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Finding your Target Heart Rate Chad Nemecek EDT 660.

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2 Finding your Target Heart Rate Chad Nemecek EDT 660

3 Today’s Standards Covered California State Standard Grade Six Standard Three:Assess and maintain a level of physical fitness to improve health and performance Substandard 3.6: Monitor heart rate intensity during physical intensity Standard 4: Demonstrate Knowledge of physical fitness concepts, principles, and strategies to improve health and performance Substandard 4.5 :Explain methods of monitoring heart rate intensity

4 What is my Target heart Rate? Your target heart rate is a range of how many beats per minute your heart is beating that you try to get to and then stay in for a certain amount of time. This range is targeted so that your body is getting enough of a workout to get stronger, but without overdoing it.

5 What does working out in my Target Heart Rate zone do for me? It works your heart harder than normal daily use so it can become stronger. (Remember your heart is a muscle that needs to be worked out regularly.) It helps your body to burn fat and raise your metabolism

6 How Do I Find My Target Heart Rate? You have to know a few things One, how old you are. Two, how to subtract Three, how to multiply. And four, how to use a calculator or the internet. These will help you with two and three, but are not much help with one.

7 First you have to know … Your Age Ask yourself, “How old am I ?” If you have a problem with this question, see your doctor before beginning exercise

8 Subtract your age from the number 220 220 -____ (My age) _____ Answer one

9 Now take Answer one And multiply it by.6 Answer one____ » X.6 » _______ »___________Answer two »Keep answer two handy. Oops, I forgot answer one

10 Oops, I forgot Answer one, Again Now take Answer one again And multiply it by.85 Answer one____ » X.85 » _______ »___________Answer three »Keep answer three handy.

11 Now take Answer two and Answer three And put them in to this statement. My target heart rate is in between ______(Answer two) and _____(Answer three). Oops, I forgot Answer twoOops, I forgot Answer three

12 Now that I know my Target Heart Rate Zone what do I do with this Information? Take your pulse for six seconds using the pulmonary artery in your wrist or the carotid artery in your neck and multiply by ten to find out your current heart rate. Now lets practice. Find your pulse, and to begin click on the mouse Recheck during exercise to make sure you are in your target zone. You are supposed to be in the zone for twenty minutes each day 4 1 GO 3 2 5 6 Stop

13 Extra information for you overachievers To quickly find someones target heart rate zone click on the following link for extra credit, do the following heart rate lab with a partner and bring in your results b.html OR

14 Ending Credits Power point by Chad Nemecek Slide Layout by Chad Nemecek Illustration choices by Chad Nemecek Sound choices by Chad Nemecek What are you waiting for … SERIOUSLY, GO EXERCISE, YOU’RE DONE HERE!! THE END!!!

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