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Government s are the product of human needs and experiences.

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1 Government s are the product of human needs and experiences

2 Government is the institution that makes and enforces law Politics is the process by which society decides how power and resources are used and distributed

3  A State is the dominant political unit Characteristics of states: 1. Population 2. Territory 3. Sovereignty 4. Government

4 Force Theory: 1 person or a small group takes power and forces others to follow Evolutionary Theory: Society naturally moved from nomadic culture to patriarchal society Divine Right Theory: God created the state and gave those with royal birth the “divine right” to rule Social Contract Theory: A contract is created to form a government

5  Thomas Hobbes  People agreed to give up what was necessary for the greater good  John Locke  People contracted with a ruler to protect their right to life, liberty and property. People could revolt if the ruler did not protect these rights  Jean Jacques Rousseau  People formed a community based on majority rule-true democracy

6  To form a more perfect union  Establish justice  Create domestic tranquility  Common defense  Promote general welfare  The blessing of liberty

7  Who can participate?  Geographic distribution of governmental power within a state  Relationship between the legislative and executive branches of government



10  Worth of the individual  Equality of all persons  Majority rule vs. Minority rights  Necessity of compromise  Individual freedom

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