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The Last Word: Chapter 6 Quest Monday. Chapter 6, Section 2 Honors American Government.

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1 The Last Word: Chapter 6 Quest Monday

2 Chapter 6, Section 2 Honors American Government

3  As mentioned yesterday, Congress’ powers can be described differently.  Some are legislative, some are non-legislative ▪ Taxing/spending, or approving treaties  Legislative powers can be either expressed (declaring war, commerce), or implied ( with the N+P clause, setting a minimum wage ) ▪ **FYI - All non-legislative powers are expressed  The powers of investigation and oversight are not expressed powers…  They’ve come about because of Congress’ need to find out information in order to create good laws and monitor how laws are carried out…  And Congress doesn’t need to make laws to exercise these powers…  So they are “non-legislative”…  This means they are probably best referred to as “Implied Non- Legislative” powers

4  Which group in government does Congress “look over”?  Why do you think they’d want or need to do that?  What constitutional principle is this a good example of ?  Why?

5  Power neither granted nor denied  Not expressed, but implied; non-legislative in a sense, but usually related to lawmaking.  Why would Congress conduct an investigation?  What type of Congressional committees conduct investigations?  During an investigation, what types of activities may occur?  What might be one result of an investigation?

6  In 2008, Congress held an investigation to find out if steroids were being used by major league baseball players.  Generally, who might they call in to testify about this issue?

7  One of the greatest pitchers of all time, Roger Clemens, has been named by a former trainer as a steroid user in testimony to congressional lawyers. He has defended himself on his Web site, in a television interview, during a news conference in Houston and in one-on-one meetings with members of the House of Representatives.  But the most significant moment for Clemens, comes today, when he will sit in a hearing room on Capitol Hill and face questions under oath about his involvement with performance-enhancing drugs.  In a hearing this morning before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Clemens could be confronted with testimony from Andy Pettitte, long perceived as a friend and confidante, that he discussed use of HGH in 1999 or 2000.  There is still some question, barring a recommendation to the Justice Department, as to where the committee's investigation will go from here.


9  Directs the Secretary of the Department of Commerce to issue regulations requiring professional sports associations to adopt and enforce for the random testing of athletes for the use of performance-enhancing substances.  Requires that each athlete be tested five times each year at random intervals during both the season of play and the off-season and without advance notification of the athlete or coaching and training staffs.  Requires the Secretary to prescribe the substances for which each athlete is to be tested,  Directs that the penalty for a positive test result is suspension without pay for one-half of the season of play for the first violation, for one full season of play for the second violation, and permanently for a third violation.   Requires disclosure to the public of the name of any athlete who tests positive. Provides for an opportunity for a prompt hearing and an appeal before an arbiter.  Requires the Secretary to report to the appropriate congressional committees on the effectiveness of, and compliance with, regulations prescribed under this Act.


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