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Chapter Operations Chapter #4. Essentials of a Successful FFA Chapter ä Knowledge of the FFA ä All members share responsibility ä Capable Officers ä A.

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1 Chapter Operations Chapter #4

2 Essentials of a Successful FFA Chapter ä Knowledge of the FFA ä All members share responsibility ä Capable Officers ä A challenging Program of Activities ä A workable constitution and bylaws ä Proper equipment and records

3 Essentials of a Successful FFA Chapter ä Well-planned regularly held chapter meetings ä Adequate financing ä School and community support ä Chapter resource file

4 Executive Chapter Officers u President – Shelby Sturgiss u Vice President – Sam Pearson u Secretary – Emily Estrada u Treasurer – Chace Schrum u Reporter – Jenna Mennetti u Sentinel – Matt Lucas u Historian – Katlyn Chism u Advisor – Mr. Hicks

5 Secondary Chapter Officers u Web/Tech specialist: u Officer at Large: u Photographer: u Historian:

6 Associate Vice Presidents u VP Healthy Lifestyles: u VP Recruitment: u VP Environmental: u VP Public Relations: u VP Human Resources: u VP Citizenship: u VP Finance:

7 Duties of All Officers u Genuine desire to be part of a team u Willingness to accept responsibility u Desire to work with members as a leader u A commitment to lead by example u Knowledge of constitution and bylaws u Knowledge of parliamentary procedure u Memorize official ceremonies

8 Duties of the President u Preside of meetings using rules of parliamentary procedure u Coordinate chapter activities u Represent chapter at official and public relation functions

9 Duties of the Vice President u Assume duties of president if needed u Develop Program of Activities (serve as non-voting member of all committees) u Coordinate all Committee work u Work with President & Advisor to evaluate chapter goals u Oversee FFA activities (approval and accountability)

10 Duties of Secretary u Prepare and post agenda for meetings u Prepare minutes of meetings u Place all committee reports in Secretarys Book u Be responsible for chapter correspondence u Maintain attendance records u Develop the Chapter Roster and submit to State and National FFA u Keep Program of Activities up to date

11 Duties of Treasurer u Record & deposit FFA funds u Present monthly treasurers report u Maintain Chapter Treasurers Book u Develop annual FFA budget u Assist in all fundraising efforts

12 Duties of Reporter u Plan public information programs u Release news to media u Release news to State and National Newsletters / Magazines u Oversees chapter newsletter and news briefs u Oversees flyers and announcements of all FFA activities

13 Duties of Sentinel u Assist President in maintaining order u Keep meeting room and equipment in proper condition u Welcome guests and visitors u Assist with special features and refreshments at meetings and activities u Keep an inventory of all FFA supplies and equipment u Keep meeting room comfortable

14 Duties of the Advisor u Supervise all chapter activities u Inform prospective students and parents about the FFA u Instruct students in leadership u Build school and community support u Encourage member involvement in activities u Prepare students for competitive events

15 Duties of the Web/Tech Specialist u Make Videos for the FFA and end of year banquet u Set up and manage electrical equipment u Maintain the Chapter Website

16 Duties of the Officer at Large u Fill in for all officers when absent u Memorize all opening ceremonies parts u Serve as assistant to all committees u Assist all officers in their duties as needed u Plan the Chapter Banquet

17 Duties of the Photographer u Take pictures at all events and activities in the ag program and the FFA u Maintain all camera equipment u download and photos as needed u Make slideshow for chapter banquet u Assist the Reporter, Historian, and Web Specialist by providing all the pictures they need

18 Duties of Historian u Maintain Chapter Scrapbook u Serve as an assistant chapter photographer u Collect souvenirs and memorabilia u Works with Yearbook staff on the FFA page

19 Duties of Associate Vice Presidents u Act as committee chairs over their respective assignments u Plan specific activities that correspond to their committee chair assignments from the chapter POA u Assist executive officers as needed

20 Program of Activities (POA) u Serves as a Road map for the chapter u National Chapter Award Program u Broken down into 15 Divisions u Each division has a committee u Set Goals to accomplish for upcoming year u Every member should be on a committee

21 Chapter Banquet u End of the year u Awards for individuals and the Chapter u Highlight years events and awards u (Leadership points)

22 Chapter Meetings and Activities Chapter Meetings/Super Activities u Held monthly during school year u Conduct business and have lots of fun with a planned activity Executive Meetings u Executive meetings held twice per month for committees and officers to return and report

23 Meeting Room President Reporter Secretary Treasurer Advisor Vice President Sentinel

24 Order of Business u Opening Ceremony u Minutes of the Previous Meeting u Treasurer Report u Advisor Report u Report on Chapter POA (1 month calendar) u Unfinished business u Committee Reports (Return and Report- 3 month planning) u New Business u Closing Ceremony u Recreation or Entertainment

25 Officer Stations u President Rising Sun u Vice President Plow u Secretary Ear of Corn u Treasurer Bust of Washington u Reporter U.S. Flag u Sentinel Clasped Hands u Advisor Owl u Photographer Camera u Historian……………………………..Scrapbook u Web/Tech specialist………………...Computer

26 Opening Ceremonies u Officers memorize parts u (ALL) In Unison: To practice brotherhood, honor agricultural opportunities and responsibilities, and develop those qualities of leadership which an FFA member should posses.

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