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2 Purpose of presentation To show examples of different teams in different professions and how they strive to be effective.

3 Names of organizations and contact persons Brandi Kerber, Attorney – Moore Carlyn Wilson, Teacher – Mississippi Elementary Robin Grandpre – Talecris Plasma Resources Brandon Sharp, Store Manager – Wal-Mart Beth Ruechel, Neonatal ICU Transport Nurse – St. Mary’s Hospital

4 Questions asked Do you work in virtual teams or face to face teams? What qualities does an effective team member possess? What role do you usually take when working in a team? What does it take to be an effective team leader? What is the best and worst part of working in a team? How does your team handle conflict when it arises? Do you enjoy working in teams? Why/or why not.

5 Brandi Kerber Brandi feels that teams can save a lot of time and research. They also share their own experiences and knowledge. One challenge that she has come across as an attorney is that sometimes personalities of the team members clash and they have to work to resolve that. Mostly face-to-face teams Teams need a willingness to work together Mainly the Information Processor Thinks it takes patience and organization to lead a team Sharing knowledge and experience Sometimes personalities clash Conflict is resolved by calm discussions or the leader having one on ones with the team Teams can save a lot of time and research Team members share experience and knowledge

6 Carlyn Wilson As a teacher, Carlyn likes working in teams as it helps her fine tune her skills and improves her and her co-workers work quality. They are able to share ideas and help each other out by communicating what works well for them. Face-to-face teams Teams need good listening skills, dependability and trustworthiness A Stabilizer Needs clear meeting agendas and efficient time management to lead a team Bridging differing personality types and confronting conflicts Conflict is resolved by clarification Teams help fine tune skills and improve work quality Team members help each other bear the work load

7 Robin Grandpre Robin, mostly taking on a leadership role, says that it takes patience, ownership and commitment to lead a team. Working in a team gains a sense of accomplishment and helps builds relationships. Face-to-face teams Teams need commitment Almost always the Leadership role Thinks it takes patience, ownership, and commitment to lead a team Everyone shares the responsibility Members don’t do their part Conflict is resolved by bringing the issue out in the open and discuss Teams build working relationships Team members gain a sense of accomplishment

8 Brandon Sharp Brandon is the only one that works in virtual teams at all. An obstacle that he sees is lack of communication between members. Teams are striving to achieve a common goal and they feed off of each other's ideas. Face-to-face in store and virtual outside Teams need a sense of urgency and initiative The Leader and Visionary Being able to get results and accountability are needed to lead a team Different ideas and skills Lack of communication between members Conflict is resolved by being fair and considerate Teams all are reaching to achieve a common goal Teams tend to feed off of each other's ideas

9 Beth Ruechel In order for a team to be successful, everyone must do their part. It takes many different positions working together for a neonatal ICU team to be successful. Lives depend upon their effective team work. Face-to-face teams Teams need trust and good communication Team Leader Clear communication is necessary Never alone in difficult situations Difficult personalities Conflict is resolved by discussion among the team Team members provide reassurance

10 Summary/Discussion/Analysis What are the implications of your findings? The face-to-face teams still seem to be the way companies are doing things There are many professions that still work in face-to-face teams Sharing knowledge and information is a common way to get the job done Teams play an important role in many different professions All areas of life are groups of teams working together coming and going as needed

11 Summary/Discussion/Analysis (cont) What have you learned from the experience? That no matter the profession, teams gain the same benefits from working together Each role on a team is important and needed Most people enjoy working in teams to get projects done. All teams seem to face similar challenges Conflict is resolved within the team by listening to one another Not only is it resolved but we learn from conflict, it can open our minds to new ideas

12 Summary/Discussion/Analysis (cont) How do your conclusions relate to your future careers? Will have to work as part of a team To listen to others and their suggestions To be understanding and open when working as a team To know how to effectively communicate with others Need to be open to new ideas and flexible to change Lots of patience and excellent communication skills Don't judge others Make sure that you do your part to carry your weight and not be afraid to ask for help if you need it

13 Summary/Discussion/Analysis (cont) How does what you learned supplement our class discussions and what we read in the text? Plan Ahead and be Organized Be positive when addressing conflict issues Clear communication essential Don't give up - there is a common goal that you are trying to reach Have a plan for dealing with conflict Set personalities aside to complete team goals If dealing in e-mails and texts make sure to clear up any misunderstanding right away Make sure to keep your temper under control

14 Concluding Slide Clear communication is the key to effective teams. There needs to be a team leader to keep the group on track and focused It is important to be a member of a team When conflict arises it needs to be dealt with promptly and all sides need to be heard When looking at future careers, realize how important it is to know how to communicate with other people Working in a group may be challenging at times, but can be very rewarding

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