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Secular and Religious Minority Association Respect for Religious Diversity Presentation DRAFT COPY for review and feedback. Contact: Tee Rogers

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1 Secular and Religious Minority Association Respect for Religious Diversity Presentation DRAFT COPY for review and feedback. Contact: Tee Rogers | 407.823.3094


3 Respect for Religious Diversity Secular and Religious Minority Allies

4 Symbolopoly A B C D E F 123456789


6 Discrimination Hurts Everyone Discrimination harms our communities even if we are not a member of the group facing discrimination. What is discrimination?

7 How do you identify someone who doesn’t share mainstream religious views?

8 FACTS AND FIGURES Statistics and Terminology


10 WORLD POPULATION 19.5%17.4%4.44%58.66%

11 THE U.S. IN A VILLAGE OF 100 Source: Pew Report

12 Secular Identification US Census Bureau Report: Self-Described Religious Identification, Adult Population 199020012008 No Religion, Total14,331,00029,481,00034,169,000 Atheist (incl w/ Agnostics) 902,0001,621,000 Agnostic1,186,000991,0001,985,000 Humanist29,00049,00090,000 No Religion13,116,00027,486,00030,427,000 Other no religionn/a57,00045,000

13 Trends in Religious Affiliation Pew Research: Religion & Public Life Project

14 Fastest growing demographic in America Pew Research: Religion & Public Life Project 1/5 of the US public do not identify with a religion 1/3 of adults under 30 are religiously unaffiliated 5-year growth - just over 15% to just under 20% of all U.S. adults. 13 million self-described atheists and agnostics (nearly 6% of the U.S. public) 33 million people who say they have no particular religious affiliation (14%).

15 Fastest growing demographic in America Pew Research: Religion & Public Life Project “young adults today are much more likely to be unaffiliated than previous generations were at a similar stage in their lives.”

16 Terminology - Religions Advent Christian Amish Anabaptism Anglicanism Apostolic Assembly of God Bábism Bahá’í Bhakti Baptist Bible Missionary Brethren, Plymouth Carmelite Cavalry Bible Chapel of Faith Charismatic Christ Adelphians Christian Calvary Christian Reform Christian Science Church of the Brethren Church of the First Born Church of the Nazarene Church of Universal and Triumphant Confucianism Covenant Disciples of God Druze (Juhhāl and ‘Uqqāl) Dīn-I Iláhī Eastern Orthodox Eckankar Eden Evangelist Evangelical / Born Again (Traditionalist, Centrist, and Modernist) Federated Church First Church Gnosticism Grace Reformed Greek Orthodox Hinduism (Shaivism, Shaktism, Smartism, Vaishnavism) Holy Roller House of Prayer Indigenous Traditional Religions (African, American, Arctic, Asian, Eastern, European Ethnic) Islam (Sunni, Shia, Sufism) Jainism (Digambara and Svetambara) Jehovah's Witness Judaism (Conservative, Humanistic, Haymanot, Karaite, Liberal, Orthodox, Progressive, Traditional, etc.) Latter Day Saint Movement Lutheranism Mandaeans Manichaeism Mazdaism Mennonite Mithraism Mission Covenant Missionary Mormonism Muslim (Sunni, Shia, other) Mysticism Native American Religion (Longhouse, Waashat, Shaker, Drum, Earth Lodge, Peyote, Bole-Maru, Feather, Mexicayotl, etc.) Nazarene Neopaganism New Age New Testament Christian Occult Pentecostal (Apostolic, other) Pilgrim Holiness Polytheism Pentecostalism / Full Gospel (Apostolic Church, Assemblies of God, Foursquare Gospel) Quaker Rastafarian Reformed Church of Christ Russian Orthodox Salvation Army Sanctified Seventh Day Adventists Shabakism Shinto Sikhism Southern Baptist Taoist Therādava Buddhist The Way Ministry Tibetan Buddhism Universalism United Holiness Unity Church Wesleyan Wiccan Witness Holiness Yazdânism Zen Buddhist Zoroastrianism (Parsi/ Irani)

17 Terminology - Secular Heretic Humanist Humanistic Judaism Hylotheist Ignostic Igtheist Inclusionist Infidel Latitudinarian Materialist Naturalist Non-believer Nones Non-theist Objectivist Pagan Pantheist Pastafarian Agnostic Antitheist Apatheist Atheist Atheist+ Bright Critical Thinker Deist Disbeliever Doubter Esotericist Evangelical Atheist Freethinker Gentile Giaour Heathen Hedonist Pearlist Positivist Pragmatist Pyrrhonist Rationalist Satanist Scientist Secular Secular Humanist Secular Ministry Secularist Skeptic Solipsist Somatist Spiritualist Truth Seeker Unbeliever Unitarian Church (some) Universist

18 PERCEPTIONS AND REALITIES How we make people feel.


20 Most hated demographics in America This group does not at all agree with my vision of American society... Atheist: 39.6% Muslims: 26.3% Homosexuals: 22.6% Hispanics: 20% Conservative Christians: 13.5% Recent Immigrants: 12.5% Jews: 7.6% I would disapprove if my child wanted to marry a member of this group.... Atheist: 47.6% Muslim: 33.5% African-American 27.2% Asian-Americans: 18.5% Hispanics: 18.5% Jews: 11.8% Conservative Christians: 6.9% Whites: 2.3% University of Minnesota Research identified the non-religious as America’s most distrusted minority.

