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Public Transportation Partnership for Tomorrow (PT)2 in Ohio.

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1 Public Transportation Partnership for Tomorrow (PT)2 in Ohio

2 What is (PT)2? “A five-year nationwide education and outreach initiative designed to build support among the public and among local, state and federal officials in order to positively impact funding and policy decisions.” - The American Public Transportation Association (APTA), 2001

3 Purpose of Campaign Improve the Image of Public Transportation in Ohio Build an understanding of public transportation’s benefits Illustrate its complete, and sometimes hidden, value to communities Attract more resources for public transportation

4 Campaign Components At the National Level National and local advertising Policy research Advocacy and coalition building

5 Campaign Components In Ohio Generate OPTA member buy-in Create a unified voice about public transportation Build relationships Increase awareness

6 Leveraging the National Campaign Statewide Activities Coalition building Advocacy support Media relations campaign

7 Why Now? To stop additional budget cuts. In Ohio, public transportation was cut by 39 percent this year and more cuts are expected To educate Ohio’s leaders, including the Speaker of the House and the future Senate President who lack fixed-route public transportation in their districts To favorably position Ohio for the reauthorization of TEA 21

8 Where Does Ohio Fit? “In income levels, urban-rural balance, and ethnic mix, as well as presidential percentages, Ohio is not very far from the national average.” – Almanac of American Politics, 2002

9 Where Does Ohio Fit? Two Congressional members hold leadership positions in the U.S. House of Representatives Two U.S. Representatives and one U.S. Senator serve on their respective Transportation Committees Three U.S. Representatives and one U.S. Senator serve on the Appropriations Committee

10 Public Transportation Messages Opportunity Choice Access Freedom Ohio’s public transportation gives residents and visitors:

11 Opportunity in Ohio For every $1 invested in public transportation, $3 is returned to the local economy The public transportation industry represents 60,000 employees By 2015, Ohio’s elderly population is expected to grow by 14.2 percent As truck traffic continues to increase, movement of both goods and people will be critical

12 Choice in Ohio Youngstown school board is saving money because it chose public transportation over a private operator to serve its students OSU students use their I.D. passes to ride COTA more than 5,000 trips each day Greater Cleveland RTA facilitates more than 210,000 trips per day, more than the number of people driving on I-271 and I-90 combined

13 Access in Ohio Public transportation provides vital services to almost all of the state’s major agencies In terms of ridership, Ohio ranks 10th in the nation In rural areas, 47 percent of those using public transportation are seniors and people with disabilities Public transportation plays an integral role in Welfare to Work programs

14 Freedom in Ohio Congestion is increasing at a rate that surpasses ODOT’s ability to keep up Approximately 30 percent of Ohio’s freeway system is operating at a Level of Service D or worse –Ohio Department of Transportation, State of the Transportation System, 2000

15 Freedom in Ohio Ohio carries the fifth highest volume of traffic in the country At least 17 new transit centers have opened in Ohio to serve suburb-to- suburb commutes –Ohio Department of Transportation, State of the Transportation System, 2000

16 Freedom in Ohio Fewer than 28 percent of Ohioans think continued highway expansion is the best way to relieve congestion Approximately 53 percent said improving all forms of transportation, including mass transit, is the best solution to traffic problems –The Ohio State University, Center for Survey Research, 2001

17 What Others are Saying “A viable transit network remains essential for many people and serves the state’s interest in the face of growing concerns over congestion, air pollution and energy efficiency.” –Ohio Department of Transportation, State of the Transportation System, 2000

18 What Others are Saying “More than ever before, public transportation is an essential element for maintaining a vibrant business community and economic climate.” –APTA, 2002

19 What Others are Doing Metro/SORTA Partnering resources with TANK Running two-week radio spot Pitching TV ads as public service announcements Providing (PT)2 video to cable access stations Running print ads similar to (PT)2

20 What Others are Doing Laketran Customizing ads, pitching as public service announcements Holding open house for elected officials using public transportation themes and images Scheduling radio campaign Showing public transportation video to area schools

21 What Can You Do? Use Existing Resources: Tool kits with general fact sheet, economic development card, frequently asked questions, calendar of events, key messages, national facts, etc. Web site Adjustable marketing plan Customized public service announcements Media lists

22 What Can You Do? Spread public transportation messages to your region Build relationships with nearby transit systems Join the public transportation coalition (national and state) Provide tangible evidence of your system’s benefits Forward success stories and facts to OPTA for Web site

23 What Can You Do? Attend the Coalition Building Training on July 25, 2002 Visit and for ideas Facilitate introductions to key leaders Distribute public service announcement to local TV and radio stations

24 OPTA Measures of Success Key legislators appreciate public transportation Relationships developed with other leading organizations Rural systems have a comprehensive understanding of the resources available through the program Formation of a statewide coalition Ohio touted nationally as public transportation leader


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