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2 INTERNAL USE ONLY HYPER LOCAL MOBILE DISPLAY –What Hyper-Local Mobile Display is –Our Unique Selling Proposition –Our Competitive Position –What You Get –How It Works: Our Technology –What We’ll Report on –Our Success to Date: Cross-Industry Success Stories –The Product Package Staircase (internal use only) –What Hyper-Local Mobile Display Does Not Include (internal use only) –How It Works: Our Operational Process (internal use only) –Business Rules (internal use only)

3 INTERNAL USE ONLY HYPER LOCAL MOBILE DISPLAY WHAT IS IT? Hyper Local Mobile Marketing is the targeting of display advertising to mobile devices depending on location, time of day, weather and other environmental factors. Mediative can target the location of a smartphone within 100 meters of a specific location or lifestyle geo- zone displaying specific display ads to those users tailored to where the phone is.

4 INTERNAL USE ONLY GET SEEN Hyper-Local Mobile Display when where react to the offer Target on-the-go audiences with non-intrusive ads when and where consumers are most likely to react to the offer.

5 INTERNAL USE ONLY HYPER-LOCAL MOBILE DISPLAY KNOCK, KNOCK, KA-CHING. Hyper-local advertising means targeting shoppers in situations where they are open to new purchase ideas or are at the point of choosing what to buy. Mediative intercepts these consumers on the go and at home with non-intrusive ads on their mobile devices.

6 INTERNAL USE ONLY COMPETITIVE ASSESSMENT GEO-LOCAL DELIVERED DISPLAY Broad Local Reach Narrow Local Reach Easy to Implement Demanding Execution Google The Weather Network Mediative Plugged into multiple ad exchanges, we have access to 22M impressions each week that can be purchased down to 100m radii. Plus with thousands of pre-built geo-zones and our deep repository of business addresses, you don’t have to do any heavy lifting. While it has a ton of display inventory, Google is only able to target within 1km around an address. And you have to figure out the addresses to target. TWN’s geo-local solution is only on its app, not a wide ad network. Ease to implement is great only when you already know the postal codes where you’d like the ad to run. No targeting by addresses. Moasis While they have access to ad exchanges, there is no targeting by address. You have to buy geo- grids, without insight to what (or who) are in the quadrants. 6

7 INTERNAL USE ONLY WHAT HY-LO-MO IS & WHAT YOU GET. 1 A Mediative-expert built strategy that outlines locations, environments and times consumers are most likely to respond to your offer. 2 Geo-zones we have built off Yellow Pages business listings (as small as 100m) around the locations that were identified in (1). 3 Real-time data feeds built into our geo-zones delivery algorithms that identify current weather, traffic and pollen levels. AD COPY 1 AD COPY 2 4 Real-time display ad pushes (320x50 and 728x90) when a consumer opens up a mobile webpage/app and conditions (2) and (3) meet the strategy defined in (1). 7

8 INTERNAL USE ONLY Business Districts Airports Hotels Conference Centres Universities Nightlife Zones Casinos/Racetracks Movie Theatres Residential Zones/The Suburbs Nurseries & Daycare Pools & Parks Elementary & High Schools Auto Dealerships Garage & Repair Centres Grocery Stores Hospitals & Clinics Gyms & Fitness Centers Home Renovation Stores Real Estate Agents Financial Institutions Shopping Malls Electronic Stores Yoga, Pilates & Dance Studios Spas & Hair Salons Sports Arenas Pubs & Bars 8 THE GEO-ZONES WE’VE ALREADY BUILT GIVEN OUR PROPRIETARY ACCESS TO YELLOW PAGES LOCATION DATA, WE CAN EASILY BUILD CUSTOM ZONES AS PER YOUR CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES. VISIT HYLOMO.MEDIATIVE.COM TO DISCOVER NUMBER OF IMPRESSIONS BY ZONE.

9 INTERNAL USE ONLY HOW IT WORKS OUR HYPER-LOCAL MOBILE TECHNOLOGY 320x50 or 728x90 320x50 or 728x90 Publishers puts their ad inventory on an ad exchange Users turns on “Location Services” within their mobile device settings. Mediative algorithms merge WiFi, Triangulation and Lat/Long data cues to 100m geo-zones If location where page loads matches campaign targets, Mediative bids for placement on ad exchange Mediative aggregates these 100m geo-zones into broader location groups matched to consumer intent Code on publisher page identifies physical location where the mobile page was loaded 1 2 3 4 5 6 9

10 INTERNAL USE ONLY REPORTS MID AND END-OF CAMPAIGN INSIGHTS THAT WE’LL DELIVER 10 KEY METRICS Impressions delivered and clicks received. KEY METRICS Impressions delivered and clicks received. REGIONAL MAPS Zoom-capable maps identifying where impressions were delivered and clicks received (a useful media planning tool) REGIONAL MAPS Zoom-capable maps identifying where impressions were delivered and clicks received (a useful media planning tool) PERFORMANCE GRAPHS Charts identifying key campaign trends over time. PERFORMANCE GRAPHS Charts identifying key campaign trends over time. AVAILABLE ON DEMAND Best/Least performing locations Performance metrics by creative AVAILABLE ON DEMAND Best/Least performing locations Performance metrics by creative

