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Career and Internship Fair Success Notre Dame University of Maryland April 21, 2015.

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1 Career and Internship Fair Success Notre Dame University of Maryland April 21, 2015

2 Getting Ready for Career Fair Develop your career fair strategy Update your resume Refine your personal pitch Research the Employers Prepare good questions to ask your targeted employers Follow up

3 Resume Visit the Career Center during walk-in hours! Resume Basics 1 page Professional font (size 12) No typos Consistent formatting Avoid repetition

4 Cover Letter Seek assistance during Career Center Walk-in hours Focus on what YOU can do for THEM (not the other way around) Tailor the Cover Letter to the particular position Be sure to write a formal, professional note Show enthusiasm!

5 Develop a Strategy LOGISTICS: When will you arrive? How long will you stay? How much time does that allow?

6 Research the Employers What majors are listed? What positions? Choose 10-15 companies of interest to you Prepare specific questions that show you did your research Prepare targeted documents, if necessary

7 Your ABC Lists of Employers List A: 3-5 employers of top interest (perfect match) List B: 3-5 employers of strong interest (good match) List C: 3-5 employers with positions in your major or related field (potential match)

8 Your Personal Pitch Putting It Into Practice! 30-Second Commercial Professional Image

9 Creating a 30 Second Commercial BRIEF introduction: WHO you are WHY you are interested in the organization WHAT makes you a unique candidate Practice, practice, practice

10 Creating a 30-Second Commercial A 30-Second Commercial should NOT include: Unnecessary “likes,” “ums,” “uhs,” or nervous giggles! Nervous shifting or distracting movements A 30-Second Commercial SHOULD include: A firm handshake Good eye contact A smile! Amy Cuddy uage_shapes_who_you_are uage_shapes_who_you_are

11 Professional Image Suits Tops: should be professional; watch for neckline Bottoms: Skirt-, pant-, and dress-suits are appropriate; watch for hem length Shoes: no evening shoes; heels should be low to moderate height; appropriate to season Accessories: not overwhelming; professional; carry a bag to hold your documents, pens, and paper ERR ON THE SIDE OF CONVERSATIVE DRESS! When in doubt, stop by the career center for advice.

12 Professional Image Be brave – walk the floor alone! Be wireless – put away your cell phone! (Be ready to send your resume electronically.) Look friendly – smile and make eye contact! You are never “off stage”!

13 Professional Image Google yourself (and your email address) Double- (and triple-) check your Social Media privacy settings Take down any questionable pictures Consider boosting your professional online presence: LinkedIn

14 … and don’t forget!!! Get enough sleep the night before Don’t arrive hungry Wear comfortable shoes Plan for the weather

15 Managing Stress PRACTICE: Amy Cuddy uage_shapes_who_you_are uage_shapes_who_you_are SEEK SUPPORT: attend with a friend (but visit companies solo) STAY CALM

16 After the Career Fair Professional Follow-Up! Thank You Notes Future Contact

17 Writing Thank You Notes Write within 24 hours! (Ideally that evening) Note something special about your conversation to help the contact remember you: Be brief, but feel free to attach your resume Do not expect a response, but…

18 Future Follow-Up Good reasons to follow up: You end up applying to a position at the organization You read something that relates to your conversation You want to schedule an Informational Interview NOT good reasons to follow up: You are upset that you did not get a response to your thank you note You want to ask questions that could be answered by doing online research

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