attending several rallies and competitive events throughout the school year. FBLA students, who attend an FBLA function, are expected to dress and conduct themselves as professionals. It is important that all students understand the FBLA dress code. Males are to wear slacks, dress shirt, tie and closed shoes. Females are to wear a skirt or slacks, blouse, jacket and closed heel and toed shoes. Stockings are required with skirts. Students will not be allowed to attend an FBLA function unless dressed according to these codes. No tight or short skirts or dresses will be allowed.

8 Fundraisers Students will be participating in fundraising activities to offset the costs of attending FBLA events; however, there will sometimes be a cost to attend activities. Parents and students will be advised of these costs prior to attending an event.

9 Proof of Insurance Students must have turned in their Field Trip Permission form, and have turned in their proof of Insurance Info by the date due. Students on monies owed list will not be allowed to participate. This is mandatory before any student is allowed to participate in a field trip.

10 Field Trip Permission Forms Students will be required to fill out a Field Trip Form and obtain their teachers’ and parents’ approval before attending. STUDENTS MUST HAVE A 2.0 IN EACH CLASS, AT THE TIME OF THE TRIP, TO QUALIFY TO PARTICIPATE IN THE FIELD TRIP. STUDENTS WILL BE ADVISED OF THE DEADLINE FOR THESE FORMS TO BE SUBMITTED. DEADLINES WILL BE FOLLOWED & ENFORCED.

11 State Leadership Conference and Member in good standing requirements: Points will be given to students based upon their active participation in FBLA. These points will be part of the qualification process for the State Leadership Conference. (Examples: meeting attendance, participation in fund raisers, adherence to dress code, conduct, leadership participation, officer positions, number of participants and score in competitive event). Placement in an event does not guarantee attendance at SLC. Note that parents will be responsible for providing transportation for students attending the State Leadership Conference as well as some Officer’s Events. Please note that students attending the SLC must have their parents provide transportation to and from the event.

12 STUDENTS AND PARENTS: Please access the MDHS website for updated information on trips, deadlines, competitions, etc. Click on Activities…FBLA. You may also email me at

13 Chapter Officer Information Students interested in an Officer’s position, please stay for a special meeting. All other students are dismissed from the meeting

14 Officer Information Potential Officer Applicants must complete and submit an application to the Chapter Adviser Applications will be judged on the following criteria by a panel of MDHS Teachers (and independent interviews as necessary). 1. Past involvement/experience (0 – 5 points) 2. Intentions/willingness to be involved (0 – 5 points) 3. Conflicting activities (0 – 5 points) 4. Appearance and completeness of application, spelling and grammar (0 – 5 points) 5. Current year activity points earned (0 – 5 points)

15 Expectations of FBLA Officers Officers are expected to attend all officer meetings during the school year. These meetings are generally held after school about twice a month. Officers are expected to attend all regular meetings as well. There “may” also be a summer meeting that all officers are expected to attend, and other meetings may be scheduled as necessary. Chapter Officers are responsible for the completion of all competitive events for the FALL RALLY, INCLUDING: The FBLA Chapter Scrapbook The FBLA Nametag based up this year’s FBLA Theme The FBLA Poster based upon this year’s FBLA Theme

16 Expectations of FBLA Officers cont. Officers are expected to have a positive attitude toward FBLA and the school and promote the goals and mission of the Club. Officers are expected to demonstrate cooperation among their fellow officers as well as their fellow members. Officers are expected to act as examples for other members and encourage participation. **Officers are expected to work hard and have a good time! All business and no play makes for a very boring future business leader.

17 Officer Responsibilities - President preside over all meetings and prepare an agenda for each meeting in consult with other officers keep in close touch with other officers, members, and adviser take charge of preparing one of the reports submitted at the State Leadership Conference represent the chapter at special functions show the qualities of a leader plan and prepare documents for all activities

18 Officer Responsibilities - VP preside over meetings in the absence of the president oversee all committees or teams assist the president take charge of preparing one of the reports submitted at the State Leadership Conference

19 Officer Responsibilities - Secretary prepare and read all minutes of meetings (preparing minutes means to take accurate notes of motions and type them according to the state guidelines; such minutes will be kept in a permanent book and should be readily available at all meetings) handle general correspondence of the chapter keep an accurate membership and attendance roll take charge of preparing one of the reports submitted at the State Leadership Conference

20 Officer Responsibilities - Treasurer keep accurate, up-to-date financial records assist in the collection of money for dues and money-making projects prepare treasurer’s report for each meeting take charge of preparing one of the reports submitted at the State Leadership Conference

21 Officer Responsibilities - Reporter prepare news release or articles for the local chapter of all FBLA activities within one week of the activity submit articles to the state FBLA publication, THE PLEDGE, and the national magazine, TOMORROW’S BUSINESS LEADER take charge of preparing one of the reports submitted at the State Leadership Conference act as official chapter communicator, informing membership of upcoming events, reminders, etc. maintain an accurate and up-to-date scrapbook of the chapter’s activities, previously responsibility of historian

22 Officer Responsibilities – Parliamentarian (appointed by Chapter Adviser) see that chapter meetings are conducted in an orderly manner according to the rules of parliamentary procedure take charge of preparing one of the reports submitted at the State Leadership Conference


24 Required: Dress Shirt Tie Dress slacks (no jeans or khakis) Belt Dress Shoes (no sneakers)


26 Required: Dress - business style Skirt and collared blouse Dress slacks and blouse - REQUIRE A JACKET



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