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1 Lauri Dahlberg, PHR Manager of Firmwide Recruitment Interviewing & Resumes What’s New?

2 Agenda The Market Today Resume Tips Interviewing Best Practices After the Interview

3 The Market Today – Things are different Finding a new role is different today than it was 3 years ago Fewer companies advertise their positions in newspapers Utilized mostly for entry-level, skilled labor or administrative opportunities Most companies require that you apply online through their web site Social media has changed the way companies recruit Getting in the door through connections you have People are easier to find on social media sites LinkedIn FaceBook Companies utilize Employee Referral Programs more It’s easier to trust you are hiring someone good when that someone was referred by an existing employee

4 The Market Today – Social Media You need to create a social media profile, and connect with as many people as you can FaceBook – connect with friends LinkedIn – connect with professional contacts You need to reach out to those connections and make them aware of your need to find a new opportunity Be aware that all of your information is accessible by potential employers If you have a FaceBook page, make it private Whether companies should access your FB page or not, many will Keep this in mind when posting to your FB page or sharing photos

5 The Market Today – Other Tips Register with the State Department of Employment Companies with government contracts are required to post all of their open positions with the Department of Employment. Sign up with a Temp Agency or Headhunter They can assist you with your job search. They may be able to place you in a temporary/contract position until a full-time role is found. Update Your Resume It’s time to document your skills, experience and education

6 Resume Tips – It’s About YOU! Before starting your resume, take some time to think about yourself What do you want to do in your next role? What type of company do you want to work for? What skills do you really want to utilize and enhance? Also, take time to write down your skills and education so that you can create a resume that addresses the right things

7 Resume Tips – Identifying Skills Make a list of the things you do/have done: Administrative Typing, customer service, word processing, coordinating travel, meeting preparations, phone Production Manufacture, assemble, test, package, inventory, lead, supervise, supply chain management Technician Implement, diagnose, fix, support, design, manage Engineer Design, test, implement, support, fix, manage, direct Then go DEEPER by detailing that experience

8 Resume Tips – Identifying Education Make a list of your education and certifications Education College High School (if no college experience) Certifications Full name of the certification, year achieved, “active” or “inactive”

9 Resume Tips – Now the Resume! Use Word There is a resume template in Word that is easy to follow Word is easily-uploadable by MOST applicant tracking systems Make it grammatically correct Tense is consistent throughout (current job in present tense; former jobs in past tense) Spelling is checked – and re-checked! Punctuation is consistent throughout Style is consistent throughout (bullets vs paragraphs) Must be easy to read – pleasing to the eye Get it to fit on one page! (maximum of 2 pages)

10 Resume Tips Objective Not necessary, but if you choose to have one: Make it specific to the position you are expressing an interest in Make it short – 1 complete sentence Education College University of MN, Minneapolis, MN Bachelor of Science in Engineering GPA 3.55 High School (if no college experience) Eden Prairie High School, Eden Prairie, MN Diploma (or GED)GPA 3.80 Certification AICPS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) – Active since 2003

11 Resume Tips Work Experience Position title, dates of employment, brief description of the duties and responsibilities you performed List promotions you earned by separating one role from another at the same company RFM Manufacturing, Minneapolis, MN2001 – Present Product Engineering Manager (2008 – Present) Manage a team of 6 Product Engineers Set strategy for Product Engineering Product Engineer (2001 – 2008) Design product for the ABC line by working with sales and production professionals Test new product designs to ensure new products meet quality standards Implement new process for producing designed products

12 Resume Tips Other Interests / Activities / Involvement This is the section that tells the company who you ARE as a PERSON Community Service Involvement List charitable or civic organizations you volunteered your time with regularly Ronald McDonald House – Prepare and serve meals on a quarterly basis to the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Minneapolis, MN Professional Activities Identify organizations you are a member of List out your involvement with those organizations NSPE – National Society for Professional Engineers2001 to Present Vice President of Membership

13 Resume Tips – Cover Letters If a company does not request a cover letter – do not provide one If a company requests a cover letter – provide it Include the following information Position you are interested in How you heard about the opportunity 2-3 skills you have that make you a fit (1 -2 sentences) Contact information

14 Finding New Opportunities Search the Internet Monster JobsHQ (for jobs in ND, SD and MN) Dice Career Builder Craig’s List Contact the Career Services Center for your alma mater and see if they have an Alumni site on the web for job search and posting purposes Look up the web site for companies you are interested in – go to their “Careers” section If they have an online application process – follow it to apply for a specific position Get on LinkedIn and search for open positions Send a post out on FaceBook and LinkedIn to your network/connections that you are looking for your next great opportunity

15 Resume to Interview Your contacts and your resume will get your foot in the door….. The interview will get you the job! Time to get ready for companies to call you Prepare a voice mail message that is professional Have paper and a pen close to the phone for messages Let family members/roommates know what to do when a company calls

16 Interview - Preparation Review the company’s web site Make notes on things you find interesting Jot down some questions to ask of the interviewers Print off directions to the company location Do a test drive to ensure you know how to get there and won’t be re-routed due to road construction Print off 2 copies of your resume Get a good night’s sleep Don’t stay out late the night before the interview

