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How to Prepare for a Job Fair Mr. Endicott Career Services.

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1 How to Prepare for a Job Fair Mr. Endicott Career Services

2 Please take a moment to review the following tips to maximize your success at the fair. Maximize Your Success

3 Polish your resume Do your homework Prepare effective questions Create your pitch Practice Dress professionally Come prepared Make a good 1 st impression Never do the following Follow-up 10 Steps to Maximize Your Success

4 It is not enough to simply have “a resume” An effective resume… o Is free of errors o Is pleasing to look at and quick to interpret o Demonstrates transferable skills o Suggests 110% effort o Has self-promotion as its main purpose See SU Resume guide and other resources at

5 What companies are going to be there? Which are of interest to you? Find out more about the company – Services/products, mission, competitors, locations Find out about entry level jobs/training

6 Show off your knowledge by asking specific follow-up questions. Some possibilities… o Describe your background and a particular opportunity to get their assessment of fit o What is the timeline for the hiring process and how might you learn more? o Are there any training/development opportunities not described on the web site? o What is the culture like at your organization? What do you like best about working there? o Impact of economy

7 Elevator pitch o Who are you? (name) o What do you do? (major/graduation) o What sets you apart? (unique experiences, personal strengths) o What is your objective?

8 5. Practice Role play with your neighbor o Imagine a company you’d love to work for o You expect them to be at an upcoming job fair; How will you open? o Don’t forget: handshake, smile, eye contact Practice on your own!

9 6. Dress Professionally Wear comfortable shoes!

10 7. Come Prepared Arrive early Be sure to bring… o At least 20 copies of your resume (business cards may be helpful too) o Supplies: portfolio or folder, paper, pen o Questions and brief notes o Energy, and a positive attitude!

11 8. Make a good impression Visit your top employer first or last? Walk right up if you can; otherwise take the lit and return Still a line? Stand aside respectfully and LISTEN! When you approach… o Start with what you prepared, but improvise o Focus on the conversation; avoid distraction o Try to keep it fresh and sincere; only you have heard yourself over and over o Hand over your resume and ask for a business card Be respectful of others; you never know who’s watching…

12 9. Never do the following Ask “What does your company do?” Argue with a recruiter Monopolize recruiter time Get greedy with giveaways Just leave your resume on the table Act rudely to other students or recruiters

13 10. Follow-up To set yourself apart, you need to make an impression AFTER as well as during the fair Send a thank-you card/email within a few days o Mention something specific from your conversation (make quick notes during the fair, and more extensive notes soon after)

14 Upcoming Job Fairs Meet the Firms Job Fair (Info Systems and Accounting ONLY) When: Tuesday, September 23, 2014. 4:00-6:00 Location: First floor of Perdue Hall ------------------------------------------------------- ------------ Fall General Job & Internship Fair-for ALL majors When: Wednesday, September, 24, 2014. 12:00-4:00 Location: Wicomico Room & the second floor in the Guerrieri University Center ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------.

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