21 Religious Advantage What are some of the advantages?

22 Religious Advantages Public offices, groups, events often shun non- religious Public offices, groups, events, agencies often require religious affiliation Public Services/Charities Official Documents Lucky Holidays! Freedom of Speech Benefit of the doubt / trust based on your stated religious affiliation

23 COURAGEOUS VOICES Why people speak up for themselves and others

24 Speaking Up -Breaking the Silence- Silence reinforces: Speaking up reinforces: The subject is taboo Exclusive practices – topic should be avoided The subject has value Inclusive practices – topic should be open Discrimination and intolerance of different perspectives Acceptance and inclusion of diverse world views

25 Speaking Up -Breaking the Silence- Reasons individuals come out as not sharing the mainstream religion – Honesty – Self-Identity – Genuine connections – Integrity – Promoting inclusiveness – Normalizing

26 Speaking Up - Challenges Labeling oneself takes time, thought, and courage.

27 Speaking Up -Breaking the Silence- We can help reduce discrimination and support others feel included by…

28 RESOURCES Finding support, assistance, activities, and friendships

29 Secular and Religious Resources - UCF Ombuds Office UCF Office of Diversity Initiatives UCF Counseling Center UCF Campus Faith and Ministries Office Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employee Relations UCF Secular SafeZone Representatives

30 Secular Student Alliance at UCF One of the largest, most active collegiate SSA groups in the nation Established in 2008 (CFA established 2005) 200 active members Average weekly meeting attendance: 30-50 Conferences, volunteering, social events, educational events, hosting national speakers at UCF

31 Secular & Religious Minority Association at UCF Faculty and staff organization at UCF Established 2014 Conferences, volunteering, social events, educational events, hosting national speakers at UCF, sponsoring scholarships for students to attend conferences

32 Resources - UCF Faculty and Staff Associations UCF Women’s Club Black Faculty and Staff Association PRIDE Faculty and Staff Association

33 Resources for the Secular Community - Local Orlando Coalition of Reason Atheists and Humanists of Florida – Orlando BE. Orlando (volunteering and social group) Black Nonbelievers of Metro Orlando (BNMO) Central Florida Freethought Community (CFFC) Central Florida Mothers Beyond Belief FACTS (FL Atheists, Critical Thinkers, and Skeptics) First Unitarian Church of Orlando (all faith and non-faiths) Freethought Film Festival Group-of-Drunks (Secular Addiction Recovery)

34 Resources Community - Local Hispanic American Freethinkers – Orlando Humanist of Florida Association Orlando Atheists Buy/Sell/Trade/Free Page Orlando Freethinkers and Humanists Orlando Skeptics Discussion Group Recovering from Religion (hosted at UCF by the SSA) Science League for Kids Secular Coalition for Florida Skeptical Parenting Community of Central Florida SMART Recovery (Addiction Recovery) Unitarian Universalist Society of Orlando

35 Resources for the Secular Community – National American Atheists Americans United for Separation of Church and State Atheist Alliance of America Atheist Nexus American Humanist Association Black Nonbelievers The Brights Camp Quest Camp Inquiry Center For Inquiry Secular Party of America Committee for Skeptical Inquiry Secular Woman Counsel for Secular Humanism Secular Homeschool Community Humanist Grief (resources and celebrants for secular mourners) Skepchick Secular Web LGBT Humanists (GaLHA) Filipino Freethinkers Foundation Beyond Belief Freedom From Religion Foundation Freethought Society Hispanic American Freethinkers Secular Celebrant Program (CFI) Institute for Humanist Studies International Humanist and Ethical Union James Randi Educational Foundation Latino Atheists Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers Atheists for Humanity Military Religious Freedom Foundation Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) Interfaith Youth Core James Randi Educational Foundation Secular Buddhist Association Project Reason Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers American Ethical Union Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty (separation of Church and State) Project Reason Recovering From Religion Rational Response Squad The Humanist Institute The Richard Dawkins Foundation Secular Coalition for American Secular Party of America Secular Student Alliance Secular Therapist Project The Skeptics Society SkeptiCamp Society for Humanistic Judaism Stiefel Freethought Foundation Sunday Assembly Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding Unitarian Universalist Association United Coalition of Reason

36 SECULAR ALLIES National SafeZone Initiative

37 Questioning Faith Not all individuals who approach you are going to be certain about their worldview. We are here to: – Be role models – Be neutral (our faith/non-faith is not relevant) – Assist them in asking questions and getting access to the proper resources to answer those questions. – Teach HOW to think, not WHAT to think BECAUSE…

38 Who can be an Ally? Faculty, Staff, and Administrators Student Leaders Community Leaders Scout Leaders Business Professionals Religious Leaders Everyone!

39 What to Expect

40 Standing up for others is a source of pride Standing up for others is a source of pride Be an active member of a network of individuals who are working to create ripples of positive inclusion. Create hope, togetherness, inclusiveness, acceptance, cooperative action

41 Responsibilities of an Ally Display your poster prominently (office, website graphic, etc.) and register in the national site so that you can be easily located. You have completed the training Follow all laws and institutional policies Never “out” anyone. Provide and open listening environment Report all incidents of bullying/harassment Meet with students only in your professional space or public meeting areas If you have questions, contact your university Safe Zone Coordinator or the Secular Student Alliance

42 Very Important Last Words NEVER.OUT.ANYONE.

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