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Austin Strategic Mobility Plan Apr 19, 2010 Program Overview.

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1 Austin Strategic Mobility Plan Apr 19, 2010 Program Overview

2 2 Austin Mobility Challenges Most congested traffic for city our size Up to 1 million more people by 2035 Can’t handle 1 million more cars Worsening air quality Under-investment in transportation Limited resources to invest now

3 Vision & Mission Vision: An integrated mobility network for all of Austin –provide safe, efficient and diverse choices for people to travel. Mission: Prioritize City transportation plans and investments according to key community values to meet the vision; support and inform the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan as well as other City planning efforts.

4 Expected Outcomes Integrate multimodal networks and corridors Meet a diverse array of community mobility needs Provide a “guide map” for mobility investment over the next 20 to 30 years Articulate the transportation needs of the City of Austin to our citizens, the region, State, and Federal Government Support and inform the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan, CAMPO 2035 Plan, and other City planning efforts

5 How do We Think About Transportation? Federal State or Super- Regional Regional Central Texas (CAMPO) City of Austin / Core State Region Core Federal

6 Strategic Mobility Plan Public Outreach Strategic Mobility Plan –6 public input sessions –6 public workshops –Stakeholder meetings [Define community values with respect to mobility Identify gaps within the network Define what success looks like Tell us what the barriers to success are

7 What we’ve heard so far: –Give us more travel choices –Deliver a sustainable transportation system –Think environmentally –Partner with other agencies to assure an integrated system –Solutions should be cost effective –Address existing needs, protect future options –Different problems may need different solutions depending on location Values

8 Austinites Define Success Regional system – interagency cooperation, connectivity between modes Choices – we will have a multi-modal travel system; connect to activity centers Affordability - % of household income spent on transportation is same or less Financial Health – maintain economic viability of city core; ensure healthy transportation system Quality of Life – don’t increase commute times, protect air and water quality, green space; aesthetically pleasing

9 Residents Identify Mobility Gaps Over 1,600 gaps identified Diverse range of gaps concern citizens –Roads and bridges –Bicycle facilities –Sidewalks –Transit facilities –Access to key employment centers –Transit connectivity Over 1,200 To Date Fix Oak Hill “Y” Build Bike Bridge over Barton Cr Address Congestion on I- 35 at Riverside Provide U-Turn Lanes at Braker/MoPac Improve Sidewalks on North Lamar Improve Circulation in Montopolis Many Problems Suggest Many Solutions Address MoPAC Commute Improve Access in & out of Central Austin Improve Transit Connections to Business Locations

10 Strategic Mobility Planning Austin has a generational opportunity to invest in our economic vitality & sustainability –Identified problems call for a system response –No single solution solves all problems –Local investments should reflect local values and regional responsibilities

11 11 Strategic Mobility Plan Next Steps Proposed 2010 Bond Program –Refining and validating ASMP process Citizens Task Force Staff, consultants and City Council –Continued community engagement –Presenting ASMP to the voters Progress on longer-term initiatives –Urban Rail –Corridor studies –Financial planning

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