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Building an Action Agenda Making a Difference When I Get Back.

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2 Building an Action Agenda Making a Difference When I Get Back


4 Our Expectations  Get a sense of issues coming up elsewhere  Concrete set of agenda items to apply at home  Learn from others and share solutions  See how approaches to the same issues differ from place to place  Moved from private to a public institution—need advice on how to handle


6 More...  How to plan and structure IT organization  Expand horizons  Get some answers to IT’s role in higher ed  How to develop partnerships between IT and the research community  See how my service organization can be more responsive  Learn new directions in IT  Develop better IT communications


8 More...  How to bring along new leadership (new President)  How can we use a newly implemented ERP to leverage change in business practice  How can IT help with reorganization being driven by budget situation  Learn how others are dealing with budget cuts  How to use technology as a “wedge” for change  Change my biases


10 Still More  Get ideas for change  How to bridge gap between IT and academic affairs  Using partnering to save money and other resources  Come away with a handful of truths/techniques/principles that I can apply to the challenges that lie ahead in the coming year

11 Lot’s of Good Ideas, Now What? What To Do When I Get Back


13 Go Home and Do What?  For instance:  Identify a target of change or nurturing  Identify two key individuals whose cooperation I need to accomplish an objective  Identify specific actions needed to engage their support and “buy in”  Take action

14 What Outcomes Do You Want?  For my institution  Given my role and responsibility  Who else will I need to engage?  From perspective of what is possible to achieve

15 Yes, It is Your Job!

16 The Essential Question: What do I intend to do as a result of what I’ve learned in the past day and one half?

17 What Do I Intend to Do?  Take a minute to jot down actions  What key issue(s) at my institution will I take a personal role in addressing  How will I engage others to increase the chances of being successful  Share at least one issue/action you intend to address with group

18 Behold Behold the turtle, he only makes progress by sticking his neck out

19 Now Go Do It!

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