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1 Subcultures

2 GOTH The members of this subculture wear the blackest black, with a lot of silver jewellery and have very black hair and look as thin and pale as possible. The members gather together to read Bram Stoker and talk about being vampires, and about the end of the world.

3 EMO The term "emo" is stereotyped with wearing skinny jeans, sometimes in bright colors, and tight t-shirts (usually short-sleeved) which often bear the names of emo bands. Studded belts and black wristbands are common accessories in emo fashion. Black sneakers and skate shoes, are popularly worn among people of the emo fashion The emo fashion is also recognized for its hairstyles. Popular looks include long side-swept fringe, sometimes covering one or both eyes. Also popular is hair that is straightened and dyed black. Bright colors, such as blue, pink, red, or bleached blond, are also typical as highlights in emo hairstyles. Short, choppy layers of hair are also common In the early 2000s, emo fashion was associated with a clean cut look but as the style spread to younger teenagers, the style has become darker, with long bangs and emphasis on the color black replacing sweater vests. Emo has been associated with a stereotype that includes being particularly emotional, sensitive, shy, introverted. It has also been associated with depression, self-injurity, and suicide.

4 HIPPIE Some classify these types of people like drug users and rock'n'roll fans, since their behaviours differ from social norms. They don't conform to society's standards and support a liberal attitude and lifestyle. They always want to chahge the world to the best.

5 RAVERS Ravers are the teenagers who like parties, special music and bright clothes.This subculture has roots from mixture of techno and acid-house in 1990-s.

6 HAKERS They are 'wizards' of the computer community; people with a deep understanding of how their computers work, and can do thing with them that seem 'magical'. They do not protest against their parents.

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