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1 Subcultures

2 Punks Punks dress in a shocking way to express their identity. Many punks dye hair in bright unnatural colors, comb and fix their varnish or gel. They often carry metal chains. Carry the fragmentary jeans filled in heavy boots or sprained under short heavy boots and gym shoes.

3 It is considered that the punks rebel against a society.
They reject everything. Punks have opinion to various political views, but in the majority they are adherents of socially directed ideologies and progress. Widespread views are aspiration to a personal liberty and full independence.


5 Hippies People define hippies as addicts and fans rock'n'roll because their behavior differs from public norms. They don't adhere to standards of a society and support freedom and a free way of life. They always want to change the world to the best.

6 The hippie trusts: that the person should be free; what it is possible to reach freedom, only having changed an internal system of soul; that the beauty and freedom are identical each other and that realization of that and another — purely spiritual problem; that all who divide told above, form a spiritual community; that a spiritual community — the ideal form of a hostel; that everybody who think differently, are mistaken.


8 Goths Basic elements of Gothic image are prevalence of black colour in clothes, use of metal ornaments with symbolics of Gothic subculture, and a characteristic cosmetics. They look so thin and pale how much it is possible.

9 Goths gather to esteem Brema of the Stoker and to talk about how to be the vampire and about a doomsday. The typical attributes used by Goths are the symbol of immortality, skulls, crosses, the direct and turned pentagrams and bats.



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