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Youth’s movements in Russia and abroad

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1 Youth’s movements in Russia and abroad

2 WHAT IS A SUBCULTURE A subculture is a group of people within a complex culture who have interests that are different from those of the mainstream culture. I think that a subculture is a group with a distinct style and identity. Different subcultures have their own beliefs, value systems, fashion, and favorite music. Subculture gives teenagers an opportunity to find those who will spend time with them having fun and doing nothing except talking and sharing their thoughts and feelings. Subculture is formed on the base of music, art or cinematographic adoration but creation of new masterpieces takes the second place and the first place is occupied by exploitative aims. Teenagers unite in groups, they create their own rules, policy and, of course, they have the main idea that serves as base for the whole movement. Subculture it is when teenagers opposes himself to society, the young people express their identity and take their beliefs to extremes.

3 GOTHS Goths appreciate everything, connected with love and death. Their point of view on life can be called as «depressive romantism». They find loneliness, passionate love with a tragic end beautiful and fascinating. Usually members of this subculture dye their hair and nails in black . They have slim bodies, and a fantastic make-up. Sometimes Goths pierce their lips, noses or eyebrows. The main idea of their style is to look like vampires, witches or black magicians. Actually, Goths like different kinds of music. But they prefer listening to black metal, gothic rock, or classical music. They enjoy different operas, musicals and songs, played by orchestras. Music can be aggressive or soft and melancholy – it doesn't matter. but it must be eloquent and full of deep sense. Lyrics are very important for them.

4 PUNKS Punk is actually quite hard to define, but to give some understanding, it could be said that, it is a culture, a way of life, and more importantly a mind set that entails doing what makes you a happy unique individual, with no concern of what others think of you. They are opposed to the values, norms and materialism in the society. Punks are easy to identify among other movements because of their hair-do. The typical hair-do for punk is Mohawk. First Mohawks were combat hair-do of the Iroquois Indians tribe and were used for frightening enemies. As for style of dress of punks there's only one main demand - to protest fashion. In two words the main trend of punk style is discrepancy and tastelessness. They prefer loud and violent music, lyrics which frequently contain oppositional themes 9 anti- romantic love songs, anti-parents, anti- police, etc.

5 Hippies Hippies Hippies just like bikers take "freedom" as the main idea of their movement. Hippy protests against governmental system, they believe that they fight against it with system's own weapon. They also neglect all social rules as they consider these rules to be a cell for people. Rock'n'roll united a great number of youth and hippies were among them. The culmination of rock'n'roll fame concured with LSD non-medical usage, it's become accessible almost for everyone, so hippy took it for another way of beauty delighting. They have very long hair, often with flowers in it. They used to wear flared trousers or long skirts and sometimes went barefoot.

6 Emo It derived from the English word “Emotion”. A person who can express himself or herself freely. Expression of emotion is a main rule of Emos. They can be sad or happy. They are sensitive and they can be easily depressed. They are thin, tall, with pale faces, black haired, hair should be straight a fringe closing one eye. A black eye-liner make- up back nail polish. Favourite colours are black and pink. Tight jeans with holes and patches. Skin tight T-shirts. Rubber soled sports boots. Piersed ears, nose, tongue. Scream is a keyword of Emos favourite music. Wispering and crying are often heard in their song. Texts are about unhappy love, unjustice the world< which is full of violence and agression

7 Skinheads Skinhead – literally skin head, other words bald-headed. This is a kind of youth subculture that was formed in London in 1969 and later gets wide subdivision. Clothing style of skinheads is: camouflage trousers, boots and T-shirts. Nowadays' skinheads wear blue jeans tucked to big black boots (or rolled up), braces and Norfolk jackets. According to music they prefer skinheads may be divided into two groups Trojan-skinheads and oi-skinheads. Trojan-skinheads prefer listen to reggae, ska and rock-steady. Oi-skinheads prefer street-punk. For example if you meet white-laced-shoed skinhead be sure that this guy have already killed someone, as skinheads of our age have a very few in common with first antiracism skinheads. Brown laces are a sign of neo-Nazi skinhead.

8 IDENTITIES C. 1.Skinheads A E. 2.Goths 3.Punks 4.Hippies 5.EMO B D.

Revise all characteristics of different youth groups and organizations. Choose positive characteristics from your point of view and combine them to design an ideal youth group. Give reasons. Neutral: well, you see, the reason was that..., let me explain..., you see, but the point is... . Informal: well, the thing is..., it's like this, you see. Formal: the main reason is that..., if I could explain. Saying you approve: quite /absolutely right, ...seems /sounds just right, just what I had in mind, I'm all for such opinions. Saying you don't approve: I don't think... is very good, it is wrong to think that..., it isn't right to..., I can't approve of..., all wrong.

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