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PERFORMANCE FOR ALL The Project & the System. A HE project co-ordinated by University of Bristol, open to HE internationally. Developing the requirements.

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1 PERFORMANCE FOR ALL The Project & the System

2 A HE project co-ordinated by University of Bristol, open to HE internationally. Developing the requirements for a HE specific Performance Management system. Exploring the challenges to create a realistic and achievable implementation path. Piloting Simitive modules. PROJECT OVERVIEW

3 PROJECT AIMS Recent research suggests that up to 34% of time at work is spent on tasks that have limited impact on organisational goals. If it were possible to increase these productivity levels by just 2% this would be an efficiency saving (in an average UK University) of £7.7M per year, every year. Performance For All is a sector led project to test how web technology, built and used successfully in the commercial sector, can be developed in order to have real impact in Higher Education. It is a self developed project, we do not seek, nor do we have any central funding. A number of universities have simply come together, having examined what is already commercially available, around a need to develop practical solutions to the performance management challenge. We wish to create a tool that can meet some, or all, of the challenges faced by our diverse sector.

4 THE TOOLS The Performance For All online solution is taking into account software capabilities, culture, change management and the specific implementation challenges universities face. We are looking to deliver: Online Appraisal Managing Goals and Objectives Managing Learning Managing Essential Training Quality Induction Delivering Competencies and Behaviours Integrating Academic and Learning KPI's Talent Management Succession Planning Seamless integration with existing university HRsystems

5 PROJECT PARTNERS As well as the software, the PFA partner network allows members to share best practice, ideas and resources. We have a lead partner in each country running the project. Becoming a partner in the PFA project will give you access to – Working group meetings – Steering group meetings – Regional group meetings

6 MEETINGS User group meetings fall into a number of categories: Steering Group meetings - up to 10 HR Directors from universities in the project representing the diverse institutions involved in the project. The Steering Group meets every 6 months and sets the agenda for the project, ensuring that it delivers strategically as well as operationally. It also takes the lead in setting the prices for the product in the HE market. Working Group meetings - aimed primarily at senior manager up to director level, these monthly meetings cover a range of topics that have been raised and prioritised by members of the project. Recent topics include: Implementing Behaviour frameworks Engaging Academics in Performance Management From Pilot to Roll Out The Business Case for Performance Management - stakeholder analysis Regional Group meetings - these are aimed at project and implementation leads and are designed to focus on the continued refinement and evolution of the software.

7 THE SOFTWARE Provided by Simitive Ltd.

8 THE ‘ME’ PAGE Clear and simple – designed for zero training Customisable to meet university branding Flexible – modules switched off / on per individual, team, role – allowing for flexible roll out plans and implementation

9 ONLINE PERFORMANCE REVIEW Bespoke PDP / PDR forms Email alert system to increase uptake and completion Reports on progress which identify ‘gaps’

10 MY REVIEWS Ability to have more than 1 review with different review cycles Can assign different reviews to different employees Audit trail of previous appraisals Notepad function used for recording notes on 1 to 1s and feedback relating to work. This also allows for attachments and shared or private notes.

11 REVIEW FORM FUNCTIONS Add multiple reviewers Add a workflow to send finalised reviews to users outside the review Select and agree meeting dates

12 GOALS Adding and managing cascading goals Simple email alert driven completion Powerful organisation information Line of sight – communicating the corporate plan

13 MY GOALS Individual goals – created, agreed, managed and completed throughout the year, not just at appraisal. Red / Amber / Green status reporting on goals. Email alerts system keeps the data up to date.

14 GOAL HISTORY Detailed audit trail of amendments and comments for each goal

15 ORGANISATION CHART Cascading goals from Corporate Plan to the Individual Powerful organisation overview and detail Customisable access levels (maximum visibility shown here)

16 LINE-OF-SIGHT Line-of-sight from each goal through the organisation to the corporate plan. Helping users see what they are working towards within the wider organisation.

17 LEARNING Create entirely customisable learning units. Set up and manage essential training, induction and personal development activities. Assign learning, behaviours, competences, etc. to job roles, individuals or departments. Learning audits and reports across the institution.

18 MY LEARNING Commonly used for Essential Training, Behaviours and Induction Can be linked directly to your training library / resources Can be used to record and manage non library development activities too – e.g. Work shadow

19 LEARNING UNITS Provides an audit of learning planned, completed and still to be completed. Offers competency framework and assessment – usually based on job role but can be per individual

20 INDIVIDUAL LEARNING UNIT Can include: External and Internal links Rich text formatting Different types of response e.g. Text Select answer Select levels


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