11 INTERNAL USE ONLY AdvertiserWhat We TargetedAvg. Industry Mob CTRCTR We Generated Luxury Car Manufacturer Dealerships, Affluent Suburbs, Airports, Hotels 0.19%1.02% Auto Maintenance Service Repair Garages, Canadian Tire stores 0.19%1.00% Laptop Manufacturer Business Districts, Electronic Stores 0.19%1.15% Mobile Phone Manufacturer Electronic Stores 0.19%0.32% Fast Food Restaurant Business Districts (before breakfast & lunch) 0.44%0.69% Fast Food Restaurant Hotels (before breakfast & lunch) 0.44%1.52% National TV Service Provider Residential Areas (after dinner) 0.48%0.68% Big-Box RetailerBusiness Areas (3PM-6PM, Monday-Friday) 0.80%1.12% HOW WE’VE DELIVERED MOBILE DISPLAY SUCCESS CROSS-INDUSTRY SUCCESS STORIES 11

12 INTERNAL USE ONLY HYLOMO DELIVERYHYLOMO BRANDINGHYLMO EXPERIENCE $13 to $15 CPM$15 to $17 CPM$20 CPM Minimum Buy$10K What’s Included: Consumer Targeting Plan ✔✔✔ Ads delivered by Location, Environment & Time ✔✔✔ Mid and End-of Campaign Reports ✔✔✔ 5 EN banners OR 3 EN/FR banners ✔✔ 1 mobile EN/FR friendly- landing page ✔ What We’ll Need: Campaign Objectives 320x50 and 728x90 banners URLs pointing to mobile- friendly landing pages Campaign Objectives URLs pointing to mobile- friendly landing pages Campaign Objectives 12 PRODUCT PACKAGES A RANGE OF HYPER-LOCAL MOBILE DISPLAY SOLUTIONS INTERNAL USE ONLY

13 CPC rates. Call tracking. Ad delivery to any particular website and/or app. Reports on specific websites and/or apps that the banner was delivered to We can report on type of site, but with blind inventory, cannot say specific site names) WHAT THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE 13 INTERNAL USE ONLY


15 15 KEY CONTACTS HOW TO GET SUPPORT Pre-Sale Support: Campaign Manager Campaign managers will ensure impression availabilies and will confirm all required information has been collected. Creative Manager: Julia Lo Bosso Julia will be able to determine how and who will execute various aspects of the product as per the business requirements. Product Thought-Leaders: Jen Dunn Jen is responsible for the in-market story for this product and product evolution. Campaign Manager Lead: Jheanelle Henry Answer any technical questions and confirm any specific campaign questions or handle any special custom requests

16 INTERNAL USE ONLY16 WHEN TO RECOMMEND HYPER LOCAL MOBILE 1 2 3 4 Clients are leveraging branding campaigns specifically targeting their target market while they are on-the-go with location-specific & event-driven messaging. (Be Seen) Clients are looking to target specific locations or types of locations (ie airports/hotels) with custom tailored messaging. Clients see significant changes in demand or consumer behaviour based on environmental factors such as weather. The client is looking to capitalize on showrooming behaviour in competitor’s locations or is looking to advertise within a distributors location to influence point of sale purchases.

17 INTERNAL USE ONLY 1.Ensure the creative message on the banner aligns with the geo-zone that we will deliver against. The best campaigns are those that have defined messages against a consumers’ state of mind and purchase intent. (e.g. Shopping Malls should have promos, Business Districts should speak to solving time problems) 2.To build landing pages, we’ll need a list of the store locations and the advertisers’ logo and brand colors. Also, we need to know the advertiser’s objectives – link to coupon vs. call to customer centre vs. drive-to-instructions 3.Ensure the IO has multiple locations and geo-zones. We will not accept only one location. This will give us the best chance to optimize and provide your advertisers with the best potential leads. 4.The longer the duration of the campaign, the more we can optimize. We recommend at least 3 weeks (but will take shorter if expectations are set accordingly with the advertiser). 5.Provide creative banners as JPGs. It is very difficult for us to implement, track and provide value-add intel on campaigns via tags. We will we NOT accept banners with Java script. 6.If the advertiser wants us to deliver dynamic creative depending on weather, traffic and changing distance to closest location, we need to build the banner. Please reach out to the product team for costing. 7.SLA –For HyLoMo banner campaigns, SLA is 5 days before the campaign start: Your campaign manager MUST have the creative assets and targeting criteria with this lead time to ensure full delivery/optimization of impressions. –For HyLoMo banners + landing pages, SLA is 15 days before the campaign start. BUSINESS RULES HOW DO WE EXECUTE EFFECTIVE CAMPAIGNS? INTERNAL USE ONLY

18 DEFINITIONS TERMDEFINITION API An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of commands, the language that programmers or developers use to communicate with a specific piece of software or hardware Blind Inventory Advertisers are unable to report or determine the placement of ads across the network of sites. Click-through-rate (CTR) The number of clicks an ad receives divided by the number of impressions. A measure of an ad’s effectiveness. Data Feed Used by real-time applications to receive updated structured data from data sources. Dynamic CreativeAds updated in real time based on a information provided in a real time data feed. Geo-Zones Highly-focused geographical region where users are identified to have similar wants and needs. Users are expected to be driven to make purchases based off of similar intentions. (i.e. airports, hotels, residential areas) Lifestyle ZoneSame as a Geo-zone


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