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The Congress Congressional Powers.

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1 The Congress Congressional Powers

2 Expressed Powers These are Congressional powers that are specifically stated in the Constitution. Expressed powers are also known as delegated powers.


4 Examples Collect taxes and borrow money
Regulate foreign and interstate commerce Coin money and regulate its value Create federal courts Regulate immigration and naturalization

5 Implied Powers These are Congressional powers not stated specifically in the Constitution but suggested by the Constitution’s necessary and proper clause. This clause is also called the elastic clause.

6 Examples of Implied Powers
Congress sets a federal minimum wage. Congress established the United States Air Force.  Congress creates federal laws against pollution.  

7 Non-legislative Powers
These are powers that enable the government to operate more effectively and help Congress serve as a check on the other branches of government.

8 Examples of Non-Legislative Powers
Ratify treaties (Senate) Approve Presidential appointments (Senate) Propose amendments to the Constitution (House or Senate) Bring impeachment charges against federal officials (House)

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