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A Class 6 Choose Your Own Adventure >>BEGIN >>

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1 A Class 6 Choose Your Own Adventure >>BEGIN >>
A Christmas Tale A Class 6 Choose Your Own Adventure >>BEGIN >> Use the options at the bottom of the screen to decide where the story goes next

2 A Christmas Tale It was a cold Christmas Eve. A little boy
called George couldn’t sleep so he went downstairs and saw all his presents under the tree. He didn’t know what he should do. Open his presents Leave his presents

3 A Christmas Tale Everyone was in bed except George. He
crept downstairs and started to open his presents. George played with them. It was fun. He got tired and had to decide what to do next. Try to wrap them again Leave them unwrapped

4 A Christmas Tale George woke up. He went down stairs and
he saw Santa in the living room putting more presents under the tree. George fainted. He woke and went back to bed ready for the morning. Click to continue

5 A Christmas Tale George decided to go to bed because he
was tired, and leave the presents until Christmas Day. He went to sleep and dreamt that Santa was downstairs. He woke up, and wondered if it really was a dream. Go downstairs Stay Upstairs

6 A Christmas Tale He wrapped the presents back up and then
went to bed. Because he had already opened his presents the night before, George was not excited when he opened them again on Christmas Day. Click to continue

7 A Christmas Tale George ran downstairs on Christmas Day
and heard dad shout “You’re very naughty. You’ve ruined Christmas. Go to your room and stay there”. George stomped back upstairs. Click to continue

8 A Christmas Tale George had had a dream and he had woken up.
Even though he was half asleep he could hear foot steps on the roof. George heard a faint thud coming down the chimney. He was nervous and excited at the same time that Santa maybe down stairs, so he pretended to be asleep listening to the noises moving around the house. Suddenly the floor boards creaked outside his bedroom door, and slowly the handle began to turn. Santa began to come in and put the presents near the bed. Santa saw George and smiled. Click to continue

9 A Christmas Tale George had a great Christmas because he
got lots of presents and he played with them all the time! He offered to help his mum cook dinner. She said “You’re in a good mood”. Click to continue

10 A Christmas Tale George had a really bad Christmas Day. He
couldn’t play with his toys. He couldn’t watch the television. He wasn’t allowed to play on his computer. It was terrible. He even had to help with dinner. Click to continue

11 A Christmas Tale George helped mum in the kitchen make
dinner for the family then he looked out of the window and saw it was snowing then he leaped outside. And rolled three big balls and made a snowman and had a snowball fight. Turned out it was a great Christmas! Read it again

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