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Coalitions 101. Political Change Requires Lots of $$ Money $$ or Lots of People.

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1 Coalitions 101

2 Political Change Requires Lots of $$ Money $$ or Lots of People


4 Steps in Coalition Building 1.Map the Power in your Community 2.Define Recruitment Messages 3.Recruit 4.Develop Structure for Cooperation 5.Map Your Coalition’s Assets 6.Plan & Launch Action 7.Evaluate and, have fun!

5 # 1. Find out who holds power in your community Natural Allies –Seniors –Students –Business commuters –People with disabilities –Welfare-to-work –Who else? Beyond the Choir – Chamber of Commerce – Major employers – Organized labor – Developers – Schools & universities – Local Electeds – Environmental groups – Religious organizations – Neighborhood associations – Interest groups that represent your customers – Who else?

6 #2. Define Recruitment Messages Speaking the languages of those “beyond the choir” Creating common vision Showing change is feasible

7 Transportation is a Nexus Issue

8 #3. Recruit Target power brokers Tell them what’s in it for them Provide vision Tailor messages Use appropriate messengers Choice: real, quality transportation options No more frustrating commutes! Transportation information at your fingertips Transit becomes your state’s second car Transportation system saves lives Efficient land-use supports walking, biking, transit People enjoy traveling

9 Transportation & Public Health Advocates Safety Fitness Air Quality

10 Transportation & Organized Labor Job Creation Commute Conditions Sprawl Job Access

11 Transportation & Faith-based Groups Social Equity Neighborhood Safety Community Vitality

12 Transportation & Business Sector Congestion Job Creation Labor Pool Worker Productivity

13 #4. Develop Structure for Cooperation Establish clear, quantifiable, and attainable goals Allow partners to lead Empower people to become effective and active Have diverse partners Avoid too-controversial alliances Make involvement easy Provide timely information Decide on coalition structure Courtesy: Sierra Club

14 #5. Map Your Coalition’s Assets Number of people/members Public profiles of key power brokers Media relationships Community connections Talents (writing, public speaking) Financial support In-kind support: –Meeting space, refreshments –Copying, printing, design, postage –Website

15 #6. Plan & Launch Action Campaign Goals & Issue Focus Story Message & Theme Strengths & Weaknesses Primary Public Audiences Allies/Opponents Targets Tactics & Timeline Put it in Writing!

16 Possible Actions Mobilization of letters, faxes, emails Lobbying visits Rally Media work Accountability session

17 #7. Evaluate & Have Fun Catalog lessons learned Publicize victory internally & externally Hold a victory party

18 The Potential Coalition Victories… Locally Better land-use decisions Better cooperation between transit agency & community Transit Funding Local sales tax initiatives RTPA & MPO funding allocations State Budget & policy TEA-21 Reauthorization

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