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Saint Augustine Field Trip

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1 Saint Augustine Field Trip
4th Grade rade Saint Augustine Field Trip

2 4th Grade The Study of Florida Exploration
During 4th Grade, we study early Florida history and the explorers The people and places The traditions The topography The ecosystems The plants and animals The Saint Augustine trip gives the students an opportunity to personally experience some of these areas we study.

3 Overview Who: 4th Grade What: Field Trip
Where: Saint Augustine, Florida When: April , 2010 Why: To experience Florida history There are a limited number of seats available for parents. If there is overcrowding, we will use the lottery system.

4 What We Will See Old City Fort Castillo de San Marcos
Spanish Military Hospital Museum Flagler College Ghost Tour Old Florida Museum Mission de Nombre de Dios St. George Street

5 Day One Meet at school and load busses by 5:45 a.m.
Depart school promptly at 6:00 a.m. Travel to St. Augustine, picnic lunch enroute (students should bring their own lunch) Arrive at St. Augustine Visitors Information Center and meet guides Visit Castillo de San Marcos Visit Spanish Military Hospital Museum Visit Flagler College Dinner at a local restaurant Scenic River Cruise Ghost Tour led by local interpreters Hotel check-in at the Holiday Inn

6 Day Two Buffet Breakfast at hotel Check out and load buses
Tour the Old Florida Museum Trolley Tour (with stop at Mission de Nombre de Dios) Shopping on St. George Street Lunch Departure Arrive at BHCA by 6:00 p.m. Please be ready to pick-up children at 5:45 p.m.

7 Student Packing Instructions
Students will be required to wear Bay Haven Uniforms and adhere to the Bay Haven dress code Day 1: Royal Blue Bay Haven Field Trip Shirt with Uniform Shorts, Skirt, or Pants Day 2: Light Blue, Red, or White Bay Haven Shirt with Uniform Shorts, Skirt, or Pants (No spirit shirts) Optional: Students may wish to bring some spending money for the St George Street shopping excursion. Any student with medical needs or daily medication, please review page 21 of the BHCA handbook.

8 Payment Schedule and Guidelines
The payment schedule is not flexible in order for our invoices to be paid on time, avoid penalties, and hold our reservations. All fees are based upon 4 persons to a room. You may send checks or money orders, made payable to Bay Haven. Please include in memo line – 4th grade St. Augustine Trip 2010 and your child’s name. If you send the payment with your child, please put it in a labeled envelope. Reminder, the final balance will be adjusted based on fund raising efforts. Payment #1 - Due: 10/15/09 Student: non refundable deposit of $80 Adult: non refundable payment of $85 Payment #2 - Due: 11/17/09 Payment #3 - Due: 2/03/10 Student: Balance due ($80 – final payment will be adjusted based on fundraising efforts) Please remember that if you bounce a check, you have 24 hour period in which to bring cash or your will forfeit your spot. Please remember that prices are subject to change

9 Prices are based on 4 per room
Option 1: Option 2: Student Parent Parent Student Student Student All rooms will be male or female rooms. Girls will not be placed in a male chaperoned room, or vice versa.

10 Parents & Chaperones please refer to pages 16 – 18 in the BHCA student handbook
Adults who attend a BHCA field trip must adhere to the rules and policies for the scheduled field trip. All field trips are an extension of the classroom. The administration supports the authority of the teachers. All chaperones must follow the agenda set forth for the students. Chaperones will be asked to sign the BHCA’s and the Bus Company’s Memorandum of Understanding regarding their duties as a chaperone. Please help us create a positive learning environment and set an appropriate example.

11 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q1: Can boys and girls stay in the same room? A1: No. Q2: Are meals included in the price? A2: Yes. However, each student needs to bring a packed lunch for the ride down. Q3: May I choose who I room with? A3: No. Room and bus assignments will be given 2 days prior to the trip. If you have a major concern about rooming please see Mrs. McNeil.

12 FAQ Q4: Can we bring cell phones? A4: No. Q5: Can my child bring an iPod, Computer, MP3 Player? A5: If your child brings one of these, they are responsible for it. The teachers/chaperones will not hold, store, or be responsible for your child’s electronic devices. Q6: Can my child bring a Nintendo DS or other hand held game system? A6: No. We are unable to monitor the messaging function of those game systems.

13 FAQ Q7: If my child does not attend the trip, will it affect their grades? A7: While we would like every child to enjoy this learning opportunity, we will not penalize those who are unable to do so. School will be in session for those not attending the trip.

14 St Augustine Checklist
Complete and Turn-In Emergency Medical Form (Notarized) Commitment Letter BHCA Chaperone Letter Tour Company Chaperone Letter Tour Company Student Letter Make ALL 3 Payments On-Time Ensure Students Have Required Uniforms

15 Chaperone’s Responsibilities
Dr Kitts has stated that chaperones MAY NOT use their cell phone to conduct business and/or personal conversations while on the trip – The exception being to call home in the evening. Chaperones are expected to be in charge of the students assigned to them at all times. There will be no smoking and no alcohol will be consumed by any adult on this trip. Adults are not permitted to visit the motel lounge or partake of any alcoholic beverages. If you do so, you will be asked to leave and provide your own transportation to Panama City. We expect all chaperones to monitor students’ behavior and redirect as needed. We expect all of our students to be well-behaved and mannerly at all times. If any issue arises, please contact the teacher immediately.

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