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How did Governments begin?

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1 How did Governments begin?
Origin of Government How did Governments begin?

2 Bell Ringer Describe how you think the United States would be if there was no government?

3 State of Nature Everyone is free to make rational (good) or irrational (bad) decisions. Ambition and mistrust dominate. No one enforces rules or protects the people.

4 Add Government Minimizes irrational choices People are protected
Rules are enforced Minimizes irrational choices People are protected Increases survival

5 Thomas Hobbes "During the time men live without a common power to keep them all in awe, they are in that condition which is called war; and such a war as is of every man against every man In such condition the life of man [is] solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short. " - Thomas Hobbes, Philosopher

6 How did Governments come to exist? What was the first government?

7 Theories of the Origin of Government
Evoluationary Theory Force Theory Divine Right Theory Social Contract Theory

8 I. Origin (Creation) of Government
1. Evolution Theory Started with families The heads of these families became the government. Families grew=gov grew provide order and protection. 8

9 Origin of Government 2. Force Theory
An individual or group claim control over a territory and forced the population to follow their laws.

10 Historical Examples Mongol Empire
Genghis Khan conquered other nomadic tribes until he controlled all of Asia

11 Theories of Government
3. Divine Right Theory God created the state, making it sovereign. The government is appointed by god The population must obey their ruler. 11

12 Historical Examples Persuasion/Rewards
Mandate of Heaven (China, 1100’s BCE) the Chinese ruler was the “son of heaven” and had authority so long as he ruled in morally. Divine Right of Kings (Europe, 1500’s) monarchs represented God on Earth and did not have to answer the people because they answered to God.

13 Origins of Government 4. Social Contract Theory (Hobbes)
People agree to give up some of their rights The government agrees to provide order and security

14 Historical Examples The United States of America The Constitution limits some of our rights and grants authority to the elected leaders The leaders protect our remaining rights

15 What are the most important roles of Government?

16 Brainstorming Try and think of 3-4 broad categories that government should be responsible for. From there, think of more detailed responsibilities that fit within each category. Category 3 Category 1 Government Category 2 Category 4

17 What Should Governments Do?
A. Maintain order B. Provide national security C. Provide public services D. Make economic decisions E. Secure our rights

18 John Locke Social Contract People have natural rights
Life, liberty, property People have the right to rebel if gov does not protect natural rights Gov should have branches to balance power

19 Notebook Item 5 Survival for all Rights protected by government
Order Limits Individual Freedom Unlimited Freedom No rights Rights protected by government Survival of the Fittest Right to rebel against the government Chaotic Laws Common Goals State of Nature vs. Social Contract

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