17 Interview - Preparation Dress Appropriately When the interview is being scheduled, ask what the company’s dress code is so you can dress appropriately Unless they indicate otherwise, you should dress as follows for the interview: Casual Men – Wear a pair of slacks (Dockers/Khakis), and a button-up shirt Women – Wear a pair of dress pants or a skirt and a blouse or sweater-set Business Casual/Professional Men – Wear dress slacks or a suit and a long-sleeved button-up shirt Women – Wear a suit OR a skirt, dress pants or dress with a blouse or sweater set Jewelry – Be conservative – don’t overdo it Shoes – Wear nice dress shoes with hosiery (men – dress socks; women – nylons or dress socks) Grooming General grooming – shower, brush teeth, brush hair Wear deodorant Don’t overdo the perfume or cologne Refrain from smoking prior to the interview Spit out gum prior to the interview

18 Interview - Preparation During the interview, a company’s interview team is hoping to see how you will fit in as a member of their staff To assist them in this effort: Arrive on-time (5-10 minutes early is fine) Dress professionally for the interview Be polite to anyone you interact with in the lobby Be both professional and friendly throughout the interview Shake hands firmly (but don’t give the Vulcan Death Grip) Complete any paperwork that is requested of you in a timely manner Listen to each question and answer it accordingly – don’t think ahead Demonstrate your interest in the opportunity Be the BEST “you” you can possibly be

19 The Interview - Purpose Provide you with information about the company/department Tour of the building Interaction with employees at various levels Information on benefits Details on the position Provide company with information about you: Skills and experience – as determined by your answers to questions Culture fit Level of professionalism and maturity Work ethic and drive to succeed

20 The Interview – What to Expect Be prepared to answer a full-range of questions General Technical capabilities Work environment preferences Conflict resolution Leadership Culture fit Be prepared for behavioral-based interview questions Ask for specific examples of your experience with a situation or area More analytical and require you to dig deeper than a “yes” or “no” response

21 Interview – Questions General Questions: “Why are you interested in our company?” “What do you know about our company?” “Tell me about yourself.” “Do you have the legal right to work in the United States? Would you require sponsorship to work for our firm/company?” “Have you been terminated from a job? If ‘yes’ what were the circumstances and what did you learn from that experience?” “Have you been convicted of a felony? Do you have a warrant out for your arrest? If ‘yes’ what were the circumstances and what did you learn from that experience?”

22 Interview – Questions Technical Capabilities: “Tell me about your experience developing a new product.” “On a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being ‘high,’ how would you rate your skills with XYZ software. Talk with me about a project you worked on using XYZ software that demonstrates that rating.” Work Environment Preferences: “Tell me the characteristics of your favorite boss. What types of duties did they have you perform?” “Tell me about your least favorite boss. What were the characteristics of that individual?” “Talk with me about some feedback that was recently shared with you by a coworker or boss. What did you like/dislike about the manner in which they shared the feedback?”

23 Interview – Questions Conflict Resolution: “Tell me about a time when you disagreed with a coworker. How did you handle that situation?” “Talk with me about a time when you had to provide corrective feedback to a coworker or team member. How did you share the feedback?” Leadership: “Talk with me about a time when you had to work on a team project. What role did you play in the team? Was a leader assigned – or did one emerge?” “Tell me of a time when you owned a project from start-to-finish with no assistance.”

24 Interview – Questions Culture Fit: “What have you found to be particularly appealing about our culture?” “How do you see yourself contributing to the culture of our company?”

25 Interview – Your Questions Don’t forget – you are in the interview to learn about the company Ask Questions! “What do you enjoy about working here?” “How would my performance be evaluated and by whom?” “What type of training programs do you offer?” “Does the firm sponsor Continuing Professional Education to maintain professional licenses and certifications?”

26 Interview – Your Questions Asking questions demonstrates that you have an interest in the firm/company Not asking questions reflects negatively on a candidate Leave the interview with a favorable impression by asking questions – even if you ask the same questions of each interviewer (you may get a different perspective from each person you ask)

27 After the Interview Thank each interviewer for their time Let the interviewers know if you are interested in the opportunity Follow-up after the interview with a “thank you” e-mail or card Spell each interviewer’s name correctly Call the person who scheduled the interview if you are uncertain how to spell an interviewer’s name

28 After the Interview If you are selected for a position, show your enthusiasm and appreciation! Respond to the offer in a timely manner – try to get back to the company within one week Follow-up with a “thank you” e-mail or card to let the company know you are excited to embark on your career with them

29 After the Interview If you need to decline an offer, do so professionally. Get back to the company as soon as you know If you are not selected for a position, handle it graciously and professionally You may be next-in-line if a position opens up! Could be based on a business need – and not on how well you did in the interview In either of the above cases, do not bad-mouth or avoid the company Companies respect those who handle disappointing news with tact and grace

30 Wrap-Up Finding your next opportunity takes a lot of work Planning Preparing Networking The rest is up to you! Be professional Be the BEST “You” you can be

31 Questions? Interviewing & Resumes What’s New?

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