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Pictures about Mexico in the 1920s

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1 Pictures about Mexico in the 1920s
Grade 5, Module 1: Unit 2, Lesson 1

2 Mexico: Government and Revolution

3 Portrait of Porfirio Diaz

4 Mexico during the Carranza revolution against Huerta’s government

5 El Presidents Álvaro Obregón

6 “Rebel Soldiers, Chihuahua, Mexico”, 1910-1920s

7 Diego Rivera, The Uprising
A woman holding a baby and a working man fend off an attack by a uniformed soldier. Behind them a crowd clashes with more soldiers who force demonstrators to the ground - a potent symbol for universal class struggles.

8 Mexico: Neighbor to the North

9 United States Army soldiers and Mexican soldiers guarding the international border (International Street) at Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora during the Mexican Revolution ( )

10 U.S. troops guarding the United States/Mexico border in Naco, Arizona

11 US and Mexico State Line (1915)

12 Mexico: Rich versus Poor

13 Newsboys sleep in the street, Mexico City 1923

14 Working family in Mexico, 1913
From the Robert Runyon Photograph Collection [image number 00048], courtesy of The Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

15 Diego Rivera, Sugar Plantation
Mural depicting land owner and workers (1920s Mexico)

16 Diego Rivera, The Exploiters
Depicts unequal relationship between Mexican field workers and wealthy landowners

17 “Typical Mexican Home and Family” pre-1920 (postcard)

18 “Mexican Family Cooking Food Outdoors on Ground by Train Tracks” circa 1